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Anonymous   21 April 2021 at 00:28

Help us with the issues of our moot problem promptly.

Maria and John were married in 2015 and were residing at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After one
year of marriage, Maria came and stayed with her family for about 14 months. It was only after
convening a panchayat of close relatives, she had returned to her matrimonial home. She
claimed that she was maltreated and insisted for the demand of a scooter, thus, she had been
subjected to cruelty.
After about a year of marriage a male child was born to her and about one and a half years
there after she gave birth to another male child.
However, within few years their relationship got strained and Maria & John were regularly
quarrelling over frivolous issues. One day, Maria left her matrimonial house with her elder son
Jim and started living with her father David at Bopal, Gujarat. John kept his younger son, Jam
with his mother, Reena and prevented Maria from seeing the child.
During the Navratri festival Maria came to Reena's house and forcefully took Jam with her.
John on hearing this reached David's house and quarrelled. After two days of the incident. John
and David happened to meet at Paldi market place and started to quarrel and grappled with
each other. Both fell down. In the heat of passion thus generated David slapped John saying he
would kill him. John in fit of rage took a stick lying nearby and gave a blow to David which fell
on his back. David who was suffering from diseased spleen fell down and became unconscious.
Seeing this John ran away
David was rushed to Civil Hospital Ahmedabad where he spoke to the doctor. Before dying
David made a statement regarding the fight and the knowledge of John about the enlarged
spleen. Gujarat Police arrested John and filed charge sheet. Evidence was led by prosecution in
the Sessions Court and during trial an eyewitness stated that it was David who slapped John
and started the fight.
The medical evidence shows that there were 2 grazes on the back of the deceased one graze
3" x 1" on the left side of the back of the body, and another graze 1' x 1/2 " on the left side of
the back of the body.
Trial Court relying on statement of David convicted John for commission of murder
and sentenced him for life imprisonment. John challenged the conviction by filing a
Criminal Appeal, before the High Court, challenging the trial court order.

Anonymous   29 March 2021 at 01:02


My friend's father died due to COVID-19 complications but he felt that the negligence of the hospital authorities led to his father dying. The hospital in which his father was admitted is a government hospital. Now, he wants to file a case against the hospital towards this negligence. He requested the hospital to provide the case papers of his father health records, admission records and other details of his stay in the hospital. However, the hospital refused it.
1. Under what law can he apply to obtain the documents and records from the government hospital?
2. Can the government hospital refuse the provision of the documents, if yes under which law?

Anonymous   27 March 2021 at 21:39

The sale of goods act, 1930

'A' bought a car from B, a car dealer. The car was described as 'new'. In the sale documents was a clause, which excluded all conditions and warranties, express or implied. After 'A' had taken the delivery of the car and driven it for three days, he discovered that the criver had been driven for about 2000kms before he had taken its delivery. Advise 'A' about the remedies if any available to him.

Anonymous   26 March 2021 at 12:52

School leaving certificate

I have misplaced the only xerox copy i had of my school leaving certificate. I have submitted the original copy during 11th std admission years ago. I asked my school for a duplicate copy of it but they refuse to give me as i have given it to college so no reason of misplacing or losing the original..
Will my junior college give me the school leaving certificate to xerox that i had given them during admission?
Will they have the record even now

Bhagwan sahay   26 March 2021 at 00:07


how many lawyer can accuse hire to defend himself

IF Accuse wish to hire more then one lawyer in criminal case in theft case has he file different vakalatnama for each lawyer ? how many advocate accuse can hire for his case ?

kajal sahu   25 March 2021 at 23:32

About effect of ufm in government exams

When i was in 2nd semester of my college in B. Tech, i got UFM in exams and my theory subjects were canceled( and was awarded F) and i had to appear again in supplementary exams after 2 months for theory subjects with other students who were failed in that exams.
I was not debered deberred, i am completing my course with my other classmates ( i was punished to appear again in that semesters final theory exam only and it was UFM of category B in which students are supposed to appear theory exams again).
Right now I'm in 4th year and can it create any difficulty for me to appear in govt exams like SSC, UPSC and Bank exams?

Also also they ask if you were deberred by university, which i was not, i was just punished to appear in the exam again and what should i mention ?

Anonymous   25 March 2021 at 16:46

College not responding for providing b.ed degree certificate

Good evening sir/Ma'am,
I am Purva Singh. I enrolled in B.Ed. 2016 to 2018 from Chaudhary Ranveer Singh University Jind,under Haryana College of Special education.I cleared all the semester.
Due to financial issues, I was not able to pay the full fee of the college. But now I want my certificate and also request the Director to make few installments of the leftover fee amount and issue at least the marksheet, so that I can apply for a job anywhere.
But they are not responding w, nor picking up calls.

Please suggest with suitable step towards getting this.

Best regards

Apurv Gaming   22 March 2021 at 12:57

Study while working

My father passed away in july 2020 i have given compassionate appointement on his basis and i have been studying ballb 3year completed should there be any issue when my college complete and i want to submit those documents in railways record

Nandini Mukhopadhyay   21 March 2021 at 19:52

Enrollment query

respected sir/ madam,
I am a recent graduate from Mumbai University and have enrolled in Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. But due to corona i have had to shift back to Kolkata, and now wish to practice here for at least a couple of years, maybe more. Do i need to get registered with the West Bengal Bar Council separately? if yes, is it mandatory to disclose my prior enrollment? (I am appearing for the AIBE this April). Is it better to register with the WB Bar Council after getting my AIB license?

Anonymous   18 March 2021 at 16:33

Act beadkhal

Sir i want to ask you that is there any act into which a father can remove his son legally inro society in ary age.?


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