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k.m.gopinaath   13 June 2008 at 18:37

legal heir of a dead hindu wife--

Hi.. A property was bought my Mrs X in 1985. She dies in 1993. She has 3 married daughters.they give the father a notarized document saying that he is the heir to his wife and they have no objection in selling the property. He gives a power of attorney to another person. the person who took the power can he sell the land. if i buy will that give me a clear title?

actually the daughters have in given a notarised rs100 stamp paper deed " authorise our father (mr X) to get the ownership of the plot...........transferred to his name.we hereby declare we have no objection in doing the same" mr X based on this gave power of atorney to mr y. can i buy from mr.y. he says he (mr y)will give a receipt of assurance for the total amount what are the problems which i will face.

Gururja Rao   11 June 2008 at 18:28

Stamp duty and registration fee

My friend is entering in to a lease agreement for commercial purpose for a period of five years, on a monthly rent of Rs30,000/-.And futher my friend agreed to enhance the rent by 6% on expiry of every two years during existance of first initial five years period.
when my friend approached registration office of Nampally, Hyderabad to find out what will be the stamp duty and registration fee for registering the lease agreement one of the officer informed him that the total stamp duty and registration for said lease agreement comes to Rs 18,000/- and above, without expalining how he arrived at such calculation.
Can any body help my friend by answering him how to calculate and what will be the proper stamp duty and registration fee in A.P for the aforesaid lease agreement with suitable case law if any, it is urgent tomarrow he is going for registration most probably.

SATISH KUMAR   11 June 2008 at 12:25

Right of first refusal

Dear Friends

Can any one explain me the concept of right of first refusal and its legal significance. Can one party claim it eventhough such right is not specifically mentioned in the agreement.

Manikyamba   09 June 2008 at 18:04

Agreement of School

I needa an Agreement/document having discription of all activities carried by School Management/ School Board and so on. If any has a copy of it please forwrd it to me.

shweta   04 June 2008 at 23:32

Documents required for property transfer

We live in Mumbai, in a Society. A flat is owned by my grandmother, which she wants to transfer it to my fathers name.
I want to know the entire procedure of getting the flat transfered in his name and all the documents that would be required.
In which places such documents are to be submitted and the amount of stamp duty to be affixed or how is it to be calculated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

sridharan v   04 June 2008 at 11:15

release of registered mortgage - format

Dear Sirs,
can u e mail me a format for releasing
a Registered mortgage created in favour of
a bank as the loan has been fully paid back.


dareson   03 June 2008 at 17:27


How many persons are needed to form an 'Association'? Is registration mandatory? what is the fees for registration at Tamil Nadu?


Bindu   01 June 2008 at 21:18

legal due diligence

THis is Juniotr advocate
wht is legal due diligence?
how it is to be done?
wht are the things one has to take care while conducting the same

suhas Divekar   31 May 2008 at 16:46

breach of contract

Dear Sir,
i was working for one speciality chemicals manufacturing co.on a senior post for 10 yrs. from 1996-2006.
In 2003 the main owner of the company died and his his son had taken over.That time the condition of the company was not good and was about to become a sick unit.
one fine day his son decleared that he is going to collaborate with some foreign company .He came to the factory with some set of agreements with him on the name of individual technical staff and asked senior peoples that this foreign collaborator needs that each technical staff of this company should sign this secreacy agreement before collaboration.
He was in so much hurry and didnt gave us time to read that agreement but forced us to sign that secreacy agreement .
Then that foreign collaboration never realised ,company was running as usual ,company was defaulter in pf/esic offices as not deposited money against pf/esic inspite of deducting from salaries of employees.This i am writing just to have an idea of condition of the company.
Having fade up with this situation of the company i resigned one day from services i.e. in join some other company in the similar field.
Son called me and threatened that i can not join any company which is competitor to his company.
i said why??
he replied in that secreacy agreement there is one clause no 10 which prohibits me from joining any competitor company for 3 yrs.
i said--you have not given me copy of the agreement .Then he had given me one xerox copy and said i will go up to supreme court if u join any of our competitor.
infact i am working presentlyina company which is coppetitor to that in some products but range of products is more here and almost 50 % products are totally different than my earlier company.
now he had sent me a notice after 2 yrs of leaving that company why legal action should not be taken against me ?/
please advice me what i should do in this situation ???

Gururja Rao   30 May 2008 at 14:13

required Draft deeds mentioned below

Hi all,
1)What are International Contracts, Franchise Agreements, Indian Contracts, Shareholders' Agreements,2) Furhter I want to Know what information should be gathered from clients for preparing or drafting a Joint venture agreements and what are Important clauses should be incoporated in such agreement can any body send draft agreements stated above.