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Anonymous   16 July 2024 at 13:59

Claim our fd amount

Hello ,
I m neelu aggarwal.vikasnagar.
My father in law expired.his bank accounts opened in uttarakhand Garmin
Bank, vikasnagar.Now my husband claim for amount of FD . bank say no mention any nomination and do not show any Paper now we ask I have any rights to show my FD paper and when in case of no nomination we have compalsary deposit two surites with their assets amount ??yes and no
Thank you

Mahendra Max   06 July 2024 at 08:32

Sc certificate

Sir i am resident of delhi having SC certificate issued by delhi authority and accordingly working in government department being selected from SC category. My question is that my hometown is Rajasthan, I want to get the benefit of reservation from Rajasthan also so can i apply for another SC certificate from Rajasthan government while surrender the earlier Delhi SC certificate. Pls do advise.

singhmonika   05 July 2024 at 14:07

Land acquisition act,2013

kindly provide me format to reference petition under section 64 of Right to Fair Compensation and transparency in land Acquisition , Rehabilition and resettlement Act,2013

Anonymous   03 July 2024 at 11:11

Error in index2 of release deed? rectification deed needed?


We registered a Release deed and in its Index-2, instead of commercial the point 4 details mentions 'Sadanika' in Marathi which translates to flat. Also, its location in is misspelled in Marathi.

I asked the sub-registrar and he said you can fix it by registering a rectification/correction deed and paying 500rs stamp duty and 100rs registration.

There are no errors in the actual Release Deed and the property is correctly mentioned as a commercial unit.

Does this require a rectification deed if we want to sell this property?

bharat khatwani Online   22 June 2024 at 10:32

Is legal notice part of judicial/legal process ?

My tenant has sent legal notice with baseless claims and without any supporting documents and has stopped paying rent. I have responded to this legal notice through advocate but tenant has not started paying rent. One of claim is for reimbursement of 100,000 (equal to 30 year's rent) spent by tenant for repairing, done without sending notice, he has not even provided bills, vouchers etc. to support his claim.. As per rent act tenant can demand repairing cost up to rent of 4 months only. I have asked him to withdraw notice and start paying rent. Is there any method of "quashing" legal notice?

Anonymous   16 June 2024 at 21:14

Sub caste change in obc certificate

Hello, I have changed my sub caste in my obc certificate through SDM office, because my previous sub-caste was removed from the central list of OBC. I applied for the cancellation of my previous OBC certificate and then applied and successfully made the new OBC certificate with new sub caste through my paternal uncle caste certificate ( previous one was based on my father sub caste). Is it completely legitimate or not. I have done it for the purpose of seat and age relaxation in Central govt jobs.

Hello sir, Mr Sudhir kr, Mr. T.kalaisevalan, Mr. Kavksatyanarayana thank you for answering my question but,
I want to add something I didn't made this document through fraudulent methods. There is a set of documents required to make a new OBC caste certificate which is publicly available at government websites in which one can make obc caste certificate on the basis of paternal uncle caste certificate legitimately and I did the same and there is no provision of any editing in the current obc certificate so you have to cancel your current obc certificate and make a new one even for simple changes like address or fault in fathers name etc. I have done this and even asked the SDM while verification that can I make my obc certificate through my paternal uncle caste certificate, he replied "only if you have a 1993 document of your uncle or grand father, I answered that yes I have , He said then okay. I want to know that should I double check this with OBC central department office, or you guys have surely can say that this is not legal on the basis of some trusted source.
Hopeful to get an authentic answer, thank you.

Shiwani Patidar   12 June 2024 at 10:53

Farmer certificate rejection

My husband’s grandfather, father, and he are listed in the government 7/12 index document through inheritance. He applied for a farmer certificate, also filed 8A but the Prant Officer (SDM) rejected the application. The rejection was based on the fact that in 1983, our grandfather inherited the land from his brother, rather than directly from his great grandfather(who passed away early at young age) and my grandfather's entry was recorded 32 years later when big brother was alive.
What steps can we take to obtain the farmer certificate?
Thank you!

Anonymous   03 June 2024 at 20:25

Chitfund surity problem

We have placed a chit in the registered company and we picked it in 1st month of which 50 lakhs we are getting 30 lakhs
We have provided àll the required documents as they asked for and 3 surities and then have verified them all and took the guarantee signatures as well then said ok to released the payment.
We have asked for payment on time they have just taking time and we had arguments on between with them
Now they are saying that the surities which we have provided don't match our requirements and asking for additional surities that too govt employes of over 1.2 lakh salary
They have send us legal notice stating the same of require govt employee surities

Can u help us How can we counter the legal notice

Gauri Deshpande   26 May 2024 at 11:24

Mother's name change in baby's birth certificate

My name before marriage was 'Swapnalee Shirish Jayawant'.

I got married in 2017 and I have marriage certificate with same name mentioned.

I delivered a baby in 2023 and since I had all KYC documents with above name , same name has been displayed on my baby's birth certificate as mother's name.

However, recently I changed my name as 'Gauri Nilesh Deshpande' with the help of affidavit, and gazette.

Now I have gazette copy, affidavit document as well as aadhar card supporting the name change.

However, the officers at birth certificate office are not ready to make the changes in mother's name as 'Gauri Nilesh Deshpande' as they say that as per the law we can only change the middle name and surname of mother in baby's birth certificate. The first name cannot be changed.

Can anyone please help me here as it will be really difficult for me to go ahead with my current name i.e. Gauri Nilesh Deshpande on all the documents for baby like Aadhar card etc.

Thank you
Gauri Deshpande

Gaurang Tripathi   19 May 2024 at 09:09

First class magistrate in madhya pradesh

I need an affidavit attested by first class magistrate for non judicial purpose . Who are the officers as First Class Magistrate in Madhya Pradesh who have the jurisdiction to attest the affidavit? Is the District Magistrate or SDM authorized?