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Queries Participated

aman   20 January 2014 at 02:15

cyber crime

dear experts,

if someone threatens me on phone cal and i hav recording of the call,does it come under cyber crime? if yes under which section of IT act.

the main scenario is my brother's in laws have filed case on us and we have filed cases on them which are under trial in i am getting married in next month,so my brother's in laws are trying to stop my marriage anyhow..2-3 days before they called my would be father in law and threatnd him,we have recorded phne call what type of complaint should we that they cant create any problem in my marriage..does it cme under cyber crime..

Member (Account Deleted)   06 March 2013 at 01:05

Sanctity of self prepared map/site plan

If a conveyance deed didn't mentions the boundaries of property and its surroundings then does the plan privately got prepared by the owner/plaintiff from draftsman and annexed with plaint carry any significance or sanctity if there is a dispute as to properties included in the site plan as it contains different units. How can the plaintiff prove that all units are part of his property?
Actually conveyance deed was executed about 63 years ago and it neither has any schedule of property with it nor any mention of boundaries. It also doesn't mentions the total area of property. Conveyance deed only mentions that property no XXX is allotted to Mr. Y.

rakesh bhagvati   12 February 2013 at 23:35

Caste certificate rejected by upsc

I was born in delhi and belong to SC category. I am a civil services aspirant. Few days ago, UPSC has sent me a letter saying that my caste certificate (which is from delhi) is not acceptable because I had mentioned in civil services mains 2012 Detailed Application Form (DAF) that the state to which my father "originally belongs" is UP. Though my father's caste certificate is also from delhi (my certificate is made on the basis of this). While filling the DAF, I did not know what this phrase "originally belongs" means because in caste certificate it is usually "ordinary resident of" or "domicile of" is written. By "originally belongs", I inferred that the place where one's family roots lie and since my father's (and mine also) roots lie in U.P., that's why I mentioned UP.
Now, UPSC has rejected my caste certificate by saying that it is not from the competent authority where my father "originally belongs". I do not understand, that - 1. How can they pose any restriction in matter of All India Services? I never heard anyone having such problem in All India examinations. this is not some state service commision.

They have also objected that para no. 2 related to "migration" is not filled in my caste certificate. Well, how can I migrate to Delhi when I was born in Delhi?

2. If they have any problem, then why they didn't point it out in year 2011 exam when I filled the same information. (Even I simply copied the old info of 2011 DAF photocopy to 2012 DAF). Under which rules are they having objection when both my father and I belong to delhi.

I have my birth certificate, caste certificate, father's caste certificate, voter's ID etc. all from Delhi. Caste certificates are issued by SDM. Please tell me what should I reply back to them. I am very worried as I have already lost 5 years of my life for UPSC preparation and now at the end of my stint, they are threatening to cancel my candidature. I have 30 days time to "make up discrepancies" in my caste certificate.

fedupAlot....   12 February 2013 at 20:16


My marraige 1yr old, due to my inlaws and husband cruelty i have filed 498a case against them ,also i have prrof too.I just filed the case ,since then my husband is sending me sms calls to come back not forever but for 2days .I like him thus got married to him, but dint see the same.Just saw his cruelty all the time. I dont know what to reply him. it seems he is playing game but onthe other hand some part of heart emotionally wants to be with him. Need advice.

jyoti   12 February 2013 at 02:43

Informationtechnology act


There are other charges under section 498(A),294,506/201 OF IPC.Can the entire charge-sheet be quashed? The original written complaint did not have some allegations.Can the I.O. expand the investigation based on subsequent verbal statement?

saravanan   30 January 2013 at 00:00

Time limit for will

Dear friends is there any time limit for writing a will, can it be writtern before 10 r 20 yrs before a person dies

srinivasa guptha   06 January 2013 at 19:35

Please guide me

Sir, I have approached Supreme Court of India through a Lawyer for my civil case which was defeated in trail court and high court.
In Supreme Court of India my case got admitted and notice is being served to my opponents.
My opponents are vary much talented in influencing my lawyer, I have experienced it when it is trail court and high court, I am fried it may continue in even in Supreme Court.
What can I do? How to protect my case? Is there any legitimate way to safe my interest? It is a life matter of our family, is there any way to appoint additional lawyer for my case will it serve the purpose or else will it escalate the problem – please guide me.
(Please note I have vary great respect to the Lawyer community and this forum)

B Singh   06 January 2013 at 19:08

Fraud committed by own real relative

My own real relative committed fraud with me by issuing false document which I came to know from the company when the company replied that the document held with me is false. At the time of lodging FIR my advocate did not disclose my relation with the relative that police might not investigate. Now police has investigated the matter and asks that why I first did not disclose the relation with my relative. Is there any hindrance that I must have mentioned my relation with the relative at the time of filing FIR or can police take any action against me. Please advice urgently

udit   02 January 2013 at 01:09

Abuse of a widow in her family by her son who threatens to kill her.

respected professionals,
please advise on an instance, where a major son of widowed mother had forcefully snatched her personal jewelry from her possession and and
1.maltreats/abuse and
2.threatens to kill
her when she demands the same?
kindly cite the relevant legal procedures/laws and sections/parts thereof granting her adequate
immunity/remedy in this regard against such a child(major)?.thank you.

pushpakrishna   01 January 2013 at 18:54

Protest petition

Dear Experts,
what is mean by PROTEST PETITION?

If the station house officer not taking a complaint for the dismentalling of house of a person without having any right on his house by other person what to do.the other person is having political back ground and already two months over.kindly advice in this regard.