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SAURABH KUMAR SHARMA   03 March 2022 at 09:43

Financial bullying by wife.

I live in Pune, India. Got married in December 2021 in Delhi and moved in with my wife in Pune, 5 days after our marriage, as part of marital responsibilities I agreed to pay out 80% of my salary for expenditure while I have a educational loan, LIC payment & Parental responsibility as obligations, due to the obligations though I paid the said amount for two months but was short of money due to debt payoff, though i have agreed to pay 1/3th of my salary amounting to INR 20000, wife denies that and sought what we had agreed to pay i.e 80% of the salary, she has a business and takes INR 2 lacs/month. How much can I legally give her as she threatened to throw me out out the house and call police (we are staying in a place which she has rented out before marriage in Pune and refuses to stay with my parents). Please advice. Thanks and regards.

Vikas Chopade   13 January 2022 at 12:50

Custom divorce prove in court

Can any one explain how to prove custom divorce Sec 29 (2) Hindu Marriage Act 1955 in court ?
Which documents required for custom divorce prove in court ?
Can give me case laws related custom divorce prove in court ?



karthik sivaraj   09 January 2022 at 15:06

Wife not interested to live me but she claimed maintenance

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi, I got married in March 2018. I am working in abroad (at the time of marriage also), she is from Bangalore. After 30 days of marriage i returned back to job in abroad, every thing was fine but suddenly she stopped communicating to me after 2-3 months without any reason, (she was conceived at the time). Then i tried to call her, arranged visit visa everything but she denied to come with me and she started going job.. After baby (boy) born, their family not allowed me to see my kid (until now it continuous).. I keep on supporting financially whenever i receive salary (since covid starts i lost job for six months tried and get job later), I tried a lot 3 years to make her understand but she told her job is only important and she is not interested to live me., Then i keep quite sometime and also due to jobless situation again i could not able to support her (from jan 2021), I am still in abroad due to work visa expiry i cant come to india, she used this situation and moved to the court under sect 125 (b)., now 7 hearing completed from my side i dint do anything, recent hearing status shows "petitioners evidence"...

I request to kindly advice me what i can do now., even now am in abroad looking for a job. 

And she never live me, never talk to me, never show my kid to me (now he is 3 years)., how to defend this this.

(I have proof for whatever i sent money through online to her until dec 2020)..


RANGAM SREEDHAR   28 November 2021 at 17:34

498a nri case - wife died with cancer

My wife filed a 498A case against me and my family 10 days before her death due to cancer. I spent almost 40 Lakhs on her treatment. When she was in the last stage their family members guided wrongly that after her death my daughter will be on-road and the case was filed.
Now the problem is I am NRI and my parents live 500 km away from the court and not possible to attend every hearing. Witnesses not even attending court as they will not have any evidence proof to say as I spent 40 lakhs and got all reports and bills.

Trail completed and summons to witness is pending, police are not helping out.

Please advise me how to get out of this case and any way to avoid hearings were ready to attend when required.

Anonymous   17 November 2021 at 18:16

Maintenance and child custody

My wife residing saperately with my child.
She file 125 CRPC, and interim maintenance is granted for both of them.
I want full custody / joint custody of my child which is pending in family court under HMA.
She file execution case although I pay 80 percent of maintenance amount awarded by court.

Can I pray before the court to reduce/stop maintenance for my child as I want to maintain my child by keeping with me ?

How can I stop paying maintenance for my child, if at least joint custody is not given ?

As per my opinion both the parents have equal right on their children and since I fulfill all needs of my child, court should pass order for at least joint custody.

Can I raise objection in execution case ???

Anonymous   22 September 2021 at 15:16

Divorce case

hi, i has been more than 1.5 since marriage and my wife did not let me touch her, i filled divorce under sec 13 first, and have call recording of me talking to her parent and explaining them the issue and with her where she is admitting that she had made a mistake.i should give her last chance although i had given many last chance l, now they had filled diff cases against me and my family like 498a, 323, 406, 34 and separate case of domestic violence under sec 12 and 23 after 6 month when she left our house. can u suggest me the best way to tackle this situation

Anonymous   05 September 2021 at 21:45

Making caretaker of property named for grandson

My Mother-in-law wanted to make a will stating that everything to be given to her gandson after he turns 18. The issue is that my mother in law's son expired last year and she don't trust her daughter-in-law with the property. She wants to make my wife as caretaker of the property till the grandson is 18 years old.
Can she make such a will?
What all complications are there for such a will?

ks   02 September 2021 at 10:07

Can original order be modified in contempt petition ?

Dear Experts,
I hv filed contempt petition against my wife who is not complying the child visitation order. She said that 8 years old child is not ready to meet. Now High Court judge of contempt petition is saying to meet my child in Family Court once/twice a month. (Order has not been passed yet.) Whereas my original order is to bring child at my home twice a week 9 hrs per day.

Can he do so ? What is the remedy available to me ?

Member (Account Deleted)   19 August 2021 at 11:12

Desertion of wife


I would like to know what are the consequences if a husband deserts his wife within three weeks of wedlock and for everything his parents are coming forward to answer and not letting him to talk even in counselling he said he dont want to take back since his father had asked him to not to take her back. Since I am also working I'm not bothering about maintenance but what about the hefty wedding done by our parents and cost incurred on in such cases

Anonymous   18 August 2021 at 16:43

Evidence via rti to government hospital about fabricated mlc

Wife cheated me and stole Gold from home worth 10 Lac.
Wife Produced Fabricated MLC after 6 days she left home. FIR its help her frame IPC 323 against me. How to Provo that this MLC is fake? What question can be asked what info can be obtain to find out truths.

1. What points should be me mentioned if I File RTI to goverment hospital or police station?
2. RTI should go to hospital or police station just to be sure as Police approved MLC and file 323.