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simran   14 August 2018 at 18:40

Situation with husband

Hello everyone,
I have a situation here and really need tome genuine support and guidance with my current marriage. Let me give you a background in multiple paragraphs since it too complicated for me now. . I come from decent north Indian family where parents have always given us traditional and modern values . But my husband if from Bihar where his whole extended family has directly indirectly taken dowry for their sons. My husband and I met through a matrimonial site an and when we started talking he made me believe that his thinking is not like his extended family and very much believes in respect and equality of everyone.

We got engaged and my husband asked me to invest in a house where we can start living as soon as we get married. I got excited and emotional and hence invested (say he invested 8 lkh and I gave 6 lkh , also 50% emi I give every month and I am the co-owner as well ). but then I noticed a bit of change in his behavior as he asked me money for our honeymoon ( out of 1.6lkh to be spent, he asked me to pay 1 lkh) , which I didnot like since our marriage was about to happen in few months and already i had put my savings in the house. Then too I thought that may be he needs support right now, I was able to give him 50k for the honeymoon.

After we got married, he told me that my family did not give them any thing in tilak and took them for granted and gave nothing like TV , fridge etc ( which as per me is dowry) and fought with me on this. I wasnt able to tell this to anyone because it was hardly a week I as married to him. Then I overheard him telling his uncles that the house we bought has only been bough by him and his dad ( which made me very sad and angry since I had invested all my savings for our house and his family was trying to hide it) .

In parallel, since we had decided that after marriage we will try to move abroad for job and will respect who ever gets it first the other one will come along and try to search the job. By God's grace I got the job first and we decided to move abroad and he also got a job in the meanwhile before we moved to the new place. While we were in India I was handling all the household things , maid etc and he handled just the rent. I tried to help because I thought he would be short of money since we both would have had some responsibilities in our wedding arrangement/shopping etc. But then suddenly he tole me that the about 1 lk of money which I gave him ( out of 6lkh ) for the house , he used to pay his credit card bill for his wedding expenses. This was again alarming for me and we argued and he pointed again that my family did not give them anything .

After a month of time, both of us moved abroad with new jobs where I earn slight more than him .He started asking me money to handle every expense of house saying I have taken some debt from friends and need to return them so you can handle at times the whole expenses . Also he started saying that he needs to save money for his sister's wedding and needs to send some money to his parents and help them buy a home ( which was never told to me before wedding as he had mentioned that everyone is independent and no one is dependent on him). This was alarming for me as he even asked me that for our home we would have to take possession in the coming year and he would need money from me (which was nvr decided between us when we purchased the house. We again argued and he kept on saying your family did not give anything and took us for granted. I was shocked to see his behavior. Then he started forcing me to put min 50% of contributions in all the expenditures and mentally torturing me about the dowry thingy directly indirectly. I do not know what shall I do right now.

I am terrified that what he might have his mind and hence I had reduced giving money for household things after all what happened soon after marriage. But because of so many heated arguments I am trying to put all the efforts to make things right and agreed o give 50% of the total household expenses( rent, travel, food, grocery etc) but then he keeps on making new issues every day, for example saying that you do not give me proper food, he keeps on saying that since you earn more you should give more in everything, as per him I should not think of helping my parents as my inlaws should be my priority, he also says I left India because of you and I do not like my job( though I told him we can go back whenever you want etc). He is also now trying to sell the house we bought (though we do not have the possession yet) but since I mentioned to him that the registration/possession money is something he has to handle he got furious and said that its better we sell it. This is all mental torture to me and I cannot discuss with my parents . Even his parents keep on referring to there other daughter inlaws that they gave this much of dowry or artifacts etc.

Lot of things are verbal communication between us which even if I want to proof in future I might not be able to . But the fact is it is completely a mental torture and I do not know what should I be legally able to do in future if he makes the situation worst.

Sorry its a long post , but I would really appreciate a genuine response and guidance.

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Anonymous   11 August 2018 at 09:51


Mere sass Sasur Bahutu he lalchi air Gaali galoch karne vaale log hain. Meri love marriage hui thi isiliye ye Sab mujhe pta nahi tha. Unki demands shaadi ke baad na maanne per unhone mere aur mere pati ke saath bhi galat vavyhaar karne lagge. Mere pati ko peeta aur hume ghar se nikal jaane ko kaha. Mera saara streedhan bhi unhi ke papas hain jaise meri ghar we chadha hua samaan mujhe aur mere pati ko aur mere sasural we Chadha Hua samaan aur muh dikhaike paise vagera. Ab voh humee streedhan nahi de rahe hain unke parivaar vaalo ke bhi samjhane ke baad. Unhone apni factory se mere husband ko bhi nikal diya hain. So ab humme Kay karna chahiye . Court mein case karenge toh kaafi samay lag jaayega. Kya police ya poor women cell isme madat karte hain

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seek_clarity   10 August 2018 at 17:57

Can i file defamation case for false divorce petition?

My husband has filed a false divorce case against me. I do not wish to file 498A, but may file DV later. So that's not my doubt.

My doubt is - If heinous prima facie false allegations are made against me in a Divorce petition then can I file for a civil defamation suit against my husband?

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Anonymous   08 August 2018 at 13:11

Hindi undivided family

Please explain about Joint family. Who all are comes under joint family. Is married daughter is also a part of joint family.
Is married daughter has any right to stay in father's joint family?

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Anonymous   05 August 2018 at 23:45

Dispute in property sale

My father taken a site in a layout in the name of elder son 28 years back. But the layout is not yet registered in son name who is now mentally retarded. Now father want to sell that site and share the money to all the three sons. But unfortunately wife and only daughter of the mentally retarded person are objecting for selling of the site and want to claim full site for themselves and not willing to share to other brothers and including parents of the mentally retarded person.
How to deal with such cases so that father can sell and divide the share equally among all sons.

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Member (Account Deleted)   01 August 2018 at 09:32

Reg :case threatening to my wifes life

few years ago my wife filed a case sayingt that i was threatening to her life. i got bail. but i didnt receive a summon after that.
so i thought my my wife withdrew the case . So i didn't worry much. I recently came to know that she didnt withdraw the case also didnt want to run the case..I was told that she is not ready to spend any time for this case. i have to handle the case and close it on my own.
I checked and came to know the status is NBA. Do i need to appear in the court ?.. or arranging a lawyer is enough.
How to close this case.please advice me.

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depressedbyall   30 July 2018 at 08:07

Want compensation from wife!!!

1. Wife deserted me and after seven years wants mutual consent dicorce at zero settlement amt
2. my age today has become 41years mairraige lasted for just 4 months and
3. although she havent filed any kind of false cases too any where but i had filed rcr where i got exparte decree in my favour a year back but i spent around 2lakhs in litigating only and most important lost my precious age and also spiilt my status in our society
4. now her lawyer says she dosenot want to appear in mumbai for contested divorce hence wants me to return her all belongings before first date so that she avoids lawyers fees and further complication as she is from gujarat
she is working and drawing salaryv18000 pm i have all her salary details has her own flat ans
5. she is stsying alone she has even left her own parents she is very adamant kind of nature
6. Learned advocates please suggest i want to teach her lesson and want her to be imposed with heavy fine or seek compensation for ruini g my name , time and money so please suggest is there any way or judgements which can help me .

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Anonymous   29 July 2018 at 12:30

Under which section judgements can be refer in other courts

Dear Sir/Mam,

How can we use High Court, Supreme Court Judgement to Lower Courts (District Courts, Family Courts).
Specially in Matrimonial cases. In which section , CRPC , IPC we can show this and asks Judge to follow/refer that judgement in such cases.


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Arjav Mehta   27 July 2018 at 18:28

Lawyer not appointed

Dear Expert,
if someone file HMP 13(A) after 17 years of marriage life, husband not appointed any lawyer for case and today both are in court, and judge asked for lawyer of husband but husband told that he has no money to appoint any lawyer.
He is ready to go to Jail but he has no money to appoint lawyer and he is ready to take his wife go back to his home.
But he is very dangerous man continuously disturb her wife, wife is stay with her mother and father.

In this situation what is the future of case , pertains if he is not ready to appoint lawyer

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Anonymous   23 July 2018 at 23:12


my question is straight way regarding disowning a person cant disown his parent no matter how wrong his or her parents have done with a child and over government too support is with senior citizens maintenance act 2007, no matter how bad the parents are with their child he in their old age child as to pay for them when they are no longer capable to earn, but a parent can disown a child once he completed 21 yrs old with any bull shit reason just because they have different thinking. and a child couldn't do any thing because he have not been given proper education, in my case its even worst my parents disowned me snatching my rented home, my job only source of income, and stealing all my merit documents including my Aadhar and pan card original. my parents disowned me taking my job and rented home by publishing a public notice in news paper stating my behavior is not acceptable in society as if i was a drug addict or thief, all i did is start earning and living away from home with girl of my choice as in live in relationship. my land lord said me to empty property as if i stole something from home and and they threatened me they will bribe their known police inspector to arrest me in charges of stealing 100 k rs from home, and now i am left with nothing no company is giving me job as i have no merit documents originals and no bank is giving me loan because i am not yet 21 and due to that public notice. the people who forced me to commit suicide by mean of mental an physical torture when i was just 14, are now showing themselves as victim by the means of their allegation of my ill behavior in reality i have never bullied anyone never had drug or consume even alcohol. i need a legal help because i know i did nothing bad so i am being ill treated, i tried to run from the family that treated me like animal beating me torturing me enough that i ended by attempted to commit suicide. failing to that just ran from home to live with someone else.

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