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Queries Participated

Anonymous   27 October 2011 at 09:46

Legal notice

I hv lost case in high court and lpa and slp dismissed in limine. Bank got favourable order by misrepresentation of facts before the high court.Now I hv documents received now under RTI act after about 10 years to prove that bank played fraud and got favourable order.documents recd ubder RTi clearly establishes the fact that bank had given wrong information or misrepresentation the facts in WS affidavit.
Can we sent legal notice to bank on the basis facts confirmed in documents of bank received under RTI before approaching court again.

Anonymous   16 September 2011 at 17:59

Auction of property attached

In an execution petition of suit for recovery of money, house of J.D. is attached and auction was conducted, however it was not completed. Then, agricultural land of J.D. was attached and auctioned but due to no bidder it failed. However, both the properties are still in attachment.

In the mean time J.D. filed appeal. As per the order of appellate court conditional stay was granted. Appellate Court order to furnish surety, accordingly surety of Rs. 70,000 furnished. Later on appeal dismissed.

Inspite of the above said two properties of J.D. are still attachment. D.H. suppressed this fact. Agri. land of surety is again attached and put of auction.

What is the remedy for surety? Is this attachment is legal? plz. site any rulings to save the property of surety.


k.s.abishek   11 April 2011 at 18:13

regarding a sale of property

hi experts
my name is keerthiabishek ,i have a query regarding my grandfathers property .my grand father expired last year and he is got property worth 1 crore ,after he expired it was taken by grand mother and now she is also expired .this is my mother side property .what my query is . To sell this property does all duaghters and grand son should sign and give no objection to sell this propertys.
she has not written any will regarding this property.

BAALASUBRAMANNYAMM   11 April 2011 at 17:34

How he could approach the Court?

Respected Experts,
Plz. Suggest me suitably.

“A” being a General Power of Attorney holder of “B”, executed an Agreement of Sale (un registered) in the name of “C” in respect of some lands. “C” has paid entire sale consideration, but did not get a registered sale deed in his favour due to some technical problems, since 1996. Now “B” is no more and “A” is only alive. In this “C” has already been in physical possession since the day of execution of the said agreement.

Now, the adjacent land owners have occupied his half of the vacant land, as he (“C”) was out of station for the last 6 months.

So what “C” has to do now? How he could approach the court?

Anonymous   11 April 2011 at 12:56

Bombay Money Lenders Act

Dear Sir,
I am a Registered Money Lender under the above Act in Maharastra State. I lend the money on the basis of security of gold.
My question is what is the duration that I hold the security(Gold) can be sold off if the borrower is defaulter. I have heard that upto 3 year from date of default we cannot take action.
So what is the exact time Span in the Act within which I can Sell the gold & recover my money in case of Default?

Anonymous   10 April 2011 at 20:33

Is it compulsory for parents to give property to childrens

Kindly tell me know if a property which is owned by a father(not an heriditary property) to compulsarily give to there childrens or is there an option for the father to give to anyone of them only or to not at all give to anone one of them.
Kindly let me the rules and solution for the above.
Anything under HUF law, can you please clarify on them.

Anonymous   10 April 2011 at 18:35

defective legal heir certificate. what would be its effect?

what is the status of building constructed on a land which is derived from a legal heir certificate( thru relinquishment of right ).. wat if a persons name is not mentioned in legal heir certificate who also is class 1 heir.. what can he challenge .. what happens to the registration..the share of those who relinquishe will not fall bak to them due to it being a defectplease expalin very clearly

Varun   10 April 2011 at 18:31

Property shared within my Family.

Me, my brother, and my mother decided to share my father's property, who passed away 3 years back. The property consists of a land with a building in one half and vacant land on the other half. It was decided to have the land with the building to my brother and mother's name and the vacant land and some amount to be given to me so that I can construct a house in the vacant land. We have all agreed and gone ahead with this deal. I have some doubts with the documentation part of this deal. It was written as a single document, and the original is with my mother and brother and I have been provided with a copy of it, which has been written in a 20 Rupee legal document. Is that right? Will that lead to any problems in the future if I decide to sell this property.

Anonymous   12 March 2011 at 12:22

Daughter's right

My wife has 3 brothers & an elder sister. A land is on the name of her mother & she wants to give that land to my wife. But problem is that paper of the land is with her husband & he does not want to give anything to his daughter. Also he has so much property on his name. My wife's mother is illiterate but can sign only. My question is how she can give the land to her daughter without knowing anyone in her family till she lives.

Anonymous   04 March 2011 at 20:21

Injunction suit

If a tenant is staying in a place for 25 years and is filing a suit as the landlord has stopped accepting rent for some time, and suspects that the landlord has sold his property for redevelopment - Is it mandatory to ask for declaration of tenancy rights in prayers in injunction suit under the Bombay Rents Act? Isn't it obvious as the person is staying as a tenant for 25 years? All he needs is assurance that his tenancy wont be terminated or his tenancy rights wont be infringed upon. Are there any judgements that makes the declaration of tenancy rights optional in an injunction suit under the Bombay Rents Act?


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