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anil deoram kute   03 January 2020 at 18:37

Bombay legulation act 1827

against the order and legal heirs certificate issued under bombay legulation act 1827 where should i file appeal and under which provision.

Member (Account Deleted)   03 January 2020 at 15:08

Compensate ground appointment in iocl

my father worked in iocl and expired last 5 months back
and applyed for compensate ground appointment but they rejected my file becouse of over age as wel as my higher education MBA .
according iocl anexxer 6
SO , what should i do for appointment.

please help me

Harish   03 January 2020 at 14:34

Labour welfare fund

Hello Experts,

In my company employees categories are from Support Staff, Executive, Assistant Manager, Associate Manager, Manager, Divisional Manager, AVP and VP etc..

As per the defination of "Employees" (MLWF) means any person who is employed for hire or reward to do any work, skilled or unskilled, manual, clerical, supervisory or technical in an establishment directly by the employer or through contractor or any other agency.

Exceptions are who are in a managerial capacity and supervisory capacity, draws wages exceeding three thousand and five hundred rupees per mensem.

Now, I am not able to find out the defination of who are managerial capacity and supervisory capacity. If I refer the factories Act or Shop Act then all employees are covered under the defination of Workers.

What are your views on this?

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year 2020 !!

tutunbhattacharjee   02 January 2020 at 18:41

Sale consideration for buying flat from relative

Dear Sir,

I am buying a property from my relative. For the sale consideration we have agreed that I will be paying 20 percent now at the time of execution of sale deed and rest in monthly instalments for 15 years. Can register the sale deed in this case and how we can mention this in the sale deed ? do I need to mention the mode of future monthly instalments (cheque numbers) or can I mention the Standing instruction in my bank and same mention in the sale deed.

Pls advise.


Bhagyashree Kanchi   02 January 2020 at 17:33

Can company force on employees

I am working with one organisation MNC in Powai Mumbai for past 3 years now but I want one suggestion from you
I would be grateful if any one on the platform help me.

1. We are offered morning and evening snacks every day and for that daily 20 Rs are deducted from our salary on an average around 400 Rs are deducted every month even if we have it or not.
2. Initially we used paper cups for tea/coffee, but later on stopped and reason given for same was cost cutting and were asked to bring our own cups, and now new rule that we have to only drink tea coffee in cups provided by company.
There are many other illegal things happening in this organization like terminating people for silly reason, even they have terminated a lady in her maternity leave.
Can any pvt ltd company do anything they feel, is there no law for innocent employees where they can get justice.
I have a option of quitting this job and looking for a new one, but I am not doing it and writing here as I feel this should be taken up seriously.
if any one on the platform help me or guide me I would be very much thankful.

Anonymous   02 January 2020 at 16:25

Mother has given power of atternoy to her married daughter

Dear Sir, I am married daughter and my mother stays with me, She had four shops, out of 4 she had given two shops to my yonger two brothers-one for each, one she is willing to give to my younger daughter, and one she is will to give it to me. but my brother comes in between and tried to quarrel.

She has prepared the power of attorney in my name, Can I transfer the shop in my name or do I have to take NOC from my brothers. how to I transfer the shop to my name. or shall I ask her to gift this shop to me.
Pleas suggest

Anonymous   02 January 2020 at 16:02

My childs wellbeing- my daughter is missing

Dear Sir,
I have been divorced under the conditions where my daughter who is 7 years old is entitled to meet her paternal family twice a month and share her school holidays equally. Though they wont visit her as per the agreement recently when they took her for christmas holidays they havent sent her back after the holidays are over and have not sent her to school as well. Actually i dont know where my daughter is.Her father works in Pune and his mom is in bangalore. My daughter once told me over phone she is in Pune and she will be back in Bangalore on 31st January. They are not letting me talk to her. What should i do now ? can i file a police complaint

Sumit   02 January 2020 at 13:02

Wrong pan in sale deed

Hi Sir/Madam,

i have purchased resale property in Bangalore and registered on 28th Feb'19 on My and my wife's name, we just noticed that my Wife's PAN number is wrong in sale deed, please suggest next steps on this, if we need to charge the PAN number or there is no issue while selling this property.

Rehan NE   02 January 2020 at 03:29

Someone lodge fir of ipc sec 323;326,34,

My case is disposed and i am going to quashed my case in high court will it still be in my criminal record and its effect on my jobs.

anil a ghaisas   01 January 2020 at 13:17

Ration card is compulsorty as address proof

I am Register Member of this Group & whenever I am in problem I consult your advisors for solving the problem
Now I have following query :- (1) I want to know the legal position of Ration card requirement as address proof , whether it is it compulsory . (2)My wife is Rettired Mtnl Employee , My wife stays in Thane (up down basis ) with my son for taking care of my grand children as my son & daughter in law both are employed. It is our Family problem & we are adjusting to fulfill our duties towards them (3) Mtnl authorities are insisting Ration Card as address for shifting of Land Line from existing place (thane) to some other near Location of Thane as my Son is Changing his residence .(4) This is her service connection . Where it is Rent free & having 220 Calls free per month .(5) This is her life time service entitlement (6). Hence I don't want to loose Rationing authourites are not allowing to transfer her name to Thane.. Is it legal & logical to deny our request ?? ( according to them we can not stay separately- Our Ration car is in dombivli )
A> A> Ghaisas- 982693740


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