14 January 2020 at 18:29

Car sold on fake documents

Hello Experts,

I bought a car by a person in same city, he signed form 29, and form 30 and given me his id photocopy, and original RC.

I paid him 75% money 1.5 Lac and rest money to be given after RC transfer and after RC transfer he will be giving me Car delivery. But when I checked the status of car owner in RTO app then his fraud came into light that he already sold the car to other person. Now He grabbed my 1.5 lac rupees and when I called him he started quarrel. I don't have enough knowledge of laws and police etc. Can you please help me how I can rid of this problem.

Can I get my money back. Please help

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16 January 2019 at 13:57

Commission under section 284 cr pc

My father ( M-83) is only supporting witness in a criminal case filed by me in a matter of fraudulent property sale in Rajasthan u/s 420-467-468-471-120-B.The Charge sheet is submitted, Charges have been framed. The trial has begun. In April 2017 my father went to MJM Court at Rajasthan for recording his witness statement and to be available to Defense for cross examination. The PP has recorded the statement of my father and Two Defense Counsel has also cross examined him but he fell ill during cross examination being carried out by the last defense counsel and the deposition is adjourned to next day only wherein my father could not be present as he was advised admission in hospital by State Hospital MO, the certificate was duly submitted and adjournment obtained.In August 2017 I filed a petition u/s 284 crpc for allowing commission at kolkata at my expenses,on medical ground annexed with all his case papers since 2002 and current medical reports and medical certificates. Myfather suffers from serious cardiac disease Attrial Fabriliation. The medical Literature is also submitted. Since then my father has been submitting his medical papers and MC (Current) on every adjournment.The MJM / ACJM has not disposed off the Petition till date despite arguments held on two occasions. Actually such petition is first in the District and the Presiding Officer is not able to have courage to dispose favorably or otherwise. Meanwhile the health of my father is deteriorating.The next hearing is on 19-01-2019.We wish to pressure hard for disposal of the petition and need some judgments from District/High/Supreme court which can be produced in support of our arguments. Such Judgments reference is required by 18th Jan 2019 latest.I need some case references in such or similar matter, and I shall be grateful if the Experts can help me with the same. The Local Lawyer at ACJM level court opines that such petition are uncommon at these level of courts and are unlikely to be accepted, leave apart the knowledge of case laws or judgments.Need help and counsel.

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09 January 2019 at 09:40



Would like to know how to go about against the seller for tresspassing into property and disturbing after sale deed executed in my favor.


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02 January 2019 at 13:21

Regarding 107/116 crpc on government job

Hi just wanted to know i have been imposed crpc 107/116 by the police and now i have been selected in government bank how will it impact???

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25 December 2018 at 18:39

Property bond as bail surety

Last time I posted as an anonymous and didn't get expected reply from experts.
So here posting again.
In one of the case my uncle is my surety for bail and bail condition was cash bond i have to pay and property bond from surety.
Property is of uncle and now he wish to sell it.. can we apply in court asking to keep only cash as bond or we need to find another surety with property and replace it?
What option do we have?
I m sorry if i have not framed the word surety and bond (it may not be technically correct as im nt frm that field but basically court has taken uncle's property as bail condition and cash and now uncle wish to sell property)
Thank you in advance.

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20 December 2018 at 05:11

Slp condonation delay

Hi Experts,
Chances are there for the acceptance of condonance of delay petition for SLP with the main reason as High court petition was not intimated to the petitioner neither by court summon nor notice n police / app. Police was in favour of the opponent party. Hence this.
This reason will be accepted in supreme court for slp delay ?

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17 December 2018 at 19:31

How to handle accident fir under 279, 337

I was involved in an accident with the 2-wheeler coming from the wrong side. After giving appropriate first-aid, they demanded tons of money from me. I refused and asked for police to be called. They refused. As I was also afraid of police I also let it go. I thought the matter was settled as they weren't ready to take it forward.

Now 20 days later I came to know that was a huge mistake. Those guys went to police station and registered a case against unknown person. Their version is somewhat strange as they claim that a car hit them and they were taken to hospital in the same car. But, the person taking them to hospital was not the person driving the car instead it was other nearby people.

So, the police called me to come down to Traffic PS for 30 minutes along with license. I asked them about my options. I tried to gather as much information as possible about my options:

1. FIR will be cancelled.
My understanding is that FIR once registered cannot be cancelled. I tried looking up the FIR on ecourts site but it doesn't anything. Does it mean the FIR has not been filed?

2. Settle with the other party.
From what I can read on the forums this is not possible as the case is 279 is not compoundable. So, this has to go to court.

3. Let it go to court and plead guilty
But, then I dint do anything wrong.

So, what are my options.

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14 December 2018 at 18:45

Quashing of chargesheet

Respected Seniors,
A and B are Tasmac supervisors. one day night thought that the place was restaurant, they horned before the bunglow owned by politician. repeated sound of horn watchman of that bunglow opened the gate. when the two supervisors entered into that bunglow subsequently owner and watchman of that bunglow called police and questioned about their safety. Though A and B both are apologized, politician thinking that was a prestigious issue pressurized police to file FIR u/s. 452, 294b, 323 and 506(ii) IPC. Due to this both the supervisors were suspended from their service by their department still now. After remand and bail proceedings got over now the police altered the FIR only u/s. 447 IPC and filed the charge sheet before the MM court as Summary Trial Case. In that chargesheet also there are contradictions in the statement of defacto complainant. First hearing got over and ordered to proceed with trial. Though this is a compoundable offence , Both A and B accepted guilty then they will be terminated permanently. So they have no other way except to take the trial proceedings as per my view.
1. Except that can I file quash before the Highcourt. any scope to get the quash this chargesheet? whether will it be a good remedy for them to revoke their job?
2. Or can i file the discharge petition before the MM court?
3. Or If the defacto complainant ready to compromise, then Can they get their jobs back?
4. If so in the compromise memo what should be stated to revoke their job?

may please guide as early as possible

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Hello Sir,
My husband has performed illegal marriage then I filed complaint under IPC sec 494 where I had some proofs of marriage but those were not certified copies.
Then the Hon'ble court has ordered Police to make the investigation under sec 202.
But now, I have received certified copies of Marriage Registration Certificate of my husband which is attested "Under RTI Act 2005".
In this condition, if I submit the certified copies into the court then my complaint will get registered directly or still the investigation will be done completely.

Thanks in advance...

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