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15 July 2021 at 12:17

Falsely represented as bank employee

All Senior experts/professionals
Some days ago an anonymous person call me via phone that he is an employee of a bank and my ATM card deactivate and seeks my details for reactivate ATM card.
As I have no ATM card in that Bank at the moment of calling I understood it was a hoax call. So I cannot share my details.
My query to the senior experts/professionals is that:
At this stage can be treat as an offence under IPC and/or Information Technology Act and lodge complaint before nearest police station ?

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dear sir/madam ,

1) may I know what acknowledgment I can request for my complaint if police officer do not prefer to Fill FIR .

2) and also sir/madam, please let me know types of registering the complaint in case FIR not filled or preferred and what documents police officers needs to provide to us following complaint registered . Thank you .

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16 December 2020 at 22:55


Section 107 CrPC provides "When an Executive Magistrate receives information that any person is likely to commit a breach of the peace or disturb the public tranquillity or to do any wrongful act that may probably occasion a breach of the peace or disturb the public tranquillity and is of opinion that there is sufficient ground for proceeding, he may, in the manner hereinafter provided, require such person to show cause why he should not be ordered to execute a bond, 1 with or without sureties,] for keeping the peace for such period, not exceeding one year, as the Magistrate thinks fit."

Suppose, the surety is to be taken for 8 months by the Court, the period of such 8 months will start from which date:

a) the date on which the accused is summoned to appear before the Court through Notice under Section 111 of CrPC
b) the date on which the accused first time appears in the Court
c) the date on which surety is accepted by the court
d) the date on which order is passed by the Court in this regard
e) any other such date as decided by the Court

May also provide the case law on the issue, in case there is any.

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09 March 2020 at 14:50

Pc act 1988

Dear Sir,
My brother was a college lecturer in an unaided private polytechnic college run by trust in thane salary issued by the trust , Anti corruption catched him in 2015 on a student complaint of bribe and termed him as public servant (iter lok sevak in marathi). Trial is in the court on the basis of sanction of private college principal as government authorities have denied to give sanction. ACB is showing that the courses conducted by college are controlled by MSBTE( technical examination board) also college students gets financial help aid through college account transfered by government. SO HE IS PUBLIC SERVANT.
2) And if No then please guide us to get him out of this anti corruption illegal case.
thanking you.

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30 August 2019 at 16:32

How to omit ipc 170 on Govt officer

Recently police filed an ipc 170 ,406,419 and 120/B. Later on they realized that the officers are real. Now, they are not approaching the officers nor omitting the ipc�s . What would happen further in the case?

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26 August 2019 at 15:09

False 307 under crpc.

Respected Madam/Sir,
In my office premises one of the fellow employee sexually harassed one women employee during December 2018, she had filed the complaint at Personnel Office. As i am the personnel officer, I have received the complaint and forwarded to higher authorities. Whereas, he was asked me that not to forward the complaint to higher authorities. Since then the fellow employee developed grudge on me and always scolded me and my parents. On 18.02.2019 he provoked me and used filthy language. In the process I went towards him to ask him to stop abusing, he enraged and caught my neck, immediately i pushed him a side, unexpectedly he fell down on the window edge. His head got injured 3 stitches done by doctor. Now he filed private complaint through an advocate, stating that murder attempt made by me. The entire episode was recorded in the companies CC TV. Now police issued notice under 41A. Kindly suggest, how to come out from the situation.


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02 August 2019 at 14:39

Negotiable instruments act

Dear Experts,
While I was about to register sale deed of a property I had purchased that the seller had not cleared the maintenance charges amounting to about Rs. 3Lacs. Hence I issued a separate cheque for 3 Lacs with the oral understanding that the seller will clear the maintenance charges and then present the cheque to his bank. He, however, did not clear the said charges despite telephonic requests. Finally under pressure from RWA & maintenance agency I cleared those & issued stop payment instructions . Thereafter the seller presented the cheque to his bank which was returned unpaid. He sent me a legal notice to which I replied on whatsApp. He has now filed a case in the court. The date is 27 Aug 19, How will the case be progressed? How should I proceed?

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I have wrote to legal authorities many times but they are not registering the complaint or FIR or taking any action.

1. Crime Branch Delhi Police (May 2014, April 2016) and the case was forwarded to Lodhi colony Police station. I spoke with ASI Renu Yadav And
2. Human right (April 2014, , case no 1955/30/8/2014) and my case was forwarded to Kotla Police Station, South Ex and I spoke with ASI Sunil Yadav but my complaint was not taken seriously. Wrote to them one more time few days back again.
3. Cyber Crime in 2016 but did not got any reply.
4. Human Right (June 2019, case no 2993/30/8/2019) but case was closed with any contact with me, Reason: vague, anonymous or pseudonymous;”
5. PMO @ Centralized Public Grievance(June 2019, case no PMOPG/E/2019/0348102) but no reply.
6. Crime Branch Delhi Police (June 2019) but no reply.

Please let me know the way how can force them to register an FIR and investigate the matter.

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07 July 2019 at 15:07

Section 138 &142

I gave cheque to a person because I have to gave money. But after some days he asked me for money by taking some time I returned the money. But he didn't returned the cheque. I asked many times to return the cheque. But he didn't returned. After some days he presented the cheque in the bank. I stopped the cheque through online banking. But now he gave me legal notice under sections 138&142. Now what I have to do. Please give me clarification as early as possible

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