14 September 2019 at 08:30

Marking of documents procedure

I'm a petitioner and i submitted list of documents in the court.
1. Original documents
2. Adhar (xerox copy of Accused)


Court has marked only original documents which i have submitted in the list of documents.

Adhar Xerox was not marked.

Xerox (Adhar) is the government identity proofs of Accused

Is any section for marking government id proof of xerox ----or ---- Is any section by which party can request court for asking to submit original identity proof of accused by his (accused) own.

My question is how do i request court for marking xerox copy of Govt id proof ?

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The judge took my oath when I filed sworn statement u/s 200 of CRPC r/w 27 of CP Act 1986. I gave my oath and came down and they gave another date 1 week apart. On the next date they took signature on warrant issue order sheet. On that day itself the warrant was supposedly issued. But this should have been done on the same day of taking oath.

In meantime OP lawyer went and took stay order from state commission without intimating me to appear before the commission.

I feel judge purposefully did not take my signature on the warrant issue order sheet the same day as my oath taking.

Unless the judge puts the OP behind bars how will they recover the amount due of 20 lakhs from them?

Although the OP have deposited 10 lakhs in state commission, I went and asked to release the amount, but they told they will not give until appeal is dismissed.

Time is passing and I am not having a penny in hand, each time 3-4 thousand ruppes I have to spend to go to gurgaon for hearing.

Lower court allowed my complaint where I was given relief of 20 lakhs for doctors negligence in medical case apolo hospital goragaon.

How to go about this now?

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07 September 2019 at 23:50

Hospital secured stay for 4 weeks

Hospital recalled the appeal case and did not inform me. Nor did the commission inform me and gave stay on lower court proceedings of warrant issue for 4 weeks.

Is this not illegal? My husband died at Apolo Hospital Gurgoan as I informed in my old thread. I had won compensation of 20 lakhs in consumer complaint I filed of medical negligence.

The hospital never came for execution proceeidngs and in mean time went and deposited 10 lakhs at state commiion without informing me and taken stay on warrant.

Although 4 weeks time of stay is over. How will I hve to proceed can dear seniosr guide? I handle case on my own.

Rakhi Misra

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03 September 2019 at 14:49

What next after warrant issue?

Court has issued warrant in execution proceedings. My questoins are.
Will the court arrest them and put them behind bars for not obeying court order?
Shall I give application for issue of NBW now?

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13 August 2019 at 05:27

How to defend 408 &. 420 ?

Dear Experts,
In the year 2009, I was working in a publication group. I got another better opportunity in the rival newpaper. The former media group logged a criminal complain on Me U/S 112-b, 408,409,420 467,468 ,470 & 471 IPC etc. Later on in final chargesheet only two IPC were mentioned i.e. 408 & 420. the chargesheet also mentioned that there is no recovery or discovery in the matter. After a three months legal battle I got bailed out from High court. Now almost it has been 10 years, the case is still pending in the lower court. The complainent is not coming to the court . Except once he was seen in 2013.The complainent him self is been driven out of the same media group. But he came bcoz of the court warrent. I need expert advise on the following point. How should I prepare my defence? The ommission of more than 8 IPC in the chargesheet can make my defense strong? I have filed a defamation case with IPC 500 & 501 against the media group.It's pending in fast track court. should i continue or withdraw? The FIR against Me was lodged in sept 2009, now it's August 2019. Isn�t criminal waste of courts time and� My money attending it every month? What stand can I & my advocate take? The complainent's objective for FIR was to stop Me joining the new rival media group , & were successful in that. What are the grounds for acquital or discharge? I am tired attending the dates, with no results what so ever. All major witnesses are� former company employees or their agents or business associates. They are said to� be either luired or thretened to be witnesses. Is there any high court / supreme court ruling in such matters? Pl advise. Regards

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10 August 2019 at 15:53

False 353 504 and 506(1)

Police constable has filled a false case against me. IPC 353, 504, 506(1)
I had approached the Commissioner, Addl commissioner, Prime minister, Chief minister, Human right commission, Minority minister, Dcp, Acp, Police complain authority also.
The police has replied them all false information intensionally , I have applied 50 Rti application and I have collected evidence for that.
What can be done in this case.
Which all IPC can I file against them.
Or is there any Dept where I can still approach.
Usually people get scared to go against them.
Pl guide me
U can email me at Francis.santamaria76@gmail.com
What's app 8087897979 also
Thank u

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28 July 2019 at 01:47

Trying to avoid criminal proceedings

A civil case has been filed for correction in khatauni which was made fraudulently. Now assume that the civil court has passed the order for correcting the khatauni back to its rightful owner.

My question is Can a sub divisional officer (SDO) ask to file FIR while correcting entries in land revenue record under Section 33/39, Land Revenue Act?

Whether a judicial magistrate would be required in this scenario to file FIR even after the civil judge has passed the necessary order?

The decree holder does not want criminal proceedings at all.

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20 July 2019 at 10:47

False molestation fir

Mere uncle humari 1 acre agricultural land per 35 saal se kabza kiye huve hai, jiska swamitav puri tarah se hmare paas hai. Jab humne unko kabza chodne ko kha to unhone hum per meri aunty ke dwara police mein chedchad ki jhoothi fir krwa di, police hme thane le gyi. Aaj kal ladies ki sach maani jati h to ghabra kr hmne uncle k sath samjhota kr liya or aunty ne fir vapis le li.
Mere uncle ne kha ki agar age bhi kabza chodne ko khoge to fir se isi case mein fsa denge.
Please tell me
1. Hum apni jamin per kabzaa kaise lein
2. Ched chad ki jhuthi fir se kaise bache
3. Kya jhuthi fir hone se pahle bachne ka koi kanooni upay hai.
4. Kya hum police ya court mein jhoothi fir hone ki sambhavna ka notice de ker kuch rahat le skte hai

Please help us

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12 July 2019 at 11:04

Forged signature

I am putting this query again with some more clarification pls reply so that we can proves thing in court
Blank Cheque given to a financer against the loan but handedover to unknown person by financer.
After cheque bounce legal notice sended by complainant through his lawyer.
complainant signature is thier on every page of legal notice.
currently the 138 case in court, we filled application under 263 ipc, complainant refuse to give reply of 263 for more than 1.2 years but after get warrning from judge they filled the reply of 263.
Signatur of complainant on reply is there.
But after seeing all the documents we find that signature on legal notice and signature on 263 reply are not same and also in different handwriting.
We doubt that might be the signature on legal notice put by the financer because they are in impression that after seeing 138 case we will be ready for compromise but we go for trail at court.
Now what can we do in this situation, what neccassery steps should be taken so that we can put pressure on complainant and win the case.

Thank you

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