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We need to change my son dob in passport. His dob is 18/01/2002 in passport now we we need to change as 18/0/2004..his passport was made in year 2006-07 with birth certificate.. Now please suggest what we can do for the change of dob in passport

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13 October 2019 at 08:14

Need your advice

Dear sir,
I own a flat on third floor in four storey building. I gave it on rent. Flat was purchased in 2009 in virar in Palghar. My licensee verbally complained 3-4 months back that water tank above bathroom automatically get empty and also some fittings are leaking. For that I sent plumber and get it repaired. After that there was no complaint.
I never done any changes in pipeline in bathroom. Everything is as it is, as given by builder.

Now suddenly 3-4 days back I get complaint from my neighbour and below floor flat that they are getting water leakage from my bathroom to their home. Immediately I sent plumber next day and plumber now told me its major work and bathroom tiles will have to be broken to find leakage in pipe line and pipes had to be replaced as they rusted. I did all that expenditure and replaced all pipe line in my bathroom and leakage stopped. But now neighbour and below flat owner, is harassing me that he also need compensation for damage in his rooms. But when I see his room it doesn't seem that damage is so major and only because of water leakage which came to my knowledge in last 4-5 days. They had given first time written complaint to society regarding leakage and damage just 4-5 days back. Out of which leakage part already solved in my room at my cost immediately .

Now I want your guidance, what to do for their wrong demand of compensation for damage to their home? What law says? Please guide me.

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Dear Sir, We had one shipment from Saudi through there sales office based in Dubai, it was plastic raw material. shipment is done in Jan and arrived in Feb. As per the contract, we have agreed on the description of goods and results of the test was shared.
Seller provided us test results/actually it was fabricated, we came to know at the later stage.
Seller after loading container sent us pictures of loading with the closing container and sealed it and provided us seal number. But the seal was changed twice as per BL copy.
When the container arrived at Nhava Sheva we have cleared it and took this to Telangana, when we tested we have found material was not up to the mark. Seller doesn't want to listen nor want to negotiate.

how we can solve this by filing a complaint to DGFT or Indian Embassy or chamber of commerce or any other course of action. The seller has good business in India as well.


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I am from West Delhi, Paschim VIhar.

1. I gave earnest money for 2 shops of Central Delhi.

2. Sellers neither gave me shops not double of the Bayana.

3. I filed the lawsuits in arbitration and won both the Cases.

4. Then I filed the Execution of both the "Arbitral Awards" and both the Execution Courts found my Award executable and both the Courts asked me to take the possession of both the shops.

5. Almost one years back, I took the possession of One of the shops. But within One hour a Manager of Union Bank of India came there and told me that UBI had financed those shops as well as many other portions of that Building and UBI had taken the possession of those shops as well as other floors via CMM. We exchanged our Court Orders.

6. After the passage of some time, UBI filed Objection in one of my Execution Court. Now the matter is pending for Argumentation.

7. Meanwhile, I have found several discrepancies in financing procedure of UIB used for those properties.

a) One of those shops was not owned by the UBI borrower.

b) UBI financed 4th floor, whereas in Delhi 4th floor is illegal.

c) UBI financed 30% undivided share in the basement, whereas it is impossible to take the possession of an undivided share without going through partition suit, if not given by consent.

d) UBI did not allocate the Loan of 90 Lakhs separately to each property but treated 5 properties collectively as one Unit.

e) Even after taking the possession through CMM, UBI did nothing to monetize these properties for a period of one Year. Not a single auction was arranged by UBI.

f) There were no proper boundary walls of the shops on the backside. Even after taking the possession from CMM Court, UBI did not try to erect these walls to secure the physical possession of the shops. Those walls had been erected by me.

NOW I WANNA Challenge the Judgement taken by UBI on the basis of Collusion/ Fraud, whereas I was not a party to that suit.

But right now UBI has submitted an objection in the Execution Court, from which I got the Order to take the possession.

Therefore now the hurdle is UBI's Order for me.

Where/how to challenge UBI's Judgement? In which Court, under which Act/Section?

My view till now is, formed by internet research, I have the best option to challenge in CMM court, the same court from which UBI took the Order, u/s 44 Evidence Act.

Sir/ Madam, What is your considered opinion? What is the Best Option?

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12 July 2019 at 06:45

Stamp paper

If an Arbitrator issues an award on Rs.100/- stamp paper and writes in the award that claimant may may pay balance applicable stamp duty at the time of execution?


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I want to know whether the grant of compensation / award in land acquisition proceeedings are proof of title. Are there any case laws on this point

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When non judicial stamp paper of rupees fifty introduced by government in state of Maharashtra and in india

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08 April 2019 at 17:43

Accident surgery medical bills

Respected sir My self Dhruv Vishnuprasad Vaishnav from Botad My father Vishnuprasad/Vishnubhai Shantilal Vaishnav Have been road accidented in 2003. (First operation amount we get from when my father service as GM of pvt ltd bank so court not given us amount of this,in my father presents which held in sterling hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat. My Father have totally Bad rest for app. 10 month total salery not getting but my fathers whole service time of 32 yeras Leaves and other benefit bank give to my father so i have question can we demand to getting Basic salary and bonus etc? another surgery in below mentioned hospital surgery bill cost not getting because we have been missed original documents bills and others )and due to accident surgery from Medi-surge in 2004-05 ( Now Medi surge HCG HOSPITAL) mithakhali six road, Elisbridge Ahmedabad.our MACT case now in board and tell us for giving bill so how can we getting this? My father was passed away in 2005, Origiinal bill missed .we are in so many financial problems so please be needful for us and getting this bill and we give to court and court order to pay us billing amount. I also contact hospital but they tell me we have not any record as per you saying.i think they not proper investigation for records. We pray to give proper advice how and what we can do for getting duplicate Bills I wish you reply as soon as possible.Thanking you, Dhruv Vishnuprasad Vaishnav Mo.9909615550

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