I would like to know if the Sarfaesi Act is applicable to Nidhi Company?

For invoking Sec-13 for taking possession of assets.

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06 January 2019 at 15:43

Society registration lapse for 15 years

Ours is apartment owners association registered in Madurai Tamilnadu but now it is not renewed for 15 years. The new management 7 people got elected in Aug 2018 but president,secretary/trasurer 2 EC members had to resign as a ex-president threatened with court and police false cases.. now only the Vice president and an EC member are left with.
Now they just manage to appoint a member of their choice with managing 20 persons signature out of 177 members
The has also added him as authorised signatory..
The question are.
1. Is the bank right in allowing the treasurer to operate the account.
2. Is not EGM must for electing new office bearers?
3.any other legal remedy available?

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03 January 2019 at 11:46

Chit fund amount not repaid


we have been putting the money in local chit fund company from past 12 years and a lady was running this business, she was introduced to us by one of our neighbours.There was a new chit started in the year Jan 2016 for the amount of 1 lac and completed in the year Aug 2017.but we havent received the amount till now.its been one and half year since im making rounds to them for my hard earned money. In between they have changed their house and not lifting my calls. the only means is their shop located nearby, whenever i go to their shop and ask for money they threaten us by saying they will complain agaist us as we are creating nuisance in front of shop and takes video. she outrightly saying that she will not give the money.The only proof i have is a small note book of monthly installements with their sign and a few audio recordings of our conversation.
please could someone suggest what can i do in this regard?

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have following query regarding Gift Deed and Transfer of Shares in CHS flat in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Please consider the below information:

1. My father (a Retired Central Govt. employee) is a member of a Cooperative Housing Society flat in Kolkata, West Bengal.
2. The society is registered, the physical possession is taken.
3. However, the Completion Certificate of the entire building is still not received and hence the INDIVIDUAL FLATS HAVE NOT BEEN REGISTERED ON THEIR OWNER's NAMES. We are currently waiting for the Completion Certificate.
4. SHARE CERTIFICATE is on my fathers name.
5. He has put my name as the Nominee in Society Registers.

Additional Information:

6. Funding of the said property (our flat) was done by me and hence it was agreed that while doing the registration of the property, it will be done on my name directly.
7. It was not possible to admit my name directly as a member in 2010, since the society at the time did not accept me as a member citing my then NRI status as a reason.


1. Since my father is quite old now, and also as it was agreed from the beginning that the property will be registered directly on my name (when the property will be completed and Completion Certificate will be received) - Is it possible to register the property directly on my name without transferring the Share Certificate on my name? In other words, is it mandatory to transfer share certificate before the registration of the property or can it be done afterwards also?

2. Gift Deed - Can my father gift the property to me by the means of a Gift Deed BEFORE THE REGISTRATION OF THE PROPERTY?

If yes, then
2a) Is it mandatory to Transfer the Shares on my name before making Gift Deed, or the two are unrelated?
2b) Do we need society permission/ approval before making such Gift Deed?
2c) What are the documents required to make such Gift Deed?

3. Is there any Act/ rule which can Bar/ Stop me from being a member just because I am a NRI? Can the Society/ Registrar reject my application because I am NRI.

Any help/ expert advise will be highly appreciated.


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Dear Sirs/Madame, Due to various issues, I filed a Consumer case in 2016. Sent one Legal Notice requesting documents related to Land, in 2017. Even the MD of the builder met my advocate twice in his law chamber in 2018. I turned down a request on 27.4.2018for a meeting with him slated on 7.5.2018. I have been sending RTI queries, Grievances with CMCELL and PMO. They filed a complaint stating that we are filing all complaints to make money on 1.5.2018 @ Police Station. CSR was closed. They sent me a Defamation notice for 5 Cr dt 18.5.25018 and I replied on 01.6.2018. The PS called for an enquiry against a CMP Petition with magistrate court on the same complaint, under Sec Cr Pc 161 & 91) as if they have to submit my statement by 61.11.2018.I recorded my one page statement with PS on 08.11.2018.Police did not give me a copy of complaint. As on today, 20.11.2018, I have not received any notice from court nor found in a cause list till 30.11.2018. My advocate tries to get the case document from court but it is not found /received. The case number itself not traceable in court. Your advise on this please. Thanking you

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28 September 2018 at 18:26

Registrar of society (maharashtra) - agm

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am from Maharashtra, Mumbai.

My Society had missed two AGM of Sept 2014 and Sept 2015. Even after that Registrar had conducted election in Oct 2016, Committee is re-elected for Second term.

Now They have put three B/S and I/E i.e. 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 in the coming AGM on 30-09-2018. Can they do it legally?

If yes, under which section? and

If No, under which section they can be penalised or as a member what should I do to stop them such illegal method of practising.

They all are doing it Honorary.

Please reply.

Thanks in advance

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28 September 2018 at 15:15

Gujrat rent control act


Do we have any Gujarat rent control act? Is saurashtra rent control act is the same?


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24 September 2018 at 19:31

Freeze bank account for debits

Procedure and possibility to debit freeze joint savings account

Kindly guide me as to how to debit freeze joint savings account.

It is joint account with 7 members of a family and can only 1 member request the bank to debit freeze account?

The joint account is misused with unauthorized withdrawal and transfers to other single account with no accountability by 2 members out of 7 and the rest 5 are unaware of it. The funds belongs to say 1st member but siphoned out by the 6th member and 7th member.

Requested Bank but not cooperating stating


"The account Mode of operation is with survivorship clause, we cannot block account on instructions of one of the holders."


Is there any regulation or rule available issued by Reserve Bank of India which can be presented to bank for getting the debit freeze.

Thank you for your help.

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23 September 2018 at 09:35


is there any jurisdiction for a lawyer to practice only in one state?

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