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Queries Participated

Anonymous   28 August 2021 at 22:33


the adoption took place in the year 1970, but there is no records. After 30 years of the said alleged adoption, the deed of adoption is registered by the adopted son before the registering authority. whether it is permissible under law ?

Anonymous   15 June 2021 at 23:21


My tenant has given the electricity connection line from our meter to another apartment whose electricity is disconnected because he has not paid the maintenance. And My tenant has not asked our permission. Please let me know how to proceed further.
He has not paid rent for 2 months last year. This year last month rent was not paid and his month rent also, not sure he will pay or no. His agreement expires next month end. He is not willing to pay on increase the rent nor pay for maintenance. kindly let me know how to proceed.

Zeeshan   15 June 2021 at 20:55

Tenant (also a loan taker) missing.

As stated earlier:-
1) Brother gave loan to tenant loan of Rs. 1lakh in 2019. Through Cheque.
2) Instead of the returning loan, he stops even rent.
3) Later in march an MOU happen between brother & him that he shall pay previous rent, further rent, and loan amount. ( Loan amount till 31st May.)

But he did not pay a single paisa. Not even further rent. He is now missing also. Did not open the shop also.
We make a complaint at the police station(for MOU breach) but they do nothing. They ask us to go to court.

What shall we do now?

Anonymous   15 June 2021 at 18:19

Property brought in as capital in partnership firm

Two individuals A & B entered into a partnership firm. A brought in a property as a capital contribution into the firm. This partnership firm never did any business until both partners died. It was only a paper partnership. A died first and then B died a few years later. None of the legal heirs of A joined the partnership firm after the death of A.

Now the legal heirs of both partners want to settle this issue. How can this matter be settled now?

shyam lal   15 June 2021 at 18:18


Since I am not staying in the premises can I demand monthly rent from the other share holder for using my premises as I have 50% share in the immovable property as per the registered WILL of our deceased father.point to be noted its mentioned in the. WIIL I can sell my share to the other if co share holder does not agree to pay me the price I demand,but there is no mention of asking for rent.At present iam interested in rent.kindly advice,

Anonymous   15 June 2021 at 12:28

Query on delayed payment of insurance premium

All senior experts
My query is:
If any person made delayed payment of Life Insurance premium (Paid with fine as determined by Life Insurance authority) can he be deprived later(by Life Insurance Company) from Life Insurance benefit on the ground of "Delay Payment of premium"?

I am asking this because, due to prolonged lock down which continue still today(15.06.2021) many employees of this Company is unable to pay their Premium for the month of May & June.

Kandarp Singh   15 June 2021 at 10:06

Unfair means in semester examination

I had a UFM case in my first-semester exam. They found a mobile phone in my pocket. I was given a zero in the paper(term 1 ) and was allowed to attend the end-term exam of the subject. Do I have to mention this detail in attestation forms of govt exams and will it affect my future in any way?

Anonymous   14 June 2021 at 23:51

Certified copy of court judgement and order

Can a legal heir of a deceased party to the civil suit (suit decreed during lifetime of now deceased) seek certified copy of judgement as party in person represented by legal heir ?
The legal heir will be treated as third party and affidavit for seeking certified copy is required from him, in a suit decreed for which his father was a party ?

Thanks and Regards

Madhu Mittal   14 June 2021 at 21:22

Whether is it mandatory to get partnership deed notarised?

Whether is it mandatory to get Partnership Deed (any further deed for introduction of a new partner or retirement of a partner) notarised?
If not mandatory, and it is done additionally without requirement of law. As it is well settled law that notarized deed is to be proved by the person who presents it to be true, and if it is “not proved” notarized as it bears notary register Serial no. 500A and 500B.
1.please guide whether if notarization is not mandatory, and “not proved” its notarisation , still the deed prevails or not as notarization being additional?
2.Or even if not required by law, it is notarized, and “not proved” as notarized, the deed will be null and void ?
Thanks in advance

Anonymous   14 June 2021 at 18:36

House property built in another person site

Hello sir,

Please give me perfect solution for my problem,

here problem is of 3 site owners in hyderabad

there in a lane 3 sites are there with equal area one site owner constucted house in other person area(mistake1),second person also construced in other person site taking reference of first one(mistake2),

Now third person observed it later where first persons site is vacant now , without distrbuing constucted houses with house no, electricty meter , property tax assement number , what solution can be better for all of them as they all agree for better outcome

Thanking you


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