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Queries Participated

Manikanta   18 September 2019 at 15:10

Query about veelunama

Respected sir/madam

In veelunama written by my grandmother to my aunt, it was mentioned that property was giving to my aunt only because she was not having any house, but she owns a house and also my grandmother stated she was healthy but she got severely injured due to fallout and her spine got fractured and she was in bed rest. Based on this points is this vellunama stands invalid.

Karan Mehta   18 September 2019 at 12:10

Sale deed (agreement) is lost


This is Karan Mehta, my society sales deed(Agreement) is lost. I have checked with my Society and SRO if they can get my duplicate copy of my agreement. but they also don't have the copy.

Agreement was registered in year 1976.

Now i want to sell the flat, how can i sell it without Sales deed.? Request you to kindly advice.

Flat is registered in my name.
Share Certificate is on my name.
Maintenance Bill is on my name
Electricity Bill is on my name.

Kindly Advice...

prakash   17 September 2019 at 22:27

partition suite

dear sir my father have filed a partition suite 7 yrs back. my father died 3yrs back..ou lawyer says. that we have file a suite freshly.what is the process

sakthi   17 September 2019 at 13:21

Specific performance act

My father(as buyer) has entered into a sale agreement with say X for an immovable property in the year 2000 with a condition that the tenant in the said premises to be vacated by X. The sale agreement was registered in the Registration Office. My father died in 2013. Before his death, he has made over the agreement in my favour. The X has also died in 2014. The tenant has been vacated now. The legal heirs of the X is refusing to honour the sale agreement and demand for higher price now. Whether, I can sue the legal heirs of X to execute the sale under Specific Performance Act. Thanks to all Learned Experts for their opinion.

GK   16 September 2019 at 12:57

'registered declaration deed' for boundaries correction ?

Hi All the experts,

Need advise on a property that i am about to buy.
I am planning to buy a plot (with house) which is situated in Bangalore, while verifying the documents i found that the boundary details are wrong for East, West and North.
Now the seller has told he will get a 'Registered Declaration Deed' with all correct boundary details.

Now my question is 'Registered Declaration Deed' fine ? Since the property is old and to create a 'Rectification Deed' the original party is not available.

Rithi singh   14 September 2019 at 08:16

Marking of documents

I'm a petitioner and i submitted list of documents in the court.
1. Original documents
2. Adhar (xerox copy of Accused)

Court has marked only original documents which i have submitted in the list of documents.
Adhar Xerox was not marked as it was not original document.

Xerox (Adhar) is the government identity proofs of Accused

Is any section for marking government id proof of xerox ----or ---- Is any section by which party can request court for asking to submit original identity proof of accused by his (accused) own.

My question is how do i request court for marking xerox copy?

Advocate Ashfaq Khan   10 March 2019 at 01:57

Legal notice

Can I send legal notice on what's up or email addres

CJ Venkateswaran   09 March 2019 at 19:44

Regarding attestation of listed documents

I am a Central Government Employee. Suspended from Duty and Received a Rule 14 Charge Sheet. under CCS(CCA) Rules 1965. All the Listed Documents in Annexure III of the Rule -14 Charge Sheet was Attested by an Authority who is subordinate to the Disciplinary Authority. But the Charge Sheet was issued by the Disciplinary Authority. Whether the Attestation is Correct / Wrong . Clarify with proper Rules.

Anonymous   16 December 2018 at 21:57

Gift deed rights

Iam from Karnataka.....
My Father has Registered his property of Self Earned (Sale Deed of Purchased) to me in the form of Gift Deed some 3 yrs ago.This Registration was done by my Lawyer's help and procedurely. The Khata, Khata Extract, Encumbrance Certificate is done in my name, Property Tax is up to date. Some 1.5 yrs back he passed away. Till 1 yr before passing away i have taken care him in all aspects when he was bedridden till his Death and last rites.Even a Bank's team of Legal Advisors have cleared the Legal Opinion for the Secured Loan i have applied and iam ready to recieve the Loan
My doubt is will my only Sister can have any claim on my property and can she file any case.My Mother too has passed away 20 yrs ago.I have only this Property no other source. Please clear my doubt.

Anonymous   16 December 2018 at 21:36

Hindu succession act


Could you clarify the following

According Hindu Succession (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act, 1989

If Mr.Sundaram acquired some property by his own earning & some peoperty through inheritance and he died in 1995 without making any written will or partitition and he has 2 daughters & 2 sons but he orally made arrangesments to the sons and handedover the titledeeds to the sons.

1.Whether both daughters got married before 1989 shall have the equal rights of her father's property ?

2.If there was some debt/loan regarding property & also daughters marriage and the same has been settled by the his eldest son can claim any additional share of property or can recover the loan amount with Interest from other legal heirs?

3.Whether sons can claim the ownership(without giving to the daughters of sundaram) based on partition made orally and enjoyment, and also payment of taxes on property in the their names?


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