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Queries Participated

Anonymous   17 March 2022 at 18:36

Divorce case

My wife filed a divorce case in 2012 claiming that she doesnt want to live with me citing my liquor habit as if am a full time drunkard. I opposed the same as it was not true and the case dragged till September 2019. My lawyer intervention and advise with my wife but she was very much adament. hence mutual divorce was filed by both of on September 2019. Till such time she was in her parents house along with my two childrenAfter 6 months the case came for hearing in March 2021 when I attended the court she didnt appear citing pandemic situation when she attended the court when I was affect by Covid 19 in July 2020 advised for home isolation and March 2021 and was hospitalised for 10 days and further was advised of home isolation for 15 days thereafter. meanwhile as the pandemic situation worsened the government order restriction in transport, There in August 2021 order was pronounced as Case Disposed and Nature of Disposal : Uncontested Dismissed. what does this mean? is the court trying to say that we can live together. till now my wife has not appealed further. Kindly advice for which I will be much obliged

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shammi sharma   16 March 2022 at 23:48

Violation of changing the nature of property in any manner


Anonymous   16 March 2022 at 10:02

Admission in ll.b course - reg.

One of my friend is deceived by an advocate who has assured to get admission in LL.B course in Law College and collected Rs.40,000/- through his bank account. The said advocate is dodging to return the amount, inspite of several reminders and request. What is the way to get back the amount? Thanks in anticipation.

Arjun Singh   09 August 2020 at 20:00

Case against college for not letting me sit in the exam

I had my Supplementary exam online. But my college faculty didn't allow me to sit in the exam. I had filled online supplemantry form and paid money to them i showed them the payment receipt but they were saying that your form was not submitted with us (the payment link opens when we submit the form isn't is obvious) they didn't allowed me to sit in exam. I mailed vice chancellor and the exam co-ordinators but no one responded... After that director of institute and HOD said that we can do nothing it's not our fault...
Can i file a case against them

Anonymous   04 August 2020 at 12:02


My husband cheated on me i have his gf's chats and some audio in which she is confessing to me that she is pregnent even after our marriage. She even told me that they were in physical relations even after our marriage. He was not loving me or giving me any attention and was treating me vry bad so i got depressed and involved in a emotional relationship with my x bf. I have not done any intercourse with my x after marriage but we have sexted each other. My husband got that chat from my phon evn when it was deleted. Now he is trying to prove me wrong in this marriage and wants to divorce how should i proceed and can he show that chat as he has taken it without my consent?

Anonymous   27 September 2019 at 13:32

dv case along with divorce and maintenance

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that i am married since 10 years and have filed a DV case against my husband and his family last year but there is nothing happening with the case since there is no Judge available in the court since 4 months now. I have been only getting new date since a year. Not even a single hearing has happened. Nor my husband or his family has appeared in the court,though his lawyer comes and takes a new date and goes away. I have a 7 yrs old daughter and have been managing everything on my own since my husband has deserted me and my daughter since 3 years. I really wonder if these kind of cases are happening in cities then what would be the case in rural areas. I am so disappointed with the whole court system and have lost all the hope.

Have some questions related to the same:
1) Since there is no Judge available since 4 months now and till not there,what is the next step that i can take?
2) Can i file Divorce case along with maintenance case against him along with the DV case?
3) Since Divorce case will be filed in a different court,is it a possibility that Divorce and maintenance case will be taken care faster than the DV case?
4) Do i have to appoint a new lawyer for the Divorce and maintenance case or the same lawyer can take care of it since its will be in a different court all together.?
5) In case i apply for a Divorce and Maintenance case,then what happens to the DV case that was filed 1 year back??
6) What happens on maintenance and divorce if my husband doesn't show up on any proceeding??

Request you all to give prompt reply.

Best Regards

Y Singh N Rajput   29 November 2018 at 19:35

Hearin of main appeal

An appeal was made in Dist Court with an application to condone some delay in filing appeal. The Court has allowed the appeal - Disposed of Allowed by Judgement : ALLOWED. Now for main appeal - whether the same court would hear the appeal ?

Athi Vishal HD   17 November 2018 at 06:23

DV act

Sir/Madam In my Dv case lower court has ordered without considering my source of income 7000 /pm and 5 lakhs (to be paid within 3 months i.e by 28.02.2018) as compensation for my wife. I have filed appeal but not yet received stay order. I paid maintanance regularly . As on today tot bal is 500000(compensation)+24000(maintainance)- only. Now they filed recovery pet u/s 20(6) of DV act and 125(3) CRPC. When I appeared in this case on 13.11.2018, judge told that if I not paid the balance by 28.11.18 I will sent to jail. Since I have myself managing this case pl guide me that is there any provision under CRPC or other law which allows me to make part payment

Niviya Pilai   16 November 2018 at 21:57

Transfer of closed case

Hi Sir,
We have filed a case on my sister's boy friend, for the pre-matrimony dispute, cheating of denying to marriage. High court quashed it & lower court closed it.can we revoke it ? which court to do?

Arif Iqbal   16 November 2018 at 20:09

Ni act

I have sent the notice u/s 138 NI Act by registered post as well as by email (scanned copy of the registered post). Is the notice issued by email is admissible. From which date the countdown for cause of action will start: whether from date of receipt of registered post or from the date of receipt of email.


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