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Queries Participated

Raghu ponnala   02 September 2013 at 00:01



I got a letter from income tax depart regarding the recipts and payment for the year 2009-10. I have submited all the paper work and my source of funds etc...

Now my question is i have deposit of 27lakhs cash deposit. which i have deposited in the bank. (Explaination. I have give a check of 22,lakhs on 08 and check of 5 lakhs on a loan x he had given me back cash 27 laksh which i have deposited.) now what document i need to submit to income tax officer...???

R.Manivasagan   25 October 2012 at 15:35

Indent to join as trustee in an eductional trust reg

There is Trust called "MM" and it is running an Arts and Science College and there are 13 Trustees in that Trust. Now my friend is indenting to join as one of the Trustee and also he wishes to have a control over the Trust such as Managing Trustee, Founder or any other post and he is also ready advance some amount as loan to the trust for the developmental such as infrastructural and travelling. what are all the procedural to be followed such as entry in the minute book, Intimation to Tax Department, Registration of Codicil and other things. i need a detailed guidance. pls

Hitesh goyal   25 October 2012 at 15:27

Query regarding for applying new pan card

Dear Sir,

I have a Pan No. But i have it since last 7-8 years i applied when i was studying, that time i was in 11th standard. I applied it in Haryana because of some networking companies. But now i am working in delhi and want to pay ITR with a new Pan no not with old one. Kindly tell me the procedure of it.



Kapil Tiwari   24 October 2012 at 03:54

Claiming exemptn. of long term cap.gains tax u/s 54ec+54f

A vacant plot of land was sold for a net sale consideration of Rs.1,10,36,000/-. The fair market value, after indexation, of the land, as on 01/04/1981, was Rs.19,39,091/-. Hence, Long Term Capital Gain was Rs.90,96,909/-.

The following are the investments made and proposed to be made for claiming tax exemption:
1)Rs.50,00,000 in NHAI plus REC bonds for exemption u/s 54EC(now, investment already made),
2)Rs.60,36,000 in a residential property for exemption u/s 54F(proposed to be made)

Please advise:
a)computation of the total tax exemptions that can be availed,
b)total Long Term Capital Gains Tax payable after considering the exemptions.

Rohit   21 October 2012 at 17:21

Capital gain and gifting

My grandmother has two properties. She wants to sell both of them.
By selling first property she wants to put the capital in the bank and from the capital gain she will invest in infrastructure bonds.

By selling the second property she wants to gift all the money to me.
Does she has to pay capital gain tax before gifting it to me? Can it be possible that she will gift all the money and I will pay the capital gain tax?

vishnukumar gandhee   18 October 2012 at 09:39

For exemption from income tax under 80g for chrity trust procedure for filing application for that

i have a charity trust some donation wants exemption under sec 80g of it so what is the procedure for getting certificate of 80g for isssuing certificate for tax exemption i want this certificate for my trust when and when it will be possible or so on

rajnish   14 October 2012 at 20:37

Tax treatment on family pension

Dear Sirs.

My mother who is 52 year old is recieving monthly pension of Rs 40000 after my father's death who was a reader in degree college.

I want to know about the tax saving possibilities allowed as per Income tax rules for FY12-13 and total tax applicable after all deductions.

Geetha   14 October 2012 at 19:12

Validity of saledeed executed on notarised power of attorney

I shall be thankful, for the guidance on the following:
Sequence of case:

1. The land owner has given GPA to Mr. A , and it is s notarised one prior to 1993.

2. Based on the said notarised GPA, Mr. A as a GPA Holder ( Not registered) sold the site to Mr. B in 1993.
3. The sale deed got registered at sub registrar office, Bangalore based on the
notarised power of attorney.presented by Mr. "A" being GPA holder on behalf of Seller and land owner.
4. The sale deed signed by GPA holder on behalf of the land owner,
and by Mr. B as purchaser.

4. The purchaser ( Mr.B ) has got khatha on his name from BBMP , Bangalore, paid betterment fees, taxes etc., till date

5. Now Mr. B wants to sell the site.

Guidance sought on:

1. Whether the sale deed registered based on notarised GPA on behalf of the seller in 1993 is valid under registration act of Karnataka.

2. Is it mandatory for registration of Power of attorney by the seller as the amount of immovable property was more than Rs.100/-

3. Can the site be purchased as Mr. B says that the registration took place prior to Oct 2011 - i.e., prior to SC order on GPA ?

4. Can it be said that Mr. B is the owner of the site now, as he is having a Khatha from the BBMP Bangalore, and paying all the taxes since 1993?
cant be construed that the sale deed executed based on notarised POA in 1993 is invalid and Mr. B has no rights on the property?

Thanking in anticipation.

jayesh sinha   13 October 2012 at 15:22

Can sc /st can take admission on the unreserved sear

can sc/st candidate can take admission to unreserved seat on merit and after take admission the unreserved seat do they have to forgo benefitd of sc/st.
secondly can an st candidate can take admission in sc quota if unreserved seat is unavilable

Udayan Roy   13 October 2012 at 13:55

Exemption from capital gain tax

In April'12 I disposed a maternal property (7yrs old),held jointly by me and my brothers.My share was Rs.18lacs of the total selling price of Rs.28lacs.Earlier in May'11 I had booked a flat and had paid Rs 11 lacs from my savings and rest Rs 16lacs from loan from SBI. The flat is still under construction and the total cost including registration will be Rs 35lacs.Immediately on receiving the Rs 18 lacs from the proceeds of the sale of the maternal propeerty I prepaid the loan amount taken form thr bank.
I would like to know if I am elligible for the exemption of Capital gain tax and how much of the exemtion do I get?


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