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Queries Participated

Gopi   19 June 2013 at 23:57

Unable to pay debt-urgent soln req

PLease Suggest the Solution for my Friends Father.
Because of some Circumstances My friends father took LARGE AMOUNT money from individuals at higher intrests rates i.e., 5rs/month. he knows that intrest is high but he does not any choice. He paid intrests for Years. (Taking money from others and paying.) And those persons used him very well so that they will get atleast 50% intrest rate per annum if they give money to him.,
Now he is not able to pay the money as his salary is not enough to repay them.
ANd recently they are forcing, scolding & giving warnings to pay acutual sum alog with intrest.
Once we cross check how much he took and how much he paid through intrest allover years, it was found that he almost (somecases more also) paid the acual amount with nominal intrest ( intrest charged by banks).
is there any way to get him out from this situation.
please note that they earned money only by giving money to my friends father. they(who used My friends father) dont have any employment to proove their income from intrests..(they wont pay any TAX)
Could you please Help HIm out.and what are the legal procedures to follow.
He can Repay in installments if the sum payble is justified by court.
recently Heard about INABILITY TO PAY THE DEBT. what is it.? IS it applicable to individual.
Could you Please Suggest the Solutions ASAP.

Party doesn't have any license to lend money.

there is no such law in andhrapradesh i guess.

all the loan money is not documented. only apart of it(15%) is documented.
he is paying past 5 years or so.
this amount taken and paid the interest he doesnt have any documents to support. may be he has on piece of paper for some payments...
But he is threatening to kill / using bad words infront of my friends mother.M

MY friend father is now in deep depression.please suggest the sol so that he can get HOPE ON LIFE.

Arvind Singh Chauhan   17 April 2013 at 18:40

Impact of sec 9 hm act on 125

Respected Seniors,
Proceeding under 125 Cr.P.C & Sec 9 HM Act is going on. Matter of 125 is at concluding stage.

I have to pary to court to stay the 125 up to the decision of Sec 9. AS if under 125 court finds that wife has reasonable cause to leave matrimonial home and maintenance is granted, but later if in Sec 9 civil court finds that wife has no reasonable cause to live apart. Civil court's finding will prevail over criminal court's finding.

plz refer case law favouring me on this point to stay the proceeding of 125.

ankit   15 April 2013 at 20:58

Misbehaviour of judge in court

It is a civil case and came to order 2 years ago and judge is not issuing order after repeated petitions. The judge openly uses disrespectful language (abusive. Addresses people like animals) to most of the parties (not just this case). There is fearful environment in the court. Person is subjected to abuse even submitting petition. It is shocking and requesting for advice.

Faiz   25 February 2013 at 19:02

Limiation, tenant -landlord

Dear All,

My questions are regarding my tenants holding both residential & commercial properties in U.P.

I have neither demanded nor received any rent from my tenants for last 20-30 years. I have the original rent-deeds with along with some receipts of last rents received.

My questions are:

1.Can I still legally call them my tenants? Or I have lost ownership rights since I did not receive any rent nor sued them for the same?

2. Does the law of limitation applies in my case?

3. Can the tenants claim the property on the basis of adverse possession?

4. Do I have to go for suit for possession/declaration?


pavan   27 February 2012 at 19:39

Sons right on mothers name registered property?

Hello sir,

I need you suggestion to buy a property.

I have identified a property to buy from vendor who got GPA from a married woman in the year 2005.
This woman has purchased that land in year 1992 and registered on her name. She got divorced in the year 1998 from her husband X and married to another person Y in the year 1999.
She had a son with his first husband.

Now my question is whether that son have any rights on this said property?
If I purchase this property, will I face any issues from her son(got by first husband) in the future.

sruthipalnati   14 February 2012 at 18:44

Marriage validity

hi i am sruthi i got married at arya samaj two years back.Now we both are staying apart due to some problems from family.. as our prblms set we are planin to stay dis certificate valid now also when evr we are required??plz reply me..

Ranganath   10 February 2012 at 18:25

Divorce petition dismissed for default

Ld counsels,

Both husband and wife filed divorce petitions. on different grounds. Due to absence of husband his divorce petiton is dmissmed for default.

What is remedy available for him to restore the case. Should he go for appeal or file a petition udnersection 151. Please clarify. Thanks.

pritamsaini   03 February 2012 at 19:05

Can gernal power of attorny execute gift deed on behalf of donner

My question is what the Registered General power of Attorney can Gifted the immovable property on behalf of donor where the name of Donne did not mentioned in deed of G.P.A but he authorized to do all act as donor can performed. kindly reply with supported case law or some impressive argument point.

Anonymous   03 February 2012 at 18:35

Gift deed

my father-in-law has gifted his property to his daughter. On the event of his death, can his two sons be entitled to any share in that gifted property?

Vikas   22 January 2012 at 19:08

Who has the right to grant sanction to prosecute

Hi ,
I need a confirmation on who will be the competent authority can give sanction to prosecute a scale 1 officer in PSU bank (Dena Bank). Currently i am not clear on the same. Do we have any documentation clearly mentioning this ?



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