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Queries Participated

rajeshgrover   29 September 2014 at 18:39

Notice of resignation

dear sir
i am working in delhi based pharma company from past 9 yrs .asper appointment letter i had served 2 months notice of resignation to company through mail .company had accepted through mail do not mentioned the date of acceptance

i want to know i right to get salary (gross or basic)of notice period as i am not going to office if company do not want to do work

plz tell me about leave encashment as somebody said to me if they pay salary its behalf of leave encashment

rajesh grover

Rohini Patil   29 September 2014 at 18:35

Non payment of salary

Dear Experts,

The Company We were working with has not paid salary for the last three months. The Company has no funds and has closed down its business. The directors are just giving assurances and delaying the payment. We are around 20 employees. The Company was a information technology company at Pune Maharashtra. All the employees are drawing salary of more than 15000 per month. Kindly advise as to:

1. the remedies available to us
2. can we make the police complaint against the directors
3. can we approach consumer court
4. can we approach court? if yes, which court?
5. how much time it will take to recover our salaries

Kvijay12345   29 September 2014 at 17:03

DRT Judgement

In case of Unsecured Personal Loans a recovery certificate is been issued inwhich there is no mention of any property owned by the borrower.This same order is challenged by the borrower in DRAT & it is still pending.However the recovery certificate holder, Asset Reconstruction company has sent a legal notice to the society in which the borrower owns a flat requesting the society not to allow anybody to deal with the same flat in whatsoever manner & humiliated the borrower further by disclosing the loan amount publicly. Can the borrower sue the Asset Reconstruction Company for defamation, mental torture & humiliation? What are the legal remedies available for the borrower to sue the ARC?

veedu   29 September 2014 at 15:43

Criminal breach of trust

I am in relationship with a guy since 3 years. We know each other for past 10 years. We studied in the same school.We were happy in the relationship and had normal fights like other couples do, nothing drastic.We both signed a contract that we are in relationship and will end up married.I have all conversations with my lover recorded in my phone with his awareness and he too has recorded conversations. But i doubt he is cheating on me.He promised to marry me but keeps postponing.Once when me and my parents put pressure on him, he asked his friends to abuse me.He has accepted this in facebook chat that he asked his friends to abuse.After that we fought and i abused him too.My parents talked to his parents and his parents gave assurity that they will marry us to each other and his mom told that I am her daughter-in-law no matter what.But even after all this he is dodging from marriage and still now telling some reasons to avoid marriage.He is telling he cant marry me now as his elder borther has to get married but his elder brother told clearly that my lover has to marry me and need not postpone his marriage for his marriage sake.But still he is dodging marriage. He asks me to not talk to him and acts disinterested in me always.When my parents went to his home to ask again for marriage, he insulted and disrespected my parents. When I called and asked him he said he wont marry me and switched off his phone and escaped. I have evidence for our relation and photos together, voice records, facebook chats, gmail chats.Can I file a case against him for breach of trust and cheating, false promise of marriage and cheating after having physical relationship. I dont have medical evidence of physical relationship with him but he once came to bangalore to my home and he accepted on phone that he had physical with me and on video chats too. Please guide me

Ajay Sharma   05 July 2013 at 10:50

498a doubt

My wife put 498A case against me and my parents 6 month back still charge sheet is not prepared.

before asking question i would like to breif u ragarding my family

Before filing this 498A i am staying with my family including my parents and my younger brother and his wife.

In her compaint she has mentioned that becaz my younger brother's wife brought more dowry my parents are harasing to her only.
She wrote this becaz this could be the first question why my parents are harrasing to her only not to the wife of younger brother.

she is like my youger sister and i am feeling very guilty that because of me she (my younger brother wife) name also inolved.

May i know what could be the impact of this statement given by my wife in her compalain


Syed Ali   03 February 2013 at 17:10

Muslim law

Sir, I have divorced my wife in Dec, 2009. I have two daughters aged 14 and 11. The custody of the children under Muslim Personal Law rests with whom as both the parents wants to have.

Ram   03 February 2013 at 13:35

Brother's death : second wife's claims

My brother recently died in an accident.He is survived by his wife and 2 kids who have been living separately due to irreconcilable differences, but never divorced.
He also had another woman in his life and had a baby through her after he split with his first wife, however never married/solemnised.
When he was alive, we never let his second wife into our house, as it was an illegal relationship.
However, we let her witness the ceremonies after his death. My mother also spoke some kind words to her and the child.
Now, after his death, the second wife is placing a lot of demands with threatening tones, some of which are - buy her a house, get her married, pay her lifelong maintenance, etc
Now we know most of her claims cannot stand in the court of law, but i need clarifications please:
- What precautionary steps should we take to avoid this situation turning worse? what worse could happen?
- Though we originally thought of helping her out, now we are very apprehensive that she could be a problem long term, so can or should any settlement be legally done to protect us?
Is there a sample case whose verdicts we can reuses?

thanks a lot,

swapnil sagar   03 February 2013 at 11:43

Open terrace

one of our society member has fixed up a tap in his open terrace which has a direct effect to my house just below that open terrace as water drains through the gaps & ceiling of my house gets drenched due to this

Joseph Varghese   03 February 2013 at 11:03

Transfer of property

My father owned a property in banglore. He passed away in 1986 and my mother also passed away in 1998. I have five sisters and we have inherited this property. Each of us getting 1/6th share in the property.

All my 5 sisters have relenquished and released their 1/6 share in my favour, by signing the release/partition deeds in my favour.

Now, what is the procedure to register this property in my name and what are the documents required to do the same.