16 October 2019 at 07:43

Prolonging the case

My wife physically assaulted me in the premises of women cell in 2016 April.

A criminal case is in progress against her. In June 2016 she filed RCR in a different court

In August 2016 she filed DV against my parents and my 81 year old grandmother at Magistrate court in another district. Her claim is that the property owned by my grandmother is her shared house. Highlighting the reason that the marriage was conducted in a church adjacent to the house of my grandparents for their convenience. I am born, studied and working in another district. In September 2016 she filed 498a in another district. The petition includes stories of stolen ornaments, damaged certificated, physical and mental torture etc.

In December 2016, I filed Divorce.

All the cases are going on.

In August 2019 I got Speedy trial order for DV. since wife went abroad when a part of her cross examination was over..

So, she came home for 4 days and just before the commencement of second part of cross examination, she deleted 3 major reliefs in DV in magistrate court.

Then she filed almost the same petition in family court in the same district. She went abroad again. I understand that this a step to prolong the case for several years. What can be done from my side for speedy disposal?

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23 July 2019 at 16:57

Dv act against daughter in law


My wife filed a 498A case against us which was cancelled at stage of investigation. then My wife filed a DV case which is just ordered as dismissed in our favore. Some time before my mother filed a case against my wife undrer section of DV act. now case is under consideration.

Now I have filed a complaint for fake case u/s IPC 211, 499/500 etc. against my wife for get her behind bars.

I want to ask here that the case my mother filed against my wife can be dismissed ??? as she is mother in law, coz trend is always that DV is filed by daughter in-law only.

Kindly help what to do now?? coz if our case too will be dismissed then my wife will also file a complaint under same sections.

withdrawal can be benefited??

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General Information : HMA 13a filed by Husband on the basis of Cruelty and Desertion. One child of 5.5 years of age, living with Mother. Currently interim maintenance going for child in 'DV Act' (wife was working, so her maintenance denied). My question is regarding legality and reference citation for parallel proceedings of 'DV act relief' and 'HMA 24' ?

1. Are there any judgement available which says : parallel proceedings for 'DV act' maintenance case and HMA 24 will not be possible?
2. Legally, the court will consider their application for HMA 24, Or it can be denied citing 'DV act' maintenance ? Any other legal point which can raised against parallel proceedings of HMA 24 and 'DV act' financial relief ?
Many thanks in advance.

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29 June 2019 at 17:10


Hello sir my divorce final judgement day was 27 the may 2019 in family court Bandra. That day judge only announced about divorce and not about the order . Later from my advocate I came to know that No final alimony is granted to me {Wife }. But I want to appeal this in high court .. On how many days I can appeal. How much it costs approximately? How many days it take to close appeal. What are the chances of getting order in my favour. Please guide.

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Dear sirs .

I'm Muslim I have married a sc girl in 2011..
We have 2 kids.but since 2011 we have many issues started and several counselings were over in police station..

In this month dated 15th she beated me like anything went to other house with all her luggage and furniture where she Have taken for rent.. not went to her matrimonial house..

I have sent a lawyer notice regarding the issue and asked to join family life..but she lodged complaint in women ps in my place..they called me to ps and asked DSP said to enquire about me. they inquired all my surroundings and police gave positive report on me..

They have again sent this case to family counseling wife now asking that she wants to join with me..but after all these situations I'm not in a position to accept how can I manage the situation..and if they file police case on me ..can I get bail immediately..

Pls GV me clear idea about this how to proceed further and to how to divorce her amicably..for divorce..

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Respected Experts,

What I understand is Perjury can be filed only on sworn affidavit. Now what is the meaning of Sworn affidavit ? Normal reply with affidavit filed by wife can be considered sufficient for filing Perjury if she has lied in it or Husband should wait for her Examination in chief ?

(I have been suggested by lawyers to wait for examination in chief. However, i wish to file it at earlier based on her written statement which is also on affidavit.)

Kindly suggest.

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11 April 2019 at 13:20

Time limit to pay cost order

In Family Court child custody case, if Judge passes cost order against husband while dismissing his interim application and if no time limit is mentioned, then within how many days he is supposed to pay the same ?

Is there any general rule applies ? if so, where can we find that ?

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How I can know the name of the opponent divorce advocate name. Not the one who is filing and doing all the court stuff but the senior advocate who actually mastermind the case. What is the way and to whom i can ask so that I can get proper information .I am not getting any details from my advocate . He is simply denying it on my face.

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Dear Sir/Mam
As we all know "Tax evasion petition is the weapon of choice for the husband against abuse of dowry laws"
I filled a TEP against my in-laws in June-18 but no action is taking by IT deptt till now. I filled RTI but they reject it mentioning 8(1)(j) . I approached Ist appeal , in that also its dispose off. IInd appeal is under process. Its more than 9 months but no action is taken on my TEP application. I sent letters to CBDT but no action. In feb i apply for one other RTI but thats too also dispose off mentioning 8(1)(j). Plz guide me what should i do so that Investigation starts on my TEP application. PLz plz help me.... I m very much feedup.


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Dear experts..

One of my friend used to talk to a married woman.she used to call him..but one day the husband of that lady heard the call recordings and conversations..Now the issue was the husband of that lady calling my friend and beating him and torturing him..he promised he never had physical relationship with her except phone calls.but he is not believing him..what can we do solve this issue and save the marriage and there any legal ways as amicable settlement he is not accepting by husband.

So I kindly request to please suggest ur advice..
thanks in advance

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