Hello Everyone,

My name is Raj Bhartiya (25 years). I'm an IT professional staying in Bangalore. I want suggestion on how can I proceed with my parents separation as my Mother's life has become a living hell. I cannot afford the charges as I'm the only one working at my home in order to take care of all the expenses of the house and my siblings education.

My father has not been providing any financial support to the house for almost 2 years now and he doesn't even work or has the will to work anymore. He drinks everyday and verbally abuses everyone including my younger sister who is just 13 years old. When I'm not at home he threatens my mother saying that he will kill her in her sleep and abuses her in a way that I'm ashamed of even typing those words here.

Yesterday night i.e.. 16-04-2021, when things got out of the hand I had to call Police in order to resolve this but eventually even they couldn't do much as he was completely drunk and was not listening to anyone.

I fear the safety of my family. Please suggest me what I need to do? Also please do suggest me how can I take custody of my younger brother(17 years) and sister(13 years) as their future is at stake and I do not want my Siblings future to get spoiled.

Raj Bhartiya

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12 April 2021 at 17:37

Who is a childless widow?

Respected Sir,
A muslim couple had 2 sons, after the divorce with former husband, the lady gets married to an old man (muslim), no offspring from this marriage, the old man dies leaving behind the lady as legal heir.

Can the lady be called as Childless Widow as there are no offspring from the marriage with the deceased? What will be the share percentage in the property left behind by the deceased as per Muslim Shariat Law?

Please share your inputs experts

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Sir / Madam

I am widowed lady of 65 years. I am retired Govt School teacher , residing in my own DDA LIG flat in Rohini. About 2 years after my son's marriage, my son and daughter in law started mistreating and abusing me for the flat. They want me to transfer the flat in their joint name , and want me to do all household work, and look after my grandchild at home. They don't allow me to go out, or visit temple.

Last year with help of neighbors, I filed a case in Rohini Courts under Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act to evict them from my flat. But my son and his wife filed DV Act against her husband (my son) and me, and had got residence order under DV Act that allowed them to stay in my flat. Last one year I have lived in constant fear of my son and daughter in law, they shout at me, even slapped me twice, and as there is only one entrance gate of flat, I don't go out much (once a week) out of fear of my son.

Now I have been told by my lawyer Mr Gupta that after the Supreme Court judgement, my daughter in law and son can't be evicted from flat whatsoever. Although I have read the DV Act, and it mentions providing alternate accommodation to the daughter in law by husband.... Then why doesn't Court ask my son to provide accommodation to his wife ? Why are they staying in my house ?

Please any replies will be helpful, as I have lost hope to live in this world.


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05 February 2021 at 11:08

How to get death certificate

My uncle expired one week ago in Navi Mumbai in a hospital. Burial was done at Mumbai. Where should I go to collect the death certificate? Should it be available at NMMC or BMC?

What are the documents that will be required to collect the death certificate?
I have the death certificate provided by the hospital as well as the burial certificate.

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25 January 2021 at 11:32

Muslim inheritance shariat law

(All Sunni Muslim)
Through former husband Mrs. A has 2 sons R and I.
Mrs. A remarries Mr. B. Out of this marriage no sons / daughters were born. Mr. B through his earlier marriage had 3 sons, wherein 2 sons died before Mr. B. Only one son is alive.
Mr. B dies intestate.
So should we consider that Mrs. A is a CHILDLESS WIDOW.
How the shares will be divided between deceased 2 sons legal heirs, living Son and living Widow in the property of Mr. B? Will the legal heirs of the deceased son gets any share in B's property? If we consider her CHILDLESS WIDOW then as per Shariat Law, a Childless Widow will inherit 1/4th share in the deceased’s property.
Mrs A is filing Partition Suit, so how much share she should claim 1/8th or 1/4th?
Will the step-sons R and I can get any share in Mr. B's property as per Shariat Law? Please help.

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As per law me and my 2 brother have equal rights on my dad's property. Now my dad has been passed and i want to remove my name from property and give my portion to my younger brother only. What is the legal way to remove my name and give my portion of property to my younger brother.

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What does awaiting notice mean?I filled R.C.S. - Regular Civil Suit on 12-01-20 and it got registered on 18-01 but it showing case status as awaiting notice

Read more at: https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/Default.asp?

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My daughter has depose her statement through video-conferencing from USA. What is the ways she can be identified herself when in the order passed by honorable court on 23.12.2021 for deposition through VC on 12th Jan,21 has not mentioned anything. At present there is no walk-in access at Indian consulate.
What is the other alternative that can be adopted to satisfy or otherwise acceptable

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The Family Court granted divorce in husbands favour and wife filed a appeal in High Court .What is the status of parties when appeal is pending ? Can husband marry when appeal is pending ?Will it attract bigamy ?

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12 October 2020 at 19:51

Title document and partition

I belong to a Hindu family from TamilNadu.I born during 1962.
This issue related to my mother’s father property.
My grandfather X purchased a land of 2 acres during 1935.
He sold a part of land during 1940 to pay the mortgage .He sold his self acquired property along with his Son signature which is not necessary though, as it is his self acquired property.My grandfather died intestate in 1957 leaving behind his wife(Y),Son(A),Daughter(B).
My Grandfather Son A died in 1958 leaving his wife(My aunt C) and daughter.
My Grandmother Y died intestate in 1966.
Im the son of my grandfather's Daughter B.
After the death of my Grandmother Y,the revenue record got mutation to my Aunt name.
The death of my grandfather,grandmother,uncle was not registered .
We were planning to approach court to obtain proper legal heirship certificates.
In the mean time 1 year before, my Aunt(Daughter in law of X) sold the land showing patta in her name as a title hiding the Title document which is in my Grandfather name.We came to know it during Jan2020 and we plan to file partition suit and pray to make the sales registration null and void.
My queries are as follow
1.Do my mother B can claim her share without legalheirship certificate?
2.My grandfather sold a piece of land mentioning his son name on sales deed in 1940.He ignored my mother’s name.Its his selfacquired property and he died intestate.Will it defers my mother B share ?
3.Do Revenue documents are accepted as title document?
4.My grandfather didn’t declared my mother and grandmother presence.He only declared his son presence during the sale in 1940 by mentioning him in sale deed.Do witness can be accepted in court?
Kindly clarify my doubts please.We were cheated by relatives deliberately.

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