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Queries Participated

Anonymous   04 January 2018 at 21:34

Matter regarding registration of power of attorney

Sir, I'm from kanpur UP, could you please help me to advice regarding registration of power of attorney in MP, attorney doner and attorney receiver are not first line blood relatives, property is situated in kanpur, while attorney doner lives in MP, and whether attorney receiver has to come to the registrar office.

Advocate Rajiv Mishra   11 February 2017 at 22:28

156(3) Cr.p.c

Sirs, 156(3) application has been rejected by concerned magistrate on 14/6/2014, just after a year the same application was filled in the same court hiding the previous one but this was also rejected on the ground of none present.
Now the same applicant with the same lawyer filled the same application in the CMM court saying that the previous one was rejected on non present ground. This time the applicant again concealed the first application and the rejection order.
I'm the proposed accused.
Is application under 156(3) Cr.p. c. Can be filled repeatedly after rejection?
Do I have any remedy?

Advocate Rajiv Mishra   27 September 2015 at 15:00

156(3) cr.p.c.

Some one files an application u/s 156(3)cr p c on June 2014, after hearing it was dismissed. After that the person hiding previous application filed the same application in same court just a year after that was also rejected on none present ground. Then he files the very same application in superior court stating that the very previous application was rejected on none present ground and here he also hide the fact and dismissal of first application.What is the remedy available for the person against the application is filed?

S.R.Venkatraman   22 February 2013 at 22:27

No action taken by police against my f.i.r

A group of people tried to grab my land using forged and bogus documents - After much followup and persuasion, the local police registered case and filed an F.I.R under sections 420/447 and 468 of IPC but even after 1 1/2 years of filing the F.I.R, the local police has not taken any action against the culprits.
It is pertinent to mention here that the F.I.R was filed against the culprits after the police consulted the public prosecutor of the local munisif court and also after having obtained the report of the Tehsildar who has identified my ownership on the land.
I would like to know whether the F.I.R is still alive and whether the local police has the power to take action against the land grabbers even now?
The land grabbers are continuing with their illegal acts with the blessing of the local police - I have now filed a direction petition at the High Court for action on my f.I.R and also action of the police on the report filed by the Tehsildar identifying my ownership on the land.
I am deeply depressed and under great mental agony due to the injustice meted to me and anxious to know the ways to get back my land besides punishing the culprits.
Kindly advice and help me.
Thanks and Regards,

S.R.Venkatraman   22 February 2013 at 22:11

Cancellation of registration- is the registrar empowered?

I would like to know whether a Registrar or Sub-Registrar is empowered under Indian Law to cancel registration of documents if such documents are found to have been registered using bogus/fake/forged support documents?
In such a situation what action can a Registrar or sub-Registrar initiate apart from cancellation of registered documents?
What other options are available to the affected people under Indian law to get speedier justice?

Advocate Rajiv Mishra   15 February 2013 at 13:28

S. 97 crpc

Sir, it is very urgent matter as wife of applicant is illegally confinned and brutually being tortured . Can an application u/s 97 directly be presented b4 magistrate or it can only be presented under any running case, I presented an application u/s 97 b4 magistrate, he refused to entertain and said without any case registered in this matter he will not issue any process,The case is that wife of applicant is confinned by her parents as she wedded against their will,applicat send applications to IG, SSP but all in vain.What is the exact procedure of filling an application u/s 97 CrPC, Or should I file a formal complaintu/s 190 CrPC? Any caselaw regarding the process?

Advocate Rajiv Mishra   30 January 2013 at 23:23

For cancellation of exparte decree passed by distt consumer court

Dist. consumer forum passed a decree ex-parte where defendent hasnot appeared atall, whether recall of this exparte order is maintanable before the distt. forum? or any other relief should i go for? the defendent got this orders knowledge by executions proceedings summons.

Narender Singh   13 January 2013 at 10:14

Court fees act 2005

Dear Expert,
How many court fees shall be applicable for a property in Delhi. The total cost of property is 4.10 Cr in sale deed.How can we save the same.

Mentally Depressed   13 January 2013 at 00:43

Is there is special format for examination of the complainant and recording of statement??

I have filed the complaint application before Metropolitan Magistrate under section 190 read with section 200 of Crpc without attaching the list of witnesses and relying only on one documentary evidence which was heard on yesterday. The Ld M.M Has given me next hearing date for pre summoning witnesses and asked me to furnish the list of witnesses
The magistrate has not examined the complaint , nor me( complainant ).If I furnish the list of witnesses, whether he examined me by the way of questionnaire or there is special format available in court computer records which they asked the complainants and his witnesses to sign on the paper??
I want to adduce more documents in the complaint, whether I can move separate application for adducing more documents on records? And under which provisions??

Whether I complainant and my witnesses under section 200 of CrpC can file the affidavit in order to avoid direct examination by magistrate and recording statements by magistrate??

Mohan R   12 January 2013 at 20:37

Under section 13(1)(ia)ib)

Dear Experts ,pl advise
A is the petitioner who has filed for divorce against his wife B under the above referred section for cruelty,desertion etc., with credible evidence.
B, the respondent does not file W.S. for nearly a year inspite of an earlier court order giving directions in this respect. Only B files an application u/s 24 HMA for maintenance. B is living with the petitioner in the same shared household.
Now for just 3 questions???
Qa) Does civil law apply in Divorce cases and if so does B have to file an application U/S 5 of the Limitation Act for condoning delay if she wants to file W.S.
Qb) Can the defence of the respondent under the present circumstances be struck out under Order 8 R 1and 10 of CPC.
Qc)Can inherent powers of the Court still allow the W.S. even if there are no sufficient grounds shown for the delay??
I have heard in divorce cases not much significance is given to delays in filing W.S,and they are taken at any stage even after one year.Is this the practice in some cases??


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