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Queries Participated

Prasad   09 December 2011 at 09:28

Ipc 498(a)

Refer to replies given by Barman and singh sir on 8th october.

There was no evidence found during trail of respondent/complaint and it is to set drop the case .

so please advice me how to get on to file a case for defammattion

Kuldeep Singh   20 May 2011 at 16:50

illegal fund transfered by using net banking

Dear Experts ....pls help

I have an account in HDFC, One of my relative tranfer 5 lack from my account to his frnds account by using net banking, as my net banking details were shared with him.

pls tell how i can recover those funds and what legal action i can take against both of them. as bank said they cant help as the funds tranfer by using net banking, ........

Anonymous   27 March 2011 at 13:12

NI 138 Rules Required for Banking

After the lot many questions i understand one thing very clear that if anyone get your signed check, You have to pay for it any how.

But In Max cases it may fault by First person.

But there must be some solutions from the part of bank and banker to their issued check book and their leaf, and the time of closer. if the bank get checked it proper and ask for FIR copy if lost any thing before closing and transaction check leaf.

Another thing that R.B.I. Must need to Pass one regulation that your check will be only transacted or get cleared when it will in sequence in issued Check book No.

This will surely help to save first person and bound to bear the liability of check before issuing next check.

This will to help 138 NI and others what ever and save lots many harassment and Court time.

Please Post your Opinion.

Anonymous   12 March 2011 at 02:13


What is the remedy when a district court judge decides the case on the lines of case of 2005 which was about the anticipatory bail be given in exceptional case only where as the latest decision of the Hon'ble Supreme court of india is to grant bail to avoid police harrassment etc as per The Hindu dated 12.06.2010

Anonymous   10 March 2011 at 22:51

Expenses/diet money for sending husband in case 125 Crpc

Respected Members
There is some matrimonial dispute in between me & my husband,my husband has not paid maintainence amount to me,now Ld. Magistrate has asked me to deposit expenses/diet money with jail authority so that court can send him behind the bars.I want to know is it my responsbility.Kindly help with relevent provisions/Thanks

Member (Account Deleted)   10 March 2011 at 06:19

Female NRI filing for divorce..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Hello All!
I am a Canadian Citizen(NRI) and I got married in April 2010 in New Delhi to my husband of Indian origin. After marriage he told me that he only married me for sponsorship purposes to come to Canada. His mother, father and brother live in Canada on a point base system and I was told my husband couldn't come on a point base system because he didn't have enough points. Also, after marriage I signed the sponsorship papers and then thereafter he began to beat me alot. Everyday he was never home. He lied to me saying he was gone to work but came home late at night around 3am to 8am he would come back home VERY drunk and beat me alot. He threw a knife at me and threatened me many times. I told his parents everything because I wanted them to help me but his family supported him and were on his side. He mis-used me in many ways physically. As a NRI from Canada I had no family in Delhi and then I told my mom. A month after my mom came to took me back to Canada without my husband knowing. I am filing for a divorce in Canada and will be sending the papers to him in Delhi. My mother-in-law sold my wedding clothes and has my wedding jewelery in her Bank locker in Delhi. Can someone PLEASE help me in telling me how I can file a case against my husband and his family to get my jewelery back and get back the money I spent on the wedding, the money spent on the wedding clothes that were sold, and how I can sue him for the physical misuse and abuse he did to me????? He tortured me alot in Delhi and I was never to allowed to go outside of the house and never gave me money to spend. He even tried to poison me..please can someone help me as I want to file a case against the family and get back the money I deserve as pain and memories continue to haunt me. I really appreciate your time and hope to hear back SOON!!!!
Please email me directly at:

Thank you and HOPE to hear back with my legal advice and legal support.

Anonymous   09 March 2011 at 20:02

Relieving letter

Dear Team,

I have kept my resignation on 28/02/2011 and my relieving date is 14/03/2011as per my offer letter "during probation , your services can be terminated by either side by giving not less than fifteen days in writing" which i have already applied in our online site but surprisingly it was rejected on 08/03/2011 stating we can not relieve you before 31/03/2011.

I got a opportunity in other company and they asked me to join by 20/03/2011 .I have kept my resignation accordingly.

Plz guide me for the same what should i do and how should i get my relieving letter.

viji   09 March 2011 at 17:15

Maintenance claim

Dear Sir/Madam,

To prove that the husband is working in a particular company(for claiming maintenance,is it necessary to send a court notice asking for the details of the husband?What if the notice is not accepted by the husband or concerned person?What if it is returned?Will it help for claiming maintenance?If sufficient documents are provided for claiming compensation is it not the onus of the lawyer to prove that the husband is liable to pay the wife.(Restitution of and money).What if the wife is not financially sound to even pay her fees?My lawyer has wrongly notified the court and took money from me once.Again she is asking for another amount to file with on behalf of the maintenance petition.Can she revise the former petition file and make a new petition without taking money from the client?What can be done if mistakes happen from the lawyers side?

Anonymous   09 March 2011 at 15:20

Validity of a Post dated Cheuqe.

For the purpose of a security, one person has given me a post dated(dated nil) chque 2 years back. And the same is mentioned in an Agreement.Since the understandings are not good between both of us, Shall I present the said chque for recovery of Agreement amount,mentioning the present date.

NAYAK MAFATLAL GORDHANDAS   09 March 2011 at 02:04

dismissal of application by the session(s) and high court

Sir, I filed the application in session(s) court against District Collector who have made insult of my self in public by using shameful and unparliamentary words like:"TUM KAM NAHI KAR SAKTE HO TO RESIGN KAR DO GADHE, YOU GOT OUT" Being a person from Scheduled Castes, I filed it with the section of Atrocity Act. Court has oredered police Inquiry under cpc 202 on 21/10/2008. Police place his inquiry report to the court on 04/02/2009.Court continued without hearing.On 20/07/2010, court dismissed my application on the base that as per police inquiry report, no offence is made by the District Collector, although all the Bankers who were present in that meeting confirmed having insult done by the District Collector.On 17/01/2011, High Court also dismissed my revison appeal on the ground that offence is not happened as per police inquiry.
Sir, I seek your guidence in the matter that court order is legally valid? if it is decided by the police, what is the necessity of the courts? What is the real position of my case as per cpc and ipc?
Please guide me in the matter.
Thanks a lot, Sir.


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