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Queries Participated

Vishali kumar   08 December 2014 at 21:46

Land registration and patta

Hello sir,

I purchased this land on 2010 , but registered on 2012 , this was the first time we are purchasing the land , so we didnt know much about the property. , we actually purchased from agency. at the time of registration we didnt notice anything. but during patta , the survivor told us land square feet is 50 * 25 = 1250 , but in our paper that shows 50* 25= 1225 , so there was mistake happened on registration time. actually we bought 1225 square feet . so what we do now , the agency told us there will be no problem we will get patta for 1250 itself . there will be no problem in future . but i ask you there will be a problem right without correcting the mistake. if we opt for thiruthal pathiram , it will solve the problem or not . because in future i dont want any problem in selling . please give me suggestion.

advance thanks for suggestion.

prince   19 July 2012 at 21:04

Legal heir certificate

prince here.....
i am from nagpur(MAHARASHTRA)
i am law student.........
mere dad pichle 15 years se maharashtra me hai unke mom jinki HYD(ANDHRA PRADESH) me property hai
abh unki death hogayi hain toh mere dad ko legal heir certificate banana hai toh woh certificate MAHARASHTRA ME BANANA PADEGA YA ANDHRA PRADESH ME

pawan kumar   19 April 2012 at 17:17

Court procedure

rent case is going on for non payment of rent.due to defendent absence and not filing w/s despite many chances given by court case was posted exparte evidence. evidence has been given by way of affidavit by plaintiff along with evidence by person who was witness to rent agreement.certified bank statement is also filed to show cheques given by tenant for rent in evidence.now case is fixed for arguement of plintiff. does it mean defendent will cross plaintiff and other person who has given evidence. after arguement what will be next stage of case.if judgement comes how arrears of rent will be recovered.

R.Varadarajan   21 February 2012 at 18:51

Rectification of sale deed.

my friend purchased an individual house in chennai in 2000.The sale deed was registered and in that sale deed it was mentioned in the Schedule 'A' property full extent and
in schecule 'B' property(Conveyed)inadvertently as 1/2 undivided share of right in the land and extent of building.He wants to rectify and get it registered now with the acceptance of the then seller.
Whether it could be done now(after 12 years.)
If so what would be stamp duty to be paid. The sale consideration then was Rs.500000/
If not, what would be the alternative.

naresh kumar   21 February 2012 at 18:34

Rented property

sir, we had given a portion our house on rent for 11months agreement duely registered, since that same has expired in dec 2011 and tenant had still not vacated even after given a verbal assuarance to us , what can we do ?

Kiran   21 February 2012 at 16:26

Subsistence allowance

Dear Experts,

I have read in the forum that if husband goes to jail ( one month) for not paying maintenance to wife, then wife have to pay subsistence allowance to court.

What is that .....

Ranganath   21 February 2012 at 10:27

Is it mutualy destructive

Ld counsels,

Wife alleges that husband did not participate in particular ceremony of marriage which is essential even after elders persued him and hence the marriage did not solemnize.

At the same she claims that only after few days after coming to the matrimonial home she came to know that husband was unwilling to marry and he deliberately suppressed. Is it not inconsistent and mutually destructive to say that marriage not solemnized bcs husband refused and later coming to know that husband was unwilling.

when the wife claims there is no marriage solemnized can she claim that husband is impotent bcos of this marriage is not consummated.

Please clarify. Thanks.

Ramasamy   20 December 2011 at 19:29

Restoration of suit – citation required

Dear Sir,

Suit dismissed for default. Thereafter the plaintiff filed an application for restoration of suit which was allowed on condition that the plaintiff has to pay costs to the defendant on or before a date as stipulated by the trial court and posted the suit to some other date for report of compliance of terms by the plaintiff regarding the payment of costs on the restoration application.

In this regard, my doubt is whether the order passed by the trial court on the restoration application for restoration of suit will come into effect: (a) whether from the date of the Order passed on the restoration application; or (b) whether from the date of the order passed after recording the compliance report by the trial court.

Kindly clarify this aspect.

If possible kindly provide me any Citations to that effect for which I would be very much grateful to the learned Experts.

Thanks in advance to the learned Experts.

francis   12 November 2011 at 15:14

Money taken regarding property,but property not given

My cousin took money from my mother telling that he will purchase a flat and give her,he gave the money to his brother in law who was a builder,
his brother in law gave a receit, the money was taken in the year 1992,an amount of 50,000 and my cousin also booked a flat on his name
by paying 50,000,this money was my mothers money which he booked with his name,it is original receipt, i have kept it safe and secured
can any thing be done,it was a token given to the builder for the flat this was the way my cousin fooled my mother,actually my mother was uneducated
and innocent,she expierd 4 /dec /2009 their is no agreement copy made since this was within the family so we had trust over my cousin brother,the total money taken was
1,50,000 at that time 1992 and another one lack was given for investment purpose to my cousin but there is no proff for that.......what can be done....will this receipt be of some use to me in court
........can i make my cousin brother a party because he was the one who was the middle man for all this it is because of him we are gone in loss,he is staying in
Newzealand from 10yrs........

Anonymous   12 November 2011 at 14:10

Transfer the right of immovable property

There is one immovable property (House) and four legal heirs i.e. mother, two sons and one daughter.

Now Mother and 2 sons want to transfer the said property in daughter's name.

All are ready to give consent for such transfer.

Pls guide,

what should they do and how they transfer the such property in daughter's name?

What documents they have to make for such transfer?


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