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Shailesh Chhajed   24 May 2024 at 15:30

Sra flat transfer

Hi Experts,
I had purchaed a SRA flat in the year 1997, as the rule says it cannot be transferred before 10 years, i couldnt get it transferred. In the year 2010, the person to whom the flat was alloted expired from whom i had purchased. As his wife was the nominee in soceity records, the soceity transferred it in her name. How do i get it transferred in my name as his wife doesnt have Allotment Letter , Annexure II with her as the same is compulsory document to transfer the flat.

Anonymous   24 May 2024 at 14:34

False 498a

Respected Sir,
My wife is living separately from 2018. I filed divorce petition on 2020. After receipt of divorce notice, she came to my house & forcefully entered into the house to quarrel with me. Thereafter she file 498A case on 2022 alleging that my family tortured upon her during visit on 2020. Police has submitted chargesheet but not mentioned any incident of torture. Charge is not framed till date.

Can I move before court for discharge on ground of limitation period & chagesheet ( as no allegations as per chargesheet).

Can my separated wife came to my residence during pendency of divorce case?

Is there any law to prohibit such entry to opposite party's residence in this regard ?

Harvinder Singh   24 May 2024 at 14:23

Advance file wrong case

I filed Property case in 2022 from free legal services but my advocate filed it incorrectly.
Firstly, they filed possession case instead of partition case.
Second, They mention a point in the case of possession that my mother orally gave the said house to me with love and effection.

Now due to point number 2, I cannot file a partition case as we already said in possession case that my mothe gave the hole Property to me with love and affection.
In partition case we demand for one third share as we are 2 brother's.

What can we do?

I don't want loss the possession of the house. As I am living in it. My source of income is from the rent I generate from the Property.

CS/1462/2022 registration no. Court. Civil court Jalandhar punjab

Sisodia Ekansh   23 May 2024 at 23:53

Can a sale agreement be considered as proof of payment?

a home buyer purchased a property from a builder. They executed a Sale Agreement which was registered. The sale agreement mentions the full consideration being paid by cheques. But actually it was paid by CASH. Can a sale agreement be considered as a proof of payment by NCLAT?

Anonymous   23 May 2024 at 22:19

Late joining

Sir I am selected in BSF CONSTABLE GD 2022 notification I get a appointment letter from BSF and Training joining date is 27-10-2023 that stated date iam not able to attend some medical emergency after 1 month I sent a request Letter including medical certificates also to Training centre and appointment issued Head qurater after there is no response from their is there any chance to getting appointment

Anonymous   23 May 2024 at 21:58

Calculation of limitation due to covid


My invoice is dated 05.08.2019 and limitation is expiry on 05.08.2022 for recovery suit
Can we file the recovery commercial suit now after excluding the Covid Period form 1st march 2020 to 28 February 2022 ) as only after Covid period we are withing 3 years to file the recovery suit
Hence my calculation of exemption of Limitation due to covid is correct or nor.
Please advise

With Regards
Uday Kumar

Anonymous   23 May 2024 at 19:59

Mat aurangabad bench result

I required the judgement copy of the below case. MAHARASSHTRA ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL AURANGABAD BENCH.
Original Application No.69/2020
Decided on 07/07/22

Heena Soni   23 May 2024 at 18:58

Registration of patpedhi

I want to know Does a Patpedhi have to be registered to give mortgage loan?

If yes, with whom do they register?

How to check their redistration?

Anonymous   23 May 2024 at 15:59

Builder changed from 4bhk penthouse to 2 units of 3 bhk

We have booked (through booking form) a 4 BHK Penthouse in 2016. For which 20% amount is paid in 24 EMI by us.

Builder did not shared any AFS details till today for the Penthouse. When we did inquiry with multiple follow ups over email with builder, it has come to know that builder has constructed two 3 BHK apartments instead of 4 BHK penthouse. As far as we understand that builder has sold out these 3 BHK apartments to some other party after taking plan approval from authorities.

Now builder tells to select other properties from the project and do the AFS for other properties.

What are the lawful actions could be initiated against builder as per RERA as we do not wish to go for other units or we do not wish to withdraw from our original booking form for 4 BHK penthouse.

Om Ali   23 May 2024 at 12:50

Builder money fraud on property, refuse to give back money

Dear Sir
Good Day

Hope you all are doing well

I went to buy apartment in 2017 and had paid total of 20 Lakhs of rupees till Dec 2019, and all those financials were handling by my parents, since I am working in hyderabad City. I had planning to travel to see the development of the apartment but unexpectedly covid pandemic.
And on Sep 2022 went back and surprise to see that the apartment was already sold out to someone.
The builder informed me that wherever you complain no issue. I then went to commissioner of police and lodged complaint, since no result over month period, I then lodged DGP police complaint and local police summoned me and asked to provide all the documents, which I did and had said that they will summon builder and investigate, all lied by local police then I travelled back but on the day of my travel builder came to local police station and handover 3 PDC each with 5Lakhs and every PDC three months gap.

At the beginning of May 2024 I hired local advocate to deal the case, he went and meet Inspector, SI and AC at station, advocate had informed me that the builder will settle money of five lakhs in cash in May 2024 and will handover 5Lakhs cheque Jun and Jul 2024 as Cash, but on 13-May-2024 advocate called me to come to police station to collect cheque, but when I went there he handed over the same 3PDC where builder handed over to local police station and informed to collect the original agreement.
The advocate forced me to sign the letter (in local language, I don't know).
In that letter. I would like to highlight below

1- I went to complain to commissioner of police along with my sister on 10-Nov-2023, Please note that I went alone and my sister arrived to Chennai City from Abroad only on 25-Mar-2024 after Covid pandemic.
2- The letter prepared on 10-May-2024 but presented on 13-May-2024
3- In that letter, mentioned that I went to complain for 15Lakhs, but I lodged a complaint of amount 20Lakhs rupees
4- In that letter they had mentioned that I accepted the offer of 15Lakhs rupees from builder and agreed to close the case against builder, which is absolutely false because I don’t know Tamil language and they forced me to sign.
5- I took the cheque and deposited it in bank and it was rejected and I know all of them are playing the builder, advocate and others.

It is like nightmare to get back my money from the builder, don't know where to complain, what action needed to take, to whom I trust? don't know.
I complain to CM Cell three times and local police closed
Personally went to meet DGP office but met the Inspector, went to complain to Police commissioner but met grievances cell Inspectors
Went to meet DCP and explained all in details but again went case to local police

Kindly advise how I get back money 20Lakhs and my sister 15Lakhs from the builder
I will be really grateful for all your advises,

Thanks you all with all for your time reading and suggesting.

Thanking you