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Queries Participated

Saikrishna kandhikatla   12 March 2021 at 22:26

Cheque bounce case

In a cheque bounce case, is there any time limit within which an accused can file his defence under Section- 145(2) ?
In what are all ways can a complainant can cross examine the accused defence ?

Anonymous   12 March 2021 at 19:20

Electricity charges

Landlord is charging 10₹ per unit for electricity though original per unit rate of electricity is much lower.
10₹ per unit is also written in rent agreement which landlord and myself ( tenenat ) has signed because I didn't knew the electricity charges in 1st place as I shifted the city.

What can I do abhi that legally ?
I cant afford to shift again as it will cost me a fortune.

Anonymous   12 March 2021 at 14:10

Notice to show cause - no provision of law as such

From October 2019 the status in Purpose of Hearing is notice for the mutual consent divorce case while checking online. In process title the details shown are Notice to show cause (general form) [General Form (No Provision of Law as such)]. Please explain what this means

Mohamed Ali   12 March 2021 at 00:06

Lr application

Dear All,

Aware of position of LAW in Sunni Hanafi, predeceased son /daughters children..

As her son predeceased her, For the sole purpose that her grand children will be deprived of their father share , Grandmother has executed a registered consented(Consent given by uncle i.e surving son of grand mother))  will to grand children that 50 percent of her share must go to Orphaned grand children

Thanks and Regards


Dear All,
We are sunni muslim hanafi family,
Our grandmother had 2 children my father and uncle, My father has predeceased his mother and my uncle only survived his mother..
My grandmother as Plaintiff is entitled for 1/3 rd in 1/0 th share in her mothers property, for which a partition suit is pending in Final decree proceedings,
The suit is decree 30 years back in which her mother was entitled for 1/10th share as per decree. ..
Now we want to bring legal heirs of predeceased son ( i.e my father on record) ( i.e me and my sister) for which my uncle or his children have no objection, Can other defendants who are (children or grand children's of my great grand mothers brothers or sisters) who are also parties to the Final decree proceeding object to our LR Application,

As it is concerned only with share our grandmother which is related to our branch only not anyone else..

Can we file LR application if there is no objection from our uncle or his children and moreover our grand mother has executed Consent will t(Consent of our uncle) that 50 percent of her 1/3rd share goes to her predeceased sons children.

Thanks and Regards Ali

Anonymous   11 March 2021 at 11:11

Oral agreement - violation by buyer - solution

Sir, our MD had a oral agreement with buyer to sell machinery for 1.50 lacs. We raised invoice with GST for 1.50 lacs. The buyer paid 1.00 lacs later he said that the machine is not running so he will not pay balance amount. But he has utilized input taxes. Even after repeated communication he is not ready to pay balance. How to overcome this issue. How to file case against him. Is there any legal support by msme for this type of issues. Thank you.

Anant Kumar   11 March 2021 at 08:45

Maintenence of parents by all the sons

My Grandfather died 5 years ago left with my grand mother who is 75 years of age and 3 sons, all the sons live in house of my grandfather.1 son has been taking care of my grandmother and late grandfather since long.The other sons have never looked after their parents or paid a penny for maintenence. My grandmother asked the other sons for maintenence as maintenence for one son is not enough for her, the other sons denied and started abusing her. Can my grandmother remove other two sons from the property of my late grandfather.

Bhupendra Rohit   11 March 2021 at 02:58

Posting of both husband and wife at same place in mp govt

Sir I am working as an Assistant Professor in a Medical College Sagar MP. My wife is working in MP state government as assistant director agriculture in Indore MP. Since 3 years we are living separeately because of job. We have 2 yrs old daughter also. Sir is it possible that I get transferred to Indore so that I can live my family life and take care of my daughter also. Kindly help me sir.

Priyanka   11 March 2021 at 00:44

I gazetted my new name bt upsc applicatn asks name(ssc memo)

I got my name(gazetted) changed after graduation(2019) and applied for caste certificate(as per my husbands caste) too..but i didnt changed my name in any of my educational certificates but i did in adhaar and voter id attaching gazette as reference. The problem is: UPSC APPLICATION ASKS TO ENTER NAME AS IN MATRICULATION CERTIFICATE AND UPLOAD ID(VOTER/ADHAAR). AS Per ssc-graduation certificate's,i have my old name(Pr******) but adhaar and voter id have new name(S*******). WHAT CAN I DO? SHOULD I APPLY WITH MY OLD ADHAAR SO THAT IT WILL MATCH WITH MY OLD NAME AS PER SSC CERTIFICATE OR SHOULD I CHANGE MY ADHAAR BACK TO OLD NAME ,WILL IT BRING ANY FUTURE PROBLEMS? SUGGEST ME A WAY? IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE NAME IN ALL OF MY EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATES? I HAVE ONLY FEW DAYS LEFT FOR APPLICATION PLZ HELP ME WITH THIS.. GIVE ME AN IDEAL SOLUTION. Which category(caste) should i choose(husband(BC-E)/father(BC-B)) for reservation?

Shaik Jannath   10 March 2021 at 17:55

Regarding property

My father died before my grand father, it's been 15 years till now. And it's been 8 years my grand father died too. As per Sharia, can my mother claim for my father's share on property as she has didn't remarried.

pankaj Dev   10 March 2021 at 11:22

Central administrative tribunal order

My department is dishonoring the Central administrative tribunal order. So I am filing one petition contempt of court. If my department desperately violating the contempt of court then what should be our next step


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