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Queries Participated

advocate   15 July 2020 at 11:16

Trademark agent

Respected Experts,

I am Advocate Amit, Last month, I asked a query about Trademark agent and experts guide me about TM form to be filled. But i am unable to find the link where i can online fill TM-G form for Trademark agent.

i know it is not a legal query but if anyone is aware about this. then please guide me.

I'll be very thankful to you.

Advocate Amit

Abhishek Gupta   26 May 2017 at 22:59

Trade mark renewal

I had applied for renewal of trademark via agent by TM-12 however,the said application was rejected and was asked to get it filed via TM-R.
kindly let me know the process/procedure to apply for the same online, with papers to be uploaded (if any).

ASHOK MISHRA   15 June 2016 at 09:37

animal dairy & wastage dump in residential area

Respected lawyer's club
There is animal dairy just before in my house and owner dumps all dirty wastes (gobar, rakh etc.) openly before my house. I have complained ( 13th April 2016) in written before District magistrate and requested to take action as per crpc section 133( b) .DM asked nagar palika to inspect the site & give report.Nagar palika has submitted report (dated on 28th April ) saying that matter is disputed and party (myself) wants removal of animal dairy from this residential area and party also given reference of direction of Allahabad high court(dated on 10th May 2016) in this regard that" it is GO of utter pradesh that animal dairy should be conducted in outside of city and residential area then why no abiding of rules by the administration of uttar pradesh".2 month has been passed but no any action in this regard. What should I do in this matter further on administration level or should I take legal help at judiciary level.What are options before me please suggest. I will be highly grateful to your legal help.

Regards Yours
Ashok Kumar Mishra

Dipak Dilip Mirje   13 June 2015 at 17:26

Regarding cheque bounce case

i have appeared in cheque bounce case , i have one query that my client had taken business loan from finance company , company given him 60 installation to client paid 7 installation then he became defaulter for next 4 installation. for that he had given one cheque ,which amount is more than due installation ,and same is bounced .and now company filed complaint of this cheque . in notice the company asked for full payment of cheque and not for default .so should i take defence that notice is not for legal dues hence not proper. please help me to make good defence

JMV   13 June 2015 at 15:59

Distribution of the value of the house between brothers

My brother and I constructed a house on our parental land. My father had given me the ownership of the property so that I can apply for a Home Loan to construct the house. I took a home loan of 8.5 lakhs and contributed 2.5 lakhs cash towards the cost of construction. My brother also contributed 4 lakhs cash towards the construction. The total actual cost of the construction was 15 lakhs if all the above contributions were added. But as I have taken a home loan I had to pay 7 lakhs towards interest on home loan.
Now the current market value of our house is 45 lakhs (I am not including the value of the land as we have equal rights on the parental land on which the house is constructed), and could you please suggest how this 45 lakhs should be split between us. Will it be 11:4 (11 lakhs and 4 lakhs) ratio based on the actual construction cost contributed by us or the ratio based on the actual expenses incurred including interest paid towards the home loan? In that case the ratio will be 18:4 (11+7 lakhs: 4 lakhs).
Thank you in advance.

suresh bhogle   13 June 2015 at 12:58

Cheque bounce

Hello distinguished members. Please answer my queries.

Since the complainant is unable to visit the place where the complaint is to be filed due to old age i have question in this regard.

1) What is the interval between dates fixed by the Court in cheque bouncing cases?

2)Since the complainant is unable to personally appear at the place where the complaint is to be filed whether it will be advisable to issue Power of Attorney in favour of Advocate?

Thank you.

kris   07 March 2015 at 12:50

Is it possible to file cheating case against spouse after getting ex-parte divorce

Respected Experts,

Recently i got the divorce from my wife through Ex partee . she left me with his boy friend and get married with him after 3 months of my marriage. we have a proof of their marriage certificate[arya samaj] with me .After so may discussions with my well wishes we directly filled the Ex partee divorce in court and after all proceedings we get divorce without their presence to court.
But i was not satisfied with all happens because they are left freely without any punishments..
MY question is " Is it possible to file cheating case against my spouse after getting Ex-parte Divorce "?

vishal   07 March 2015 at 11:40

Minor property.

Dear sir, a property purchased by mother in her name and her minor daughter name.much before benami transaction prohibition law 1988. thereafter she got major and got married in due course. later after 28 years she claimed her share. can she win against mother . property was purchased from mother own sources. thanx.

salman khan   06 March 2015 at 21:39

Divorce by wife to her husband?

whether the wife can give a divorce to her husband if her husband refused for the same or vice versa.

pls. help

Zaheer Shaikh   06 March 2015 at 20:23

420 and 120b

Sir my friend is been arrested by the vakola police station under the charges of 420 and 120 b. There r 3 accused mentioned in the FIR n he is the 3rd accused. The 1 and 2 accused are not been arrested by the IO and they were asked to give the statement n let off. How I should get the bail for my friend and from which court.


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