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sandesh   12 December 2021 at 12:08

Urgent land matters

my father and his brother has farm 11 bigahs which their father gave them out of this 3 bigha are on name of my father but we dont know which are this farm we want to sell them but are not able to what is the procedure to divide 3 bigas from the 11 bigahs .we have case on this farms we won the case but not collect the original jugment from court there is small kalam on this farms wat to do

Anonymous   19 October 2021 at 13:23

Publishing house not publishing my book

Hello Madam/Sir,

I am an aspiring writer and last year December 2020, I signed a contract with a publishing house 'Writersgram Publications' to publish my book of poems for which I paid Rs. 1500. I was promised my book to be published by April, 21. But yet it has not.
The only way to communicate with them is via email and they have been communicating that it's getting delayed for Covid situation and now for the past one month I have not heard from them even after repeated mails from my end.
Is there a way, I can escalate this issue with any one? In case they don't publish, which seems likely, that will be the breach of our contract, hence, can't I sue them legally?

Anonymous   23 September 2021 at 15:01

Christian widow senior citizen woman 66year-need will origin

Dear Sir/madam

Hi, I am A Christian widow senior citizen woman 66year. Earning by husband pension of 1.44L yearly. having 2 children Son and a daughter.
There is an old house which was built by my husband long year ago, and it is ancestral property.
My Husband died very long time ago after writing (I was present) a WILL That (all rights on all belonging goes to my Wife only, No one shall shave any rights on my belongings. I have got the certified copy of my husband WILL from registrar office) and the property is still in his name. After his death the house was occupied by me.

After my son marriage he started abusing psychologically & monetarily to me for not transferring the property into his name. My daughter was denying not to send at Ashrama, but he did not listen to her. He forcibly put me into a mental hospital for my unknow treatment and snatched house key from me at hospital. And grabbed all original property document, REGISTERED WILL of my husband, money, Gold, household items, Pension doc, ATM, furniture everything.

My situation become worsen and was feeling like I am slowly being killed. I told my daughter and she saved me, even after my return I was continuing my conversation with my Son and stayed as well with his wife and children. During stay I again noticed the same, asking for property division, and a small share to daughter. Multiple mental torture and problem, restarted. This time I decided to stay with my daughter.

As I have no place to stay, I asked him to make the house how it was before and get me everything what you have taken.
He denied and filed a case and court has order interim stay order on that property. And I am sked to visit court, Feeling like Either way am being killed here as well, Only my Moral support is my daughter.

I went to Police and filled a complaint, during interrogation, Police were supporting my Son, as he denied and says I do not have WILL, he never saw that, and father was not in position to make any WILL. Which is completely lie. He also shown me during my stay with him.
I noticed Police is being influenced by something.
I repeatedly asked police to file FIR of theft and hep to retrieve the document, also Spoke to DSP, He mention we need court order to file FIR in this case. PI denied and forced me to sign on his statement, that I am agreeing what son mentioned. I did not Sign.

I would like your expert suggestion the kind of actions, I should take, that would not be met with a challenge at this age 66Y, from him & allow police to retrieve all grabbed item from my old house, WILL is must.

He has plenty of money to buy the best lawyer. And influence people/authorities.

Here are my questions & what I want to accomplish. I would be very grateful to a team of very able advocates on this forum to suggest necessary steps at this moment keeping in mind my age(66 Year, Widow) and no one around me except my daughter.

(1) I want my husband Original WILL back immediately. and all property document from him, (Police is not supportive)
(2) How can I terminate interim stay order?
(3) Considering my income and age, I am not able to spend much on lawyer nor influence people,
Only my daughter is helping, even she has her own life.
(4) Is there a statue in Indian law that would protect a Senior citizen like me & expedite my case?

Anonymous   21 September 2021 at 14:02

Property right


I want to know , My father and brother was demised due to covid. after death my brother wife is taken charge of my brother flat , which was purchased by my father and parents through own struggle money. she has all payment statement. Right now, builder has hand over possession letter. Registry was not done.

After death, my brother company given lumpsum amount to nominee i.e. wife (widow). i want to know, mother will be legal heir or not

1. In Flat
2. In insurance amount- Which is given by private company
3. Lic amount - mother of deceased is nominee of LIC policy

disha shukla   16 August 2021 at 19:21

Trade mark onilne attornery registration

I have applied for Trade Mark attorney registration through . I have submitted the required details and document and provided with request number and the message displayed that the attorney Code will be sent to the registered email Id after verification. Two days have already been passed still not received the Attorney's code. How I will gt the attorney's code. Kindly help and guide me.

shyam lal   27 July 2021 at 13:39

Legal terms.

Legally speaking, to give a notice in writing of intentions to sell,does it amount to getting permission to sell,or literary means two separate terms.

Anonymous   20 June 2021 at 11:15

Ancestral property dispute

My Grandfather's self acquired property in dispute ,where he has 10 son and daughter , all are ready for the sale except one demanding extra money to sale and blackmailing others. How can i proceed to sale ??

Naved Khan   08 June 2021 at 14:15

Property dispute on pagadi property.

Hello this is Naved. My late father was a tenant in a Pagadi system property since 1974. At the same property my father's Jija ji was staying (1974) as we helped him to stay because he was jobless and we provided him Job at our shop and his family as temporary accommodation. Later my father moved to my grandmother place as she was for continuing business , He was still staying there as being our relative. Now he is not leaving the property, he is saying that it is his property, he also made Ration Card, Electricity bill on his name, passport and aadhar card. We had filed a police complain against him. My question is what legal action can be taken, can he sell or sub lease the property or keep any of his friend and relative. Also can I also go and stay there ? Please advice

MAHENDRA SINGH   03 May 2021 at 11:21

Top roof rights

Dear Sir

In our registry we had purchase a flat without roof right but we can go for repair & maintenance related work in top floor but now the terrace owner locked it . what we can do now kindly suggent.


Mahendra Singh

Anonymous   14 February 2021 at 15:39

Copyright of audio

a singer, on his public performance, allowed audience to record his programme.
the recorded programme is shared in public, (no permission is required, since the singer allowed the public to record in the floorshow)
Will this come under copyright protection?