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Quadir   26 October 2022 at 16:34

U.p. regulation of urban premises tenancy act 2021

Does the new U.P. tenancy act applies in case of permanent / perpetual leases also (with yearly payable rent) ? or does this new law fulfils the "tenant-landlord" definition in of perpetual leases?

Anonymous   31 January 2022 at 17:10

Registration under ipr

The Respected senior professionals
Can a label of a product(fall under Class 31) be registered under Trade Mark act 1999 and under Copyright Act 1957(as amended) at the same time?

Dipen   19 July 2020 at 12:09

"as is" and "as available" clause in license agreements

Dear experts,

What is the difference between "As is" and "As available" clause mentioned in terms & conditions of various softwares?


Anonymous   19 July 2020 at 11:57

"as is" and "as available" clause in license agreements

Dear Experts,

What is the difference between "As is" and "As available" Clause mentioned in terms & conditions of various softwares.


Anonymous   10 August 2019 at 16:56

About freehod in cantonment pending

Sir my father had paid the earnest money of freehold 13000 of the total 54000 in the yr 1996 but after so many reminder from my father they fail to response &then my father was died in 2007 after that we the leese son have given reminder in 2010 &then cntmnt board ask if we r ready for new str rate in which we have accepted but again there was no response till 2018 they gave us new rate which amounted 180000 now the any is too high for us &they keep changing their any pls help to find sufficient answer

aananth   12 September 2018 at 19:04

Settlement deed revokation

Hi Experts
A father through a settlement Deed in August 2017 settled a commercial property for his sons. Now, this august 2018, he has revoked through a revocation deed with stamp authority. Is it permissible in law?. If yes, any time limit?
Thanks in advance.

9462340099   31 July 2018 at 00:24

Premature complaint

Sir , complainant file 138 ni act complaint which is premature, now complainant withdrawl his complaint by permission of court for refill complaint on maturity
What is law about it ?

sowjanya   21 March 2018 at 14:52

Installation of ac to external wall in apartment

Hi, I reside in hyderabad and own a flat.in my apartment , we have fixed our AC in hall to the external wall. ours is 5 floor apartment. each floor consists of 4 flats,in which we reside in 1st floor. other flat owners in our apartment are objecting us to fix AC in our front corridor saying it is a common area. Is it objectable.and main thing is no owner from our floor is considering this, how can a first floor corridor be common area to other floors?Pls.suggetst me as per building law, can i fix our AC to our external area or not?

Read more at: http://www.lawyersclubindia.com/profile.asp?member_id=417845

Syed Ali   26 October 2017 at 13:18

A common man, asks for clarification

Myself purchased and registered a housing plot on 2014 after obtaining the legal certificate from a registered lawyer. When I tried to sell my land, brokers talked that a case is pending on this land. But, while I checked all documents, from housing board registered documents to current documents including Encumbrance certificate couldn't find any mistakes or cases in it.

talks are, a Broker (broker 1 - Mr. R) who gave advances, to buy the plot, to the PoA (broker 2 - Mr. P), filed a case on PoA, demanding to cancel the sale deed executed by PoA to a third (Mr. G) person and request to transfer title in his name (Mr. R).
1. in his appeal (OST) Mr R, surrender the Agreement made between him and P for Rs. 110000/- and gave Rs. 1Lakh at the time & pending amount of Rs. 10000/- will be paid at the time of Sale Deed by December 2011
2. in the meantime Mr P, as PoA, already sell the land to Mr G and registered a sale Deed in Mr G name, without informing Mr R about the sale
3. Mr R saw a newspaper notice that Mr G alleged bought the schedule land from Mr P, hence Mr P demanding the land sale is not valid
4. But, Mr G, as the owner of land sells the land to other party and after 3 parties Myself bought from the 5th party. Now I am having all Originals and possession of the land (without knowing none of the above)

Point is
1. EC shows, no faults in the documents till now (or) no information about the Agreement between R & G
2. Mr R filed OST against First Registered landowner, PoA (P) and Buyer (G), informs as the registrar and Govt of Tamilnadu

My question is
1. Is the verdict of the case will affect on my land or My Possession?
2. if so, what I have to do (or) if not, how can I get remedy from this
3. Shall I intervene into this current case to safeguard

Please note, a follower of the case, the last status is " Business: Trial. Memo filed. D1 died. steps for deceased D1 by 6.11.17, = Next Purpose: STEPS FOR IMPLEADMENT"

Please guide me.

Shreyas   14 September 2017 at 22:30

this agriculture land is said to be ancestral or not?

I have given all the required detailed information of that land in the following. This is very difficult case so I have not decided the land is ancestral or not.it is very interesting and more difficult.Please read carefully and guided me as soon as possible. My mother's father have land. my mom's father has got that land by his father's of father(great grand father) in 1964 by will. Because of my mom's grandfather was died after the birth of my mom's father.my mom's father birth in the year of 1949.and my mom's grandfather is died in the year of 1952.at that time my mom's Great grand father not partitioned of his land.The great grand father had two sons my mom's grand father and another one. Here the matter to be mention that my mom's great grand mother was joined with my mom's great grand father by SECOND MARRIAGE. And that two sons my mom's grand father and his brother borned by 1st marriage of great grand mother.after the 2nd marriage of my mom's great grand mother giving birth 1 GIRL(my mom's grandfather's sister).after some years The great grand father of my mom had made the will in the year of 1960. The great grand father had made that will on the two name. 1st the another guy who is my mom's grandfather's brother and 2nd on my mom's father because as I know before my mom's grand father is died at that time .And the small part of land giving to that girl by will.(my mom's grandfather's sister which is borned by 2nd marriage of my mom's great grand mother). My mom's great grand father had gotten that whole land by inheritance by him father( means my mom's great grand father's father) in 1924.so definitely at that time the land is ancestral.then how they were successful to make will? The will was executed in 1964 after the death of mom's great grand father. and the land were divided into two large part and one small part between my mom's father , my mom's grandfather's brother,and mom's grandfather's sister). Now my mom's father is decided to sell that land and will buy some new property on the name of their two sons(my mom's brothers).He want to neglect my mother. Now my mother can claim on that land before my mom's father will sell the land??? It is said to be ancestral property till now????The land chain start from 1924.(my mom's great grand father's father's time) Please give me some information as soon as . The land is situated at the posh area of the city. it's market value is in the crores now.

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