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Kalloor joseph michael   12 March 2024 at 21:17

I need to send court notice stay order 4 residence owners

Dear All,

I need these civil and criminal action taken to court and make this four people to vacate the flat or lock the flat with court order.

I need very powerful action taking lawyer to proceed further. they spoile the whole apartmment with illegal suspicious works and toomuch money pending from these people.

Kalloor Joseph Michael

Kalloor joseph michael   12 March 2024 at 21:14

I need to send court notice to 4 residence owners

Dear All,
thi is an enquiry for the earlier message i received from different lawyers. very much thankful to all advocates and advisors supporting me.
now we dont have any choice i need to send court notice for public nuisense and voluntarily interfering and disturbing our works. so hereafter i cant give any excuse for these four people and specially 1 flat owner has to be vacated out. not paying money and so dirty and no manners and doing some illegal works. SO i need advise on these 3 enquiry
1. first 4 flat owners should not interfere in the maintenance work or any personnel issues
2. lady harrasment without respect and talking bad and not folowing our terms
3. 1 flat owner has to be vacated flat bcos not paying money or keeping premises clean. his flat has to be locked till he pays all the pending money.
4. these four people cheating money from other flat owners and directing wrong instructions and scammers.

Mary Robinson   10 February 2024 at 15:41

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Anonymous   28 January 2024 at 09:09

Legal suggestion

Before 25 years we donated our land for the construction of mosque. At that we were only 10 households. At present now are 40. They migrated from other places. Now are now in minority. They are trying to take management of the masjid in thei custody and are not taking our consent in the affairs of the masjid. Now what can we do ligally so that we can be part of the management and decision making

Jagirdar Hemant   18 January 2024 at 17:19

Few years back a politician hai grabed our land

Their is a propert which is in name of my grand father and 15 year back a politician hai grabed our land and illegally he build their raw shops and he has also changer electricity meter name to his people's but still property is in our name legally
So what can i do now??

If any lawyer can get us our land back i can make sure you will get good m
Amount from us

Ranbir Khaitan   04 January 2024 at 10:26

Property in possession

Dear sir ,/madame
I humbly request all here,that what are the rights of a person. In possession of a property for more than 80 years and what are the lawful steps if he is forcefully removed

Kumar   30 December 2023 at 09:00

Seeking help to claim my property

Hi Team,

I am HR professional with no job right now from past 6 months. I am looking for a lawyer who is specifically deals with Property legal issues. I have my grandparents property(building) which was sold by my father 30 years back when I was minor (I am in 3rd class elder son). The buy forcefully made us to sign the signatures on the documents. But I am minor at that time and was completely illegal to do so. I want to claim my property. We are 3 brothers. I think they might come if this is successful to claim. Please help in this to claim my property which is legally mine.

Thanks and waiting for your valuable response.


Mohsin Sultan   14 December 2023 at 10:51

Tenant dispute over bathroom leakage repair costs

Hey everyone,

I've got a situation and I could really use some advice. I live on the first floor, and the tenants below me complained about water leaking from my bathroom into theirs. We said we'd fix it, but they quoted a repair cost of 1 lakh, which seemed high. We were worried they might start the work and leave it halfway, so we didn't move forward.

Things got messy, and now they've taken legal action. They got a court engineer who says the repairs will cost 3 lakh 50 thousand, including fixing their room, my bathroom, outer walls, bedroom, doors—pretty much everything.

I'm not sure how to defend against this. What should I do?

1. Can I get someone else to check if the repairs they're asking for are legit?
2. Who's responsible for what when it comes to these repairs?
3. Is there a way to question the crazy high cost they're claiming?
4. Any tips on resolving this without going deeper into legal stuff?

I'm a bit lost here, so any help or advice would be awesome. Thanks a bunch!


Anonymous   08 December 2023 at 01:01

Property dispute

Hi I own 3 flats out of 4 in which one owned by other. Where us they are not co operative to do common work and gives me more mental pressure like

Initially they kept the plant above my side floor and not maintained properly during rainy time all the mud came out and blocked the water drain area continually in which I was not aware of the future problem I kept let it be but later water gets inside from the roof later I realised because of the plant kept above my side roof it was kept long which cause damaged the floor and water was completely stagnant hence floor got damaged in which water came inside and then I removed the plant in my side and told the neighbour not to keep the plant above my floor but then they kept the plant above his flats even though am getting water from the roof I told them to remove the plants but they denied and kept the plants.

Now am unable to stay during rainy time due to water getting leaking from the floor

Pls suggest what shall we do for solution

Anonymous   18 November 2023 at 11:37

Phd thesis as patent

My PhD student who has been awarded degree in 2020 has filed patent of her thesis title and patent is awarded without guide name.

Is it possible to file a case as the PhD title is given by me and it's extension of my PhD title