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Piyush   01 June 2020 at 21:26

How to sue an educational institute

Hello Members
Need your expert guidance in filing a case against an well known institute.
My sister enrolled for CFP having head office in USA. At time of registration there was an office in India - FPSB India.
Later on during the course, they closed Indian branch and handed over all controls and administration to USA head office.
During admission they offered a degree called AFP on clearing the 4 exams and CFP degree if student clears 5th exam (CFP was optional).
Later on without any notice they stopped providing AFP recognition and compelling to complete 5th exam in order to get some degree.
I have all strong evidences against them, under Indian Contract act & fraud as they provided false information later on too.

Now how I can proceed to sue them.

CA Piyush Gupta

shyam lal   01 June 2020 at 20:13

Market rate of property

I have decided to sell my .self acquired residential property as per the present declared 2020 Circle rate
Situation is the buyer is willing to pay as per market rate .which is much less than the Official circle rate.
I am told that circle rate is always less than the prevailing market rate.I am not willing to sell less than the circle rate
Kindly advice ?

Anonymous   01 June 2020 at 17:59

Tenant not paying rent arrear

I am the landlord I have rented a house(Chennai) for the past 6 years rent was not giving properly they were no financial support we said ok and gave some amount after now we understood they are cheating us and now it has gone to 7 lacs. when we ask they are threatening me. Can I lodge a complaint against the tenant? .I want to recover my money and how much cost it takes to send a legal notice, court fees,lawyer fees.

Anonymous   01 June 2020 at 14:09

Share purchase by employee

Employee are willing to purchase less than 10 shares every month of their own organisation as long term investor and not for trading. Also, ready to give declaration of the purchased quantity. But, the company management is prohibiting for purchasing the shares of the company, directly or indirectly.

Anonymous   01 June 2020 at 10:19

Attachment before judgement-orders required.

Respected Experts,
A manufacturing company ( Plaintiff) has filed a Civil Suit in Hyderabad Court, for recovery of money from its customer( Defendant) on account of, material supplied to him.The defendant company is at Vadodara, Rajahstan.
Now the point is, the defendant is planning to sell his machinery to some other 3rd parties.
In this situation, whether the Plaintiff can get an Attachment Before Judgement order from the 'Court of Hyderabad against the property of the defendant, where it is located at Vadodara, which is out of court jurisdiction.
If so how? Plz. suggest.

Anonymous   01 June 2020 at 09:39

Limitation for filing suit for partition?

What is the limitation for filing suit for partition by a co sharer in property?
As co sharer is having title of property from last 13 years but without possession and he has never filed any suit for Getting the possession.
*He has got the title of this property with exchange of his land ( land without possession with Title only) with the previous owner ( who was also having the title of this property without possession )
I am in possession from last 13 years and I have got the possession from last possession holder ( who was in possession from last 20 years without any legal fight from last title holders)

Javed Ali Khan   01 June 2020 at 03:38

Increase of rent

I am a co-owner of a building under the jurisdiction of P.S. Karaya, Kolkata. Since, last 10 years, I have not increased the rent of my tenants. Now, when I have told my tenants verbally that I want to increase the rents by 10% on the existing rent, they are not agreeing. Nevertheless, as per The west Bengal Premises Tenancy Act, Landlord can increase the rent @ 5%, after 3 years, I intend to increase the rent by 10%, as the rents were not increased since about last 10 years. Now, what maximum action can I take, if my tenants refuse to agree on the increased rent ?

shilpa singh   31 May 2020 at 23:42

Which agreement title is it

Person A has taken money from person B few months back and promised by word of mouth that he will repay one lakh rupees within one month, now its a third month person A failed to return money to B, after keep on asking by B to A , A agreed for written agreement but his condition is that he needs 6 more months time.

I drafted the agreement, i'm confused which agreement title is it

Memorandum of agreement or any other title. please suggest me.

Gurumoorthy.V   31 May 2020 at 19:44

Refund of advance paid for kalyana mantapam

I booked a kalyanamantap for date 2-7-2020 at chennai.My son who has to come from USA for his son's upanayanam could not come here due to Corona outbreak both in India and USA.So I cancelled the booking as early as May 4 th of 2020 through SMS to the Mantap owner. Now the mantap owner refuses to refund the advance of Rs 25000 paid during Feb 2020.What is the recourse to me and if so what is the proceedure and can I get back the full refund.Please enlighten me

Anonymous   31 May 2020 at 17:05

Token advance in property sale

I have received token money of Rs 5005 for selling my house property for Rs 23 lacs. No paper agreement only by oral deal. Gave photocopy of all documents related to property. I received another offer for Rs 25lacs. Will there be any issue while returning the token advance to that party? Will he compel me to sell the property to him? Whether he can misuse my photocopy document.
Plz guide me.


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