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Anonymous   30 October 2019 at 21:15

Maintenance amount related

Sir/Madam I am paying rs 8000 per month(i.e.5000+3000) by the order of court since July 2017 to my wife and 4years Male child for the petition filed by my wife under sec 24 in my jurisdiction. A divorce case in also running in the same court since June 2016 filed by me in my jurisdiction. Now my wife filed a case in her jurisdiction in Aug 2018 and asked maintenance under sec 125 and a order has been passed by the court and I have been ordered to pay Rs 5000(i.e.3000+2000) to wife and child as add interim maintenance . My question no .1. is that should I start paying Rs 13000(i.e.8000+5000) to wife and child or should I go to high court against the judgement given by the court. No 2. for how many days I will have to pay add interim maintenance and when final maintenance be given.? No3. Will I have to pay total Rs 13000 per month in two different districts to the same person. No4 when order to pay rs 5000 as add interim be given then why the case has not been disposed of at that court and it is still open now which kind of decision is left in this case? Kindly reply at the earliest.

Anonymous   30 October 2019 at 19:10

Registration of apartment

We used to have an registered association, after some time it was dissolved and a new team was formed, but it is not registered. Does the new team has sanctity

Shobha   30 October 2019 at 15:32

50% udi in property implies 50% share in terrace rights also

Sir, My in-laws expired with out writing a will, but they had orally told that ground flore will be for second son and First flore will be for first son with UDI of 50% each.., now I want to know if UDI of 50% in land imply that we will be having 50% share in the terrace rights also or not....

Anonymous   30 October 2019 at 13:22

Legal drafting

how to improve legal drafting and which books have to best legal drafting. plz suggest me

Anonymous   30 October 2019 at 13:04

Sec. 406, 420 of ipc a/w sec. 13 of mofa

I had filed a private complaint against builder which later on became RCC u/s 406,420 a/w Sec 13 of MOFA. The case is pending in Magistrate court and it’s stage is ‘Evidence before Charge’.
What I’m supposed to do at this stage ?
Should I call witness at this stage or at a later stage?
What are Does & Don’ts at this stage ?

Knowledged councils, please guide.

ganesh   30 October 2019 at 11:42

One eyed person rights

measuring visual disability is a complex process which most of doctors also do not understand.
refer the below link which shows the complexity of measurement

most doctors safely reject the deserved persons. eg. most of doctors do not field of vision in measuring disability.

if you have some relative in district hospital you may approach. simply saying you are one eyed person can not determine if you are having 40% disability of more.

if your one eye is normal (6/6 vision with glass and field of vision greater than 20degree) then you mostly not qualify the disability. if your one eye is perfect, you happily accept fact and find jobs. you can very well apply even four wheel driving license as well.

jayakumar.j   30 October 2019 at 10:53

Gifter property

The daughter was given gift of House property at the time of her marriage.As sh is the only daughter the parents hoped that she would look after them in their old age.Noe the parents are 65 years old. But the daughter and son in law refuses to look after them. Is ther any possibility to cancel the gift and take it back.?

jayakumar.j   30 October 2019 at 10:48

Second wife children entitlemenst

One of my client married second time without divorcing the first wife.First wife also married another man and living separarely.Now, the second wife's children seeking full rihgt. But the Tahsildar refuses to issue community certificate to prosecute higher studies.How to get community certificate,as the first wife objecting to it.

Anonymous   30 October 2019 at 00:08

Change of surname and father name after religion change

My parents got inter religious marriage.My father was a muslim who died few years ago.My mother is a hindu.They both did not change their own religions even after marriage.So as per certificates my father has a muslim name and surname.Where as my mother’s name and her maiden name not changed(as per certificates her name and her surname is hindu )only husband’s name is added in her certificates. I am only son of them.As per my certificates my religion is muslim(because of my father’s religion) my name is muslim name. Now I decided to change my religion from muslim to hindu.So I have some doubts regarding change of religion
1.I am a man so can I change my surname after change of religion? (or only women’s can change their surname?).I want to change my surname as per my mother’s maiden name (hindu)is it possible?
2.after changing of religion can I replace my mother’s name in father’s name column?(for example: ashutosh chettu s/o sadhana chettu (mother’s name) in place of ahmed shaik(father’s name))
3.My name and my father’s name differently spelt in different certificates for example: in 10 class (or Secondary school certificate) my name is Shoaib Shaik s/o Ahmad Shaik,in intermediate (or class 12) my name is S.Shoaib s/o S.Ahmed. Hence my doubt is what should I write or what should I publish in government gazette?

Madhusudanan   30 October 2019 at 00:01

Re-joining into police department of tamilnadu

Dear Sir,

I was worked in tamilnadu police service as a Grade ll Constable in chennai since Nov1st of 2017 to Nov 23nd of 2018 ,My last day was 23nd nov 2018,
Due to my family issues i were resigned my police uniform service through proper channel of 3 months noticed period and resigned,

Again I have to rejoin now, It that possible to re-join again.


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