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venkatesh Rao   31 October 2019 at 19:51


My daughter has filed a divorce petition in Bangalore Family court. Her husband appeared and filed objections through his advocate. Now, after six months has filed case under guardians and wards act seeking custody of son at MYSORE family court, where he resides. Can we now file objections about the jurisdiction of Mysore Court when the matter is pending at Bangalore where he should have filed this petition. He has not suppressed pendency of earlier divorce petition at Bangalore.
Will the experts come to our aid?

Anonymous   31 October 2019 at 19:27

Repairs to terrace

I own an apartment which is on the top floor, recently there was leakage from the terrace, now to get it repaired is it the responsibility of the owner or the association?

Priti   31 October 2019 at 17:11

Bouncing of stolen cheque

Dear sir
My father who is senior citizen has helped his cousin in starting of business of poultry farm and was a dormant partner. Both has to sign cheques for operating accounts. after few days things went wrong and he started ignoring my father. there were two blank cheques signed by my father with partner. he gave them to his friends and filled a big amount in cheque and presented in bank. we were not aware of all this. now he has filed a case under 138. My father cousion and this man are doing things together to trouble my father. we are from haryana and he has filed case in punjab. my quarries are
1. is getting bail in interstate matters is difficult
2. cheque was signed in 2015 and filled and presented in 2017.
3. can we file an FIR or criminal case against both in local court.
4. the complaintant has claimed that he has supplied feed for poultry for which cheque was given. although we came to know that this man was never in such type of business. he has not produced any bill etc of supplied food or sale tax given.
5. Is there any sale tax/GST on poultry feed supply so that we can ask him for proof of supplying
6. can we ask for transfering the case in local jurisdiction instead of fighting in other state

Chinna Reddy Chandra Mohan   31 October 2019 at 16:51

Action to take for the baseless allegations in legal notice

Dear Experts,

I got a legal notice with the following allegations:

(1) All of you (notice addressed to four members) colluded together to grab the notice schedule property came to the property yesterday (22 Oct 2019) and made attempts to lay a fencing around the property.

(2) The persons who came there is forking their names and descriptive particulars of them and thereby threatened our client to occupy the schedule property at any point of time.

The FACTS are:

(1) On particular day I was not at all present on that location. I was actually staying in Hyderabad and which is 500 Km away from the claimed location. I can also prove that I was in Hyderabad, because the same day I had a doctor's appointment in Hyderabad. Also none of the person addressed in the Legal Notice were present and they were officially present on their offices on that particular day.

What action I can take for the baseless allegations?

(1) Is the allegation be considered as criminal or civil in nature?

(2) Can I ask for unconditional apology for the baseless allegations?

(3) Can it be considered as a damage and can I file a Suit?

Please suggest

Thanks in Advance

Supreet singh   31 October 2019 at 16:25

Does order 2 rule 2 cpc applicablle on defendant also?

Hello dear lawyers,

Order 2 rule 2 of cpc states that (2) Relinquishment of part of claim: Where a plaintiff omits to sue in respect of, or intentionally relinquishes, any portion of his claim, he shall not afterwards sue in respect of the portion so omitted or relinquished.
Does it applicable on defendant also?
I mean if plaintiff intentially left a claim which was against him and defendant needs to file a new case.
Can defendant file a fresh suit to prrove his point or to proove forgery of documents?

Anonymous   31 October 2019 at 13:37

Registration of apartment

If an registered association resigns, and a new team comes does the new team should be registered, if not can that team has powers to run the association?
Is it true that registration of apartment association is not necessary

Anonymous   31 October 2019 at 12:09

Unregistered association

Our apartment complex which used to have a registered body was dissolved and the present body which is not registered is being run by the vice president, as the rest of the body resigned, now he declares himself as electoral officer and has put up a body who are amicable to him He has not proved majority, is this legal?

Anonymous   31 October 2019 at 09:57

Railway claim

how to be a railway claim advocate. Is there any specific procedure in Maharashtra

Zeeshan   30 October 2019 at 22:47

Perjury possible after case withdrawal from hc ?

I have filled a revision of interim maintenance, of crpc 125 case, at delhi HC.

After HC ordered , Wife filed her kusum sharma affidavit at HC (not filled at family court ). In it she lied that she never work anytime anywhere. Whereas I have proof that she is working soon after leaving my home. I already called her employer at family court and they give evidence about her salary and work profile. Now, the trial at family court is fixed for final order.

My query is,
1) as the trial came to an end, If I withdraw my petition from HC , can I still able to file perjury at HC ?

2) After final order at family court, above revision petition become fictitious . Can I still be able to file perjury at HC ?

Zeeshan   30 October 2019 at 22:26

Getting clarification from hc before doh.

I have a revision of interim maintenance u/s 125 crpc was pending at delhi HC, against saket family court .

Now, the trial at family court ended and come to final order . Now the wife says that case is stayed by HC , which is false. Still the judge ask me to get clarification from HC.

My query is, is it possible to get clarification about stay of trial from HC before NDOH by an application ?
Or the judge hear only on DOH ?


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