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Zeeshan   29 May 2020 at 21:19

Getting certified copy from family court in lockdown

I have applied for certified copy of my 125crpc final order at saket family court, Delhi.
Due to lock down I did not get the copy.

Is there any way to get certified or uncertified copy ?

Anonymous   29 May 2020 at 18:10

Return company assets after long absence

I am terminated due to long absence (which I did not know)

They sent me legal notice to return company assets within 7 days

Today I got to know of the legal notice and today is last day and they may register police FIR for laptop theft.

I dropped them mail how to return the laptop to them but no reply

How to avoid police FIR. please advise.

Anonymous   29 May 2020 at 15:19

Execution of preliminary decree


I filed a partition suit and court passed a preliminary decree between the parties. I applied for final decree proceedings along with metes and bound. The against party by filing one or the other petition prolonged the case for many years. Meanwhile I am not able to pursue the case due to my work and my case was dismissed. I filed restoration petition which was allowed by the trial court . The against party aggrieved by the trial court filed civil revision petition in the high court. Against party while going to the high court did not issued any notice to me.. When I searched the high court website I found the case is pending without showing any next date of listing. Further there is no mention of either admitting the case or for any further hearing it shows only PENDING. There is no stay order or any order mentioned in the status. My counsel died recently and could not understand what is the status of my case. Whether I can move forward for filing final decree proceedings in the lower court or I should respond to the I.A. which is not showing any order or notices issued to me.
whether court will issue any order without my knowledge when there is no next listing date in pending case.

Please kindly clarify my doubt I am not understanding the legal implications about I.A. Pending in High Court.with out next listing date and any orders without notice how can respondent counsel appear for case.

Thank you,


Vinay Tripathi   29 May 2020 at 14:46

Sarfaesi proceedings validity

Sir, my question is bank has issued 13 (2) notice under sarfaesi act, upon the borrowers addresses , the principal borrower during that period was in jail and no notice has been served by bank in jail.
Weather this notice will be deemed served to the borrower or not??? And if his wife is also a borrower she served with the same notice will notice served to her fulfill the purpose of 13 (2) or not ????

Yogesh   29 May 2020 at 14:38

Transfer of immovable property

My father has gifted 3000sft land to me and my brother using gift deed. I have now built apartment alone with 100% investment from my side. My brother do not have capacity to invest. After construction there are 8 flats. My brother and I had mutual agreement that 2 flats will be given to him and 6 will be kept with myself. Since he hasn’t invested any amount he is also OK. Now I want the land to be proportionally distributed to secure the land title against my flats. Means I will have to own 75% of land instead of 50% which is in proportion to 6 flats. Which deed to preferred out of gift deed, or relinquishment deed or sales deed. Property is located in Chinchwad maharastra.

suneetha Jain   29 May 2020 at 14:07

Sbi case

Sir, My friend who was terminated in 2013 by SBI due to non disclosure of pending case (False allegations by the parents of a girl when my friend told the parents of the girl to whom his marriage is fixed that he is not interested to marry her as he wanted to marry another girl) at the time of appointment (The case is compromised in Lok adalat and copy is submitted to SBI before termination order is received). My friend filed a case in High court in 2013 and he got the order from the high court in 2017 that termination order is set aside and directed for reconsideration by SBI again. But, SBI didnot respect the court order and it said that it is sticking to the termination. Now, again, My friend has filed case in High court in 2017 citing that SBI didnot follow the instructions of the court. But, till now SBI didnot file the counter even after 2 years of filing the case.My Queries are:

1. Should SBI file the counter for early disposal of the case as his advocate friend told him that unless SBI files counter, we cannot request the judge for Expedite petition.
2. Can we approach SBI Chairman Sir and request him for reconsideration of judgement of the high court which was denied to be reconsidered by his subordinates

Deepa Sharma   29 May 2020 at 13:11

Non payment by the client (on behalf of aligation)

Dear Sir/Madam

Ref to my subject, I am doing service providing work for Insurance Companies. And one of my reputed client hold my payment, on behalf of an audio recording, submitted by the Claimant (single case). And send us a notice for not paid payment " due to bribe allegation". They hold our 100 cases payment, The said audio recording are not belongs to our worker. And we explain the company, but they not lesion to our clarification, and take one side decision, and declined to pay our payment. We once sent them a notice through advocate, but they not replied. So need the guidance. My client is Pune (Maharasthra).

with regards
Deepa Sharma

Anonymous   29 May 2020 at 11:46

Flour mill intolerable vibrations

Greetings to all Experts and readers,
I live in a row house, next to me lives my uncle with whom we share a common wall.
about 3 years back my uncle set up a flour mill next to my wall which causes nuisance and intolerable vibrations like we cannot sit on the floor even feels vibrations on sofas (our RCC G+1 structure is not designed for vibration loads)
The problem is the property belongs to my late grandfather but the legal owner of the house is my another uncle (not the one to live next to me, the third one, who is not ready to help), My grandfather properties are yet to be distributed.
My uncle who setup the flour mill took NOC with all the other neighbors and installed the flour mill like a secret operation, we only came to know when they started the mill.
we have electricity bill of our house in my name as a resident proof.
can we do something to get out of the pain, your value addition would be greatly appreciated
I kept the post anonymous for a reason, as legal experts I hope you guys will understand.

raviaggarwal   29 May 2020 at 09:44

Copyright over video classes

Please suggest procedures to get copy right over video lectures. Can it be taken in the name of Company whereby all future video content gets covered under this rights??

CA Vivek Kasat   29 May 2020 at 01:58

Signing of financial statements under companies act 2013

This question dates back to the year 2015.

A PVT ltd company has 3 directors of which 2 are staying outside of India (non resident) at one place and 1 is staying in India. It has also appointed a full time Company Secretary.

On 25th September 2015, Company realised that Financials are to be signed and none of the non-resident directors could travel to India and vice-versa.

So, what various options are available to comply with the provisions of section 134 related to signing of Financial Statements by the Company? Also plz give a very practical view i.e. where back dated paper work can also be prepared on this 25th September 2015.


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