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Awni Ranjan   26 December 2020 at 20:17

Foreign lotteries

Is it legal for a resident Indian to purchase foreign lotteries , e.g. American Lotto

Sumeet   26 December 2020 at 15:11

Grandmother property fraud

Hello dear lawyers,

The Facts are:-

My grandfather is mentally sick from many years and my grandmother died in 2005.

My grandmother had 10 acres of land in village and she died in 2005 without will.

It's been 15 years and still the land is in the name of my grandmother.

My father didn't knew about it that my grandmother had the land in village nor my grandfather told my parents because of mental health issue.

The land is cultivated by my grandmother's brother family and just one week back my father came to know from a villager that -

My grandmother's brother had taken a loan on that land 4 years back, didn't repaid the loan.

1 month back, the bank auctioned the land and the son of my Grandmother's brother brought it in very less amount by bank.

I was shocked, now the land in the name of ( Grandmother's brother's son).



Anonymous   26 December 2020 at 13:43

Modification/rectifiction in registered document of an house

how to rectify/ modify in the registree of an house registered t under the registration act 1908

Vishal Jain   26 December 2020 at 13:35

Car parking

Dear sir ,

We have 2 buildings in our society . The 1 st one is the tenant building and the 2 nd one is the ownership building made by the builder .
We have issue of car parking . The tenant are taxi drivers and they own around 30 taxis and they park their taxis in the common compound .
We wish to know if the taxis can be parked in coop societies or is there any legal way to stop them from parking those taxis .

Pls I need a reply very urgently and I would be obliged to you

Anonymous   26 December 2020 at 12:51

Ownership transfer

Hi Sir / Madam,

One of my friend purchased a Flat with a down payment of 10L and hence he was not eligible for housing loan and on his request I have taken the loan on his behalf and repaying his transferred amount from past 5 years.

Even Now he is not eligible by from some source he is able to pay the EMI regularly.

The Flat is Registered on my Name and the loan is also on my name.

Need assistance is there any way that can I make them assured that I will not cheat them . Can I make a joint registration or any other suggestions please.


pandya   26 December 2020 at 12:18

Purchase agricultural land in gujarat

My Father & My Brother are legal farmers,In Gujarat
My Father expired in 1992 leaving some agricultural land ,it was transferred to my mothers name,my brothers name and my name me(sister),
Later due to family seperation my mother and me( I ) released our right in favour of my brother,in the year 1999
Now my mother nor I do not have any agricultural land in our name,
Is it possible today that my brother gifts me some agricultural land,my brother is still a farmer and he has got agricultural land in his name,

Anonymous   26 December 2020 at 12:04

Dastavej and share certificate

Hello, I am living in a co. op. housing society. There are around 70 houses and society is built around 60 years ago. In today's situation in most of the houses two or three families are living by dividing house in front & back or in different floors. Now society has given one share certificate to one house. There are no Dastavej done for any house yet. In our case house is in the name of my grand mother and share certificate is also in the name of my grand mother. Scoiety is saying that in the share certificate there could be a name of one person only, they can't allote a share certificate having two names (of my father & uncle) My question is why is this so?I want to make property in a separate names i.e one portion is in name of my uncle and other one in name of my father. They both should be free to sale or take a loan on their portion of the property without any one's sign or consent. Can you please suggest some way out of it? If yo are suggesting to do dastavej that how much it will cost to each parties? Thank you.

kunhi marakkar   26 December 2020 at 08:11


Is land tax receipt mandatory to release an accused on bail who is in jail?If not,what is alternative way to give guarantee?7

Awni Ranjan   25 December 2020 at 19:38


This is a real case.
Mr X ( a grandfather ) died at the age of 88 and before death had made specific will for distribution of movable and immovable property.

He also had stocks and shares of several companies worth rupees two crores approximately at the time of his death.
During his lifetime itself he had made specific nominations in the favour of his grandson and the nominations were duly confirmed by the respective companies. And were in the full knowledge of the grandson and other legal heirs.

BUT he had NOT made any will for this financial asset in any manner whatsoever.


Based on the already registered nominations the companies opened another account in the name of grandson and transferred all the stocks and shares.


The grandson sold shares worth forty lacs out of the two crore.
MY questions are as below:
(1) Whether the grandson is liable to capital gains tax
(2) If yes, then what will be the (a) acquisition and or purchase value
(3) Whether the acquisition value will be the same as that which was purchased by Mr.X ( grandfather )
(4) Whether the acquisition value will be "ZERO "
(5) Whether the acquisition value will be the market value of the the socks and shares on the date of death of the grandfather

Please also take into account any supreme court judgement involving NOMINATION AS A TRUSTEE , if any
HOPE, I am able to make the whole issue abundantly clear

KINDLY give opinion

Awni Ranjan

Tushar Santra   25 December 2020 at 17:42

Advise on how to approach highcourt for drinking water

Respected all legal professionals,
Myself Tushar Santra,a resident of Vi-Kishorchalk,Post-Namalbard,Dist-Purba Medinipur,West Bengal.due to livelihood i am staying in Mumbai and my elder brother a scientist working with IIT Chennai.we all are away from our 80 years old parents. In 2019 local panchayet linked every home through pipelines for drinking water and accordingly they have collected Rs 2000 from our house as well unfortunately till today my family is not receiving water.My father has complained to BDO,Panchayet,Panchayet member,police station,district legal service authority but no result.Finally on 10th September 2020 i have sent a letter to Chief minister of West Bengal and copy to Jal shakti ministry,PHD department ,Govt of west Bengal but no result.

Again on 6th November 2020 i have filed a petition to Honorable President of India,Honorable Prime Minister of India and National Human rights commission.Human rights commission filled a case on 27th November 2020 and petition to the Honorable President and Prime minister has been forwarded to the chief secretary and joint secretary,Govt of West Bengal but till today now progress.Pratidin Newspaper has written an article on the same but no result.

at the age of 82 my father goes far away to get two buckets of drinking water and when sick they boil water from the nearby dirty pond and survive.however if any neighbor help us with water then they get threat from local operator for disconnection. During this winter its becomes more difficult for my parents to go far away and get two buckets of drinking water hence by folding my two hands i am begging in front of every govt official to facilitate us drinking water but no result till today.

background of the incident: We are a family where we don't support any political party and vote based on the candidate however my uncle he is a Trinamul congress leader hence as per my uncle he want my parents to relocate to Mumbai or chennai so that he will able to encroach our huge land as a result not allowing to give us water.

would appreciate if you could guide us where to approach and how to approach to get the facility.

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