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Rakesh   03 November 2019 at 17:51

Rent agreement issue

Hi everyone,

I'm currently living on rent in Mumbai and I've a registered rent agreement (of 12 months) for using the residential property. Just wanted to know if this is legal document since the rent agreement is between landlady and me?
Please note that the owners are husband and wife and the flat is registered in both of their name. The wife is first co-owner of the house.
Can you also please advice if I can use the rent agreement for making passport?

Manohar   03 November 2019 at 13:49

Trader not returning capital amount and profit

Dear Sirs,

One person has introduced his platform for passive income earnings on Facebook, he is forex and amazon dropshiping trader. He assured guaranteed returns on our investments. Profit on investment is from 20% to 50% depending on invested days, initially we have checked with small investments of rupees 25000, so he returned as per the commitment, Capital+profit. Then On October, 2018 we group of 5 people have invested huge amount with this person and he assured a guaranteed reruns of 20 to 50%. For all our investment he has sent a confirmation email with deal expiry and payment dates.
We paid amount through bank transfer to his bank account.
In this period of our investment he use to share all the profit trade details on his Facebook page, we all are believed that he would return our money with profit.
After the expiry of our investment date, we started to ask for our payment, but he always give excuses's saying he got good profit but it is in US dollars, not be able to exchange because of General elections, after elections he told he will return within month as USD exchange is in process.
He didn't returned and keep on postponing the payment date.
Now he started new idea, saying trade gone loss, so he can only pay the Capital, we agreed for that also but now he is playing with us and he say, when he want to pay.
We invested by taking loan and now worried about, as bank loan always a burden. we need to pay emi regularly.
When we ask for our money he is ignoring and sometimes says do whatever you can, if you want money wait for some more months, he telling in a wrong way. We are in feeling of fear and anxiety now, please suggest us how can we recover our money. We have all the screen shots of his facebook posting which says he got huge profits from trades.
Kindly Help us sir, based on your suggestion we shall take further steps...
Thanking you

SWITU PATEL   03 November 2019 at 10:00

New fresh passport

MY BIRTH DATE 05-08-1974



Neeraj Jha   03 November 2019 at 09:16

Dispute with american mnc

Dear Experts,

I am employee of Bechtel a American MNC, there were 3000 people working in company in 2017, now after cutting now 1500 people are working there.

Companies top Managers found crupt and they fired from company immideatly from US office after this episode company continuously cut off the strength in Indian office.

Majorly people have been fired out and some were sent on leaves (without pay if no leaves in account) I am one of them are on leaves.

People are not agree to fight with company in this matter because all afraid for their leave's money and salaries and for bad impression on their career.

But I am against to company and want to take a step on this wrong. I am agree if my money will struck for 1 to 2 years too but I want to teach this company a lesson. Because I worked in this company on a special customised work and the similar work experience job is rarely found in the market, since they spoiled my career after continues working in the company for 10 years.

Now I have debt (Home loan) and company without thinking from my side took the decision.

Problem is not that they sent me on leave problem is they are hiring few people for other department and not giving me chance for that instead and also giving the increments to rest of people still working in company.

Company doesn't have moral values, no emotions, no faithful they think only for profit

Please guide me I am not getting any similar job in the market because the work I done in the company was very rare. And I never thought this would happen. Now I am helpless

Shruti Shruti   03 November 2019 at 07:48

Specific hearing dates

Hi All,
I am appearing as party in person for the case against a criminal case in magistrate court. The case is about family fights for which the defacto complainant made a criminal complaint as tress pass in hhouse, criminal intimidation, harras.

As I am working, I am not able to get leaves from office to appear for hearings.
Is there an option to request for providing the hearings on saturday (In this magistrate every 1st saturday is working day).?

Anonymous   03 November 2019 at 00:01

Gift deed

Dear sir on the year of 2000 my grandmother had given empty land to me by unconditional gift deed method but now her younger daughters has convinced her by saying badly about us
And now my grandmother is joined with them and sent notice to me so can you help me by clarify my doubts thats is it possible to cancle the gift deed by law
And its self acquired property and my grandmother had bought it as own and on year of 2000 she done this gift deed settlement with out any conditions.

Thank you

Ankush dahiya   02 November 2019 at 22:38

Burden of proof in civil and criminal are same?


Anonymous   02 November 2019 at 21:56

Is intimation to neighbour mandatory before selling a proper

I have a freehold land ( owned by inherittence) and I want to sell it. Is it mandatory to inform my neighbour
(Who is residing just near to my house) before selling it ?
Thanks in advance .

Anonymous   02 November 2019 at 21:50

Sec 125 maintenance

There is one case pending for maintenance and it is at the stage of cross examination of the me and it is deferred . now all of sudden respondent (husband) has moved an application without any section/ provision to bring on record some chats/ messages which are claimed to be of mine and attached one certificate under sec65 B . Now ques is whether respondent can bring at this stage where I am being cross examined and it is deferred can file application to bring on record some documents which he has not filed earlier with his Written statement. If yes then under which provision/ section of law. (civil or criminal). Further second ques is when I was at my matrimonial home then he has taken my phone silently and take some screenshots of messages/ chats with some of my friend and these were available with him since begining of the case and now he wants to bring chats on record by moving an application to place some additional documents/ chats. He has taken those chats by fraud from my phone . How he can put all those chats done from my number to my friend. Could court ask him that how he had all those, I believe Taking chats from someone numbers without his consent is an offence .Please suggest . I need the support and help.

Anonymous   02 November 2019 at 21:29

Regarding ews certificate

One of the criteria to be eligible for EWS certificate is not to have RESIDENTIAL FLAT Of more than 1000 square feet..I have a two floor house whose plot size is 800 square feet...I want to know if the area considered will be 800 sq ft or 800*2=1600sq ft


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