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amol   07 April 2022 at 21:52

Residential to commercial property

Respected Sir / Madam,
In partition suit of residential 2 property our(plaintiff) temp. injunction is accepted by honr. court. Opposite side 4 defendants who are brother of plaintiff.

But we come to know even after court order, one defendant has converted one residential property from residential to commercial property for commercial use and . We come to know when defendant installed commercial water connection.

Honr. court order in temp injunction is as below:

" Defendants are restrained by issuing temporary injunction from alienating or disposing of suit property or from creating any third party interest or restrained from constructing on suit property till the final adjudication of the suit "

What are the things covered under words "alienating", "disposing of suit property" and "creating any third party interest"?

Can above temp. injunction restraining order covers and restrict defendants from conversion of residential property to commercial by words "alienating", "disposing of suit property" and "creating any third party interest" ?

Which word in order is necessary in court order to restrict conversion of residential property to commercial?

Can I file another inunction application for this or only informing court is sufficient?

Anonymous   07 April 2022 at 20:50

Face trial or plead guilty in ipc 338 accident case

A person was accidentally hit by my car and got grievous injuries and police registered IPC 338 on me. I tried to settle but the injured is not ready to settle the case.

Now i got summons from court to appear.
I heard that if I plead guilty and pay fine then the case is closed and i can move on with my life.

1. Is this true?
2. If i plead guilty, are there any chances, i will go to jail immediately?
3. If i plead guilty, will i get passport and visa for higher education?
4. If i go for trial, if i got convicted at the end what will happen?

Should i plead guilty or consult a lawyer to face the trail ? Please help me so that I can decide what next has to be done and plan accordingly

Kiran Nagarsheth   07 April 2022 at 12:53

Kjp in land records

What is full form of KJP and what is the imllication of KJP records

Anonymous   07 April 2022 at 06:43

Wrong loan on aggriculture land by sbi housing

My mother taken loan from SBI Bank Jalandhar for purchase a aggriculture land joining with already purchased land we have shortage money 12 lac against 11 marla land we have total 80 Marla land sbi bank pass land purchase approved loan and mortgage aggriculture land all 80 marlas but loan section in home loan on aggriculture land
After few months later mother serious health heart' problems started admitted in hospital
Critical medical problems and huge money spent on treatment
SBI account NPA
Bank manager not agree to settlement
We offer money with all interest but refused
We filled case at Hon'ble Court DRT chd as orders deposit 3 lc we deposited and offered full amount settlement but there some sarc manger never given chance given much harrasment to mother and my mother expired
Do to the manger harrasment
and till date sbi bank not given documents or not sattelled my case of loan after long time some manager told us SBI sale land to ARCIL company verbal information not on documents
and on visit our agricultural land the ARCIL installed company board under sarfesi act 2002
Sale proceedings we contact them manger said we sold on e auction how it can possible without notice we ask them but not replying
On futher advice what we do

ritesh shah   06 April 2022 at 20:49

Prop tax & maint misallocated in 2 different sra societies

SRA rehab part = Society-A
Sra Salable part = Society-B

- both societies registered separately

- misallocation, prop tax goes in Society-A & registration details are found in Society-B


1. Is resolution required to raise the bill ? Where bill was not raised by 1st committee of Society-B for 9 years (as property tax was not coming in Society-B, so were not aware about membership of the unit, so they assumed its part of the Society-A)

2. then is it required to pass resolution by Society-B , under this circumstance ?

3a. If a resolution passed | where there is only sign of chairman and three NON MEMBERS | is the resolution valid?
3b. and if no audits are done from past 15+ years is the resolution valid?

4. resolutions needs to be sent to the registrar / SRA to have its validation ?

5. Then if unsigned bills are so raised can be charged for interest ? such bills can b denied?

6a. can Society pass resolutions in AGM, for billing the legal fees to member on a case to case basis for notice received from member or on defaults?
6b. any provision in byelaws required?

I am ready to pay outstanding old maintenance, but society is forcefully charging interest and harassing for auditing accounts,

kindly let me as queried above regards to validity of bills and liability of interest..

kindly guide.
thanks and regards

shyam lal   06 April 2022 at 19:28

Rent agreement

Land lord and tenant enter into a rental agreement in writing on ₹50 stamp paper for period of 11 months where in it is agreed upon rent to be paid in advance on the 1st day of every month.
The situation is the land lord takes cash only and does not give any receipts for the same.
Query what after 11 months the land lord asks to pay the entire rent as there is no proof payment.
What is way out in such a situation? Can the rent agreement be show to him that rent has been always paid in advance will this move be sufficient to stop him in his wrong intentions.

Anonymous   06 April 2022 at 17:50

Making pedhi namu with new added names of 3 rd generation.

The names mentioned in the property are all dead. ( Grandmother & Maternal Uncle's) . The birth or the death certificate of my grandmother and one of my uncle's out of 2 is not available as they all died in South Africa. All were Indian Origin by birth but emigrated to South Africa and now all are dead. Two daughters of my grandmother ( one my mother and my aunt ) is also dead. We are the granddaughters to the ancestral property. What should be done in such a case to aquire the property ? My cousins are not taking any interest in this Indian property.

Kanti Kamal Sen   06 April 2022 at 17:50

agm of an unregistered association- can it be held?

We hava an Association of Persons,which is not registered with any Act.But we have a PAN in the name of the Association.There is no mention of convening Annual General Meeting in the Agreement of the Association. Can it call an Annual General Meeting?

Toni S. Sachdevani   06 April 2022 at 14:05

Order 37- summary suit

On the first date, when the suit (Registered by Office as Summary Suit) was placed before the Judge, she passed order of re-registering it as Ordinary Suit saying that it was not maintainable as Summary Suit and disposed of the Suit.

What remedy is available to challenge the Order??

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous   06 April 2022 at 12:06

Eligibility for other govt job if major penalty imposed

I wanna know if a psu bank employee commits fraud and no FIR is registered against him but disciplinary action is taken against him. Bank imposed major penalty of increments down or lower down to position but he is not terminated and he continues working in the same organisation.whether he is eligible for other govt jobs or not? If one clear other govt exam and at the time of interview, a bio data form has to fill, in which he has to state any disciplinary action by previous this major penalty cause problem or not in future other govt jobs??

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