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Hardik Panchal   02 December 2021 at 20:07

Brother acquired land

The ancestral land was distributed in 2007 and it was legally registered. but in 2017 after resurvey which wasnt informed & we were not aware as we live in another city, the actual area of the land was changed and was included in elder brothers 7/12. After getting aware we tried to convice the elder brother but he is not in the mood of giving our rightful shares back and now he has acquired the part of our land. what we can do in this situation. There is an entry of distribution in the 7/12 which defines the distribution and 50-50 shares of the property can we use that as proof and can do any legal action on them ? please help!

Siva   02 December 2021 at 18:51

Dont know case is going correctly

I have crpc 417 & 420 on me. Person A lodge complaint on me with some of her associates person B, C and D. Police lodge complaint and taken statement B, C and D as evidance of this case. In fact, police taken money from them and supporting them. Police summoned 2-3 times to go police station for enquiry, but i didnt go as i know police wont talk for me. Then police filed chargesheet and case started 5 years ago, until last month person A to D and police never appear to court for hearing, but every month i went court. Suddenly all people A, B, C & D came to court and just reitterate what they told in the complaint and as per chargesheet. Actualy the case is, A is telling me i got huge money from her with no evidence. Person B, C and D are her friends, they just went to police station when she complaint me. Police treated B, C and D as evidence for what A given in the complaint, but not direct evidence for that money transaction.

My lawer never cross question actively when A, B, C, D on the box during the enquiry in the court, but he says, now we can just hear what ABCD tell to the court. Actual argument will happen only later stage. No need to cross question them when they stand on the box. I thought he should cross question them when they stand in box in front of judge instead just hear and finally arge with opponent lawyer. I suspect they may not come back to court or opponent lawyer can oppose to not bring them to court later when my lawer request.

Is court procedure is like that? Is my lawyer says true? Otherwise can I meet Judge in person to explain my side?

raju   02 December 2021 at 18:26

Transfer of case

Victim of sexual assault her case court taken as IPC Complaint private pending for complainant evidence. Can this criminal case be transferred to another district.

Maya Singh   02 December 2021 at 17:53

How to convert regular suit to commercial suit

I had filed a suit in May, 2015 in Bombay High Court, Original side, when commercial courts act had not come. Mine is a commercial dispute matter but since the court fees was not paid and only paid in January, 2020 hence the suit got registered but as a regular suit in October, 2021. My advocate is unable to convert (does not know the procedure to convert regular suit to commercial suit) it to commercial suit. Please if your learned can advise I shall be highly obliged.

Anonymous   02 December 2021 at 12:43

Chain of title

Kindly advise whether while mortgaging a hospital property, whether the lease agreement between the company/hospital and the landlord (also the directors of the company) formpart of the chain of title deed

Saikrishna kandhikatla   01 December 2021 at 13:18

Regarding an appeal not maintainable

My issue is a landlord and tenant issue. We are landlords. The tenant didnot pay the rent for months and now the rent stood at Rs. 3 lakhs. We recently got a decree to collect the rent from the tenant. But, tenant said that he will go for appeal. Now, we want a judgement which mentions that, untill and unless the rent is deposited with the court, the appeal should not be allowed. Can any expert help me in this issue ?

Anonymous   30 November 2021 at 14:35

Consumer protection in karnataka

Hi Experts,

I have placed an order for a sofa set and a dining table with a furniture store in one of the districts of Karnataka state.

Total cost is 1,00,000/ - and to begin the work the store guy has already collected 50% of payment from me as advance.

It has been two months since 50% payment, till date, I have not received any updates from the store whatsoever. My calls are not answered and dealer keeps dodging me with various excuses.

Store has not given my any receipt towards my payment, however, i have all the bank transactions deatils as it was an online transaction.

How can I go about in cancelling my order and taking full refund of what I have already paid and am I eligible to claim damages?

Kindly guide - thanks in advance.

Anonymous   30 November 2021 at 13:24

Stamp duty

dear sir/madam

I have registered sale agreement around 2 years ago and i paid the stamp duty as per market value of the property. Now when i went to registered the sale deed register asking me to pay the stamp duty on current value of the property. suggest. when i have registered or unregistered sale agreement value of property as on sale agreement payable or value of the property at the time registeration of sale is payable. kindly advise me.


Louis Naidu   30 November 2021 at 11:28

Family issues

My name is Louis, my issue is about family matter, my wife took are 10years old daughter and has applied for divorce, I have not seen my daughter for 2years as my wife has blocked my number, recently I came to no she is started staying with one of my family member, and having affair with him I went to police station but they are helpless, I even went to barosa cell in cp office, they called my wife to come but she is not cooperative, due to this I had attempt to end my self many times, I m not able to handle my personal life, I m totally broken and exhausted, can u help me with my problem please🙏my wife and her boyfriend planned everything step by step, and now staying with her boyfriend,

Anonymous   29 November 2021 at 23:24

Slp due to gross injustice?

For a number of years now, High Court has repeatedly passed orders contrary to the law, dismissing our criminal writ petitions thrice, and always denying relief sought. This has happened even during the pandemic. Moreover, two applications for placing on record some vital documents have been left pending, while deciding the most recent writ petition.

Is this repeated conduct of the High Court of not following the concerned Act and the law, and now also leaving two applications for placing on record some vital documents pending, while dismissing the writ petitions and denying the relief sought, constitute gross injustice sufficient enough to file an SLP on this ground?

Or is it advisable to raise questions of law in the SLP?

Sorry for being anonymous, but it is important.

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