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Anonymous   30 March 2022 at 22:05

Entry of niece in service record

I am a railway servant and soon to be retired, being female whether I can keep my niece (Daughter of younger brother) with me
My brother and his wife has been living with me at present
I just want my niece to be well benefited with my railway service perks without damaging her future claim on property of biological parents as well as parental right on daughter, kindly guide as I am not married and want my niece financially secure whether I would be or not in future and my niece would not have to be compromised with education on financial ground

Env Coord   29 March 2022 at 22:47

Service of summons by plaintiff to opposite party

Hello Experts,

I am Decree Holder in a ongoing Summary Execution Case. Judge allowed my application to serve J.D. (opposite parties) copies of applications moved by me. My next hearing is on 21st April, 2022. My queries are as follows:-

1. If D.H. serves summons with copies of applications via registered post (A.D.) under Order V Rule 9A of CPC then is it necessary to file affidavit of service by D.H. ?

2. Is there any format in Code of Civil Procedure for affidavit of service of summons by Plaintiff or Decree Holder ? If yes which provision in First Schedule shall be referred to ?

3. Is it necessary to attached R.P.A.D. card or online postal report of delivery along with affidavit or only sworn affidavit is sufficient in order to qualify as good service of summons?

Awaiting expert advice.

Best Regards
(D.H. in Regular E.P.)

Guru   29 March 2022 at 21:36

Can police personally slaps or beat a person ?

Hello sir , may I know can police beat a person for his sake ? Personally . Such as by political influence to get higher promotion in his job or to make favour for other party or for bribe/money ? If not , please let me know sir under which section does this crime falls sir ? Thank you .

Anonymous   29 March 2022 at 20:27

Demand for papers

Respected Experts,
my friend died 2 months ago, he had taken a Business loan of Rs 50 lakhs from bank of baroda, I was the guarantor for the said loan, now the bank is giving me notice to pay the pending loan amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs,
I visited the bank and demanded " A copy of the Business loan Agreement " the bank refused to give me a copy of the said agreement.
respected what can I do now?
should I demand papers through RTI or Send a legal Notice Demanding the papers through an Advocate.

Arjun Arjun   29 March 2022 at 12:57

Bail in non bailable case

My cousin is a central govt employee(statistical investigator). He was assaulted by a person for the reason of visiting houses for data collection purpose in day time, when most of the male members are away for work. My cousin was admitted to hospital and hospitalised.
Police shared his residence address, mobile number etc to the opposite party and the opposite party is calling/visiting his house for compromise.
SI of the police station told his office in charge that as per their enquiry in the area, my cousin was not wearing id card and this is the reason for beating my cousin. However, SI is not true.
Also, the culprit was bailed by the police. Kindly reply whether police can give bail in a non bailable offense like attacking a public servant in work?

Anonymous   28 March 2022 at 19:44

Untill mageistrate tomorrow , i'm.

Drunk person tries to tie up the police person to avoid missbehave from this police person on him .

in return to this , police person took him like kidnapers and trapped him into police car.

in moving car , he kicked him with boats resulted into full blackish on left side mxillary of skull , slapped him to his ears resulted into left ear dubbness .

He said that untill Mageistrate tomorrow , I'm . ( that means he has enough time to beat him again and again till tomorrow ) .

after some away , he taken him off the car and started to beat with rod.

Does that police person what he did is all illegal ? May I know what victim have to do next to get justice , Please help . Thank you .

Anonymous   28 March 2022 at 15:32

Ptcl act 1978 karnataka

Dear sir in the PTCL act-1978 of karnataka, non- alienation period of 15 years which is to be consider wheather the Date of granted date or the date of issue of saguvali chiti

Anonymous   28 March 2022 at 15:04

Encashing father's signed cheques after his death

My father passed away 12-March'22 and he left behind signed 3 cheques (without date) for us to withdraw. I have issued father one cheque(Account pay- my account number) date 24 march'2022 and bank did not know my father is death so credited amount. so my question is, I will know to bank for my father death then this cheque will be affect for this account closing account or other process.
also one more question this cheque is valid or not.

ks   28 March 2022 at 06:59

Perjury filing procedure

Dear Experts,

My cases of divorce, maintenance and child custdoy running in the family court. I want to file perjury for the false statements made by my wife. ( Not going into the contents of the same as it will distract from my core question.) Normal procedure that I have seen is litigants file an application of perjury in the ongoing case. And then in several other applications and procedures perjury application is left unattended.

But can I file a separate case for perjury ? One of the expert has somewhere mentioned in LCI forum that there is a Bombay High Court judgement which says that separate case number can be there. If some one pls share that judgement or other similar judgement then it will be of great help.

Anonymous   28 March 2022 at 00:40

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