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Queries Participated

irfan   27 May 2022 at 09:42

Pre sale notice received from hdfc bank

Dear experts,

My brother took gold loan from HDFC Bank in the Last year and paying regular intrest on the same.
He also hold credit card from HDFC Bank wherein he was paying minimum amount till March but missed in the month Apr,
He also having consumer loan with HDFC Bank where he is regular in emi.
He also has micro loan wherein our standing left as two emi

We received pre sale notice from the bank 1st time wherein it's written that we should consider this as a final notice and stated that they will combine the gold with there outstanding amounts of all loan and will sale it if he fails to repay.
Please help me with ur advice.
Irfan Mulla

Anonymous   26 May 2022 at 20:36

Regarding legal heirs

My father died recently. He has 2 sons (including me ) and 1 daughter. My brother died in an accident 4 years back, he has a daughter.

I am planing to apply for legal heir certificate of my father. I have to mention all legal heir names in the application form. I am getting confused here.

Should I mention my brother wife name or his daughter name in my father's legal heir certificate application form ?.

I would like to who are legal heirs to my father in this case.

suneetha Jain   26 May 2022 at 10:58

Partition deed among co owners of house and land properties

Sir, one House and 3 land plot Properties ( in Andhra Pradesh )are in Joint ownership among three brothers (after removing the rights of Mother and Sister legally.). Recently one of the brothers has passed away. He has Legal heirs (Wife, two minor daughters, Mother). Out of the remaining two brothers, one of them is settled in USA and has no intention to return to India.

Now, the remaining two brothers and the wife of deceased brother discussed on the properties and decided on which property should go to whom so that they can separate away. I request you to please let us know the procedure of separation

Anonymous   23 May 2022 at 17:22

Resignation & unpaid salary

Worked for delhi branch of a co in mumbai for 2.6 yrs.

As per appointment letter
Probation period was 6 months which could be extended. No confirmation letter given after 6 months. During probation period co can ask to leave at 7 days notice period.Court jurisdiction Mumbai. My place of work Delhi.

For the last 2 years co paying half salary without anything in writing w.r.t salary cut. Suddenly HR informed on phone that today is my last day and no salary will be payable from tomorrow.

I Requested to issue relieving letter but .not received yet. What can I do for relieving letter and pending salary.

Anonymous   22 May 2022 at 00:16

Accident case impact on government job

A a person was hit by my car from backside, he sustained multiple fractures. His family members gave complaint to police.
Now, Police filed IPC 338 on me and they gave me station bail.
I tried to help the injured but his family is demanding hefty money from me which i cannot give.
Police suggested me to contact some good criminal lawyer to defend in the court as there is clear evidence of my negligence on my side.
Police also said that in a month or two, i would get notice from court also.
police also said that i would be behind the bars for 1 year as per criminal law.

I am bank employee and my colleagues are also there in the car with me.
If any one of my colleague informs to the higher officials, will i get suspended because of on going criminal case on me?
Should i inform officials about the accident case before my colleagues does? will i get suspended and eventually gets terminated from the service?

Please help me what should i do, need some valid suggestions as it is linked to my livelihood.

Anonymous   21 May 2022 at 19:46


Myself failed to pay interim maintenance to my wife but paid 70 % of due amount.
Court issue warrant against me.
I am a government servant.
If court sent me to jail, can I suspended ?
As I failed to fully comply court's order, is there is any risk of my service ?

Anonymous   20 May 2022 at 07:48

Resignation - notice period

I resigned from an IT services company on 20 April 2022 due to better opportunity and dis-satisfaction. As per the appointment letter, an employee has to give 3 months notice before leaving the company.  At the time of resignation I did not have any project/work. Recently the manager has assigned a new task and asked me to complete it before last working day (19th July 2022)  otherwise he is planning to extend the last working day indefinitely.  Completion of this new task before last working day may not be possible even i work 12 hours/day.

The date of joing in the other compay  will be on 21 July 2022. If not joined on this date, the offer will be cancelled. They may extend only a few days on request.

My anxiety now is that if the current company will not relieve me on or before 19th July 2022, I  will become jobless. Because I lose current job due to resignation and other job offer will be cancelled automatically.

Please suggest whether i could file the case in court if current employer will not relieve me before last working day (19 July 2022) on the basis of voilation of notice period term.


Anonymous   19 May 2022 at 15:18

Uncontested case by farmer decreed against

Dear sir/madam ,I have purchased a plot in 2019 developed by a private builder. This land was initially developed by another society and allotted to its members and the society lost the land to the farmer(daughters share). Now the members who got the site allotted lost the title for their plots due to SC judgement against their society. The previous member allottee related to my current plot had put a case on the farmer( daughter). The farmer had filed written statement but did not contest further bec she sold the plots and it was never infromed to me. The court had given decree based on facts said by the allottee and documents produced by the allotee without opposite party (farmer daughters). Before the case was decreed, I have already put a fresh case on thé allottee and got a permanent injunction untill disposal of the suit. The allotte had counter calim my written statement saying they already have a decree against the farmer. Should I now challenge this decree in high court or can i continue with my case which i have against the allotte as the current owner.?

Balakrishnan Ramaraj   19 May 2022 at 00:05

Land recategorize and sub divisioning

Dear Expert,

I own an agricultural land of 50 cent and attached to a open well of 17 cent both are on different survey number. 50 cent is owned by completely by me and open well is joint of 3 share .

now share holders asking me to open well land to divide the in to 3 share .

i have no idea about this please help me


Balakrishnan Ramaraj   18 May 2022 at 23:59

Personal protection and safety

Dear Expert,

I am a senior citizen aged around 72 and living with my wife aged around 62 in Tamil Nadu state. we have land dispute issue with neighbours and relatives. my son and daughter are living in Chennai for there work visit once in a month. we are facing lot of threatening and oral violence with this member. and we have filed a police compliant and Police not taking any steps to help me and wife.

Please help / Guide me to escalate this case to higher officers and live a peaceful life.



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