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raju   17 April 2023 at 16:30

Sale deed

Registry of plot was done by sub registrar. The seller had filed complaint that money is due on the basis of behaina as he is having the copy. My query is that does behaina have any value which registry is done

Anonymous   16 April 2023 at 19:13

Verbal agreement is valid or invalid in court of law

On good faith I have make part payment to purchase a property. Written agreement is not done, but the owner handover procession of said property before registration.

Since there is no written agreement, by muscle power with the help of notorious agents they repeatedly want to ousting me from the property.

How can I get any relief at court ? Please help me.

Anonymous   16 April 2023 at 02:26

Nri arrested on complaint by indian embassy staff

One staff of indian emabssy filed a case, claiming to be embassy of india, without any due authorization, against me with saudi police and I was in jail for 100 days .
When My mother approached kerala High Court, the embassy submitted an affidavit saying they did not file any case.
But they submitted a different affidavit in Saudi court, saying I have accepted my guilt and is seeking pardon.
Because of that, I was convicted and now stranded in saudi arabia, without job or legal status.
How can I force Embassy to submit a true affidavit to authorities and cancel the punishments I am suffering.

Anonymous   16 April 2023 at 01:49

My dvc appeal dismissed

Hi Sir, please see the order of lower court (DVC)

Business : In the result, the petition is partly allowed and the following reliefs are hereby granted in favour of the petitioner. 1) A monetary relief u/s 20(d) of the PWDV act is granted hereby in favour of the petitioner whereby the respondents no.1 is directed to pay maintenance of Rs.10,000/-(ten thousand only) per month to the petitioner form the date of this order, payable on or before 10th of every succeeding month. 2). The respondent is directed to return the cash of Rs.1,00,000/- and motor bike presented to him at the time of marriage to the petitioner or the worth of it, within 6 months. 3) Am amount of Rs.5,00,000/-(Five lakhs only) is hereby granted to the petitioner towards compensation and the respondent No.1 is hereby directed to pay such amount to the petitioner, within six months from the date of this order. 4) The other reliefs sought by the petitoner are hereby dismissed. 5). The petition against the respondents No.2 is dismissed. 6) The petition against the respondent No.3 is abated. 30. officer is directed to serve the copy of order on both parties at free of cost as per sec.24 of the act. Copy of this order shall be communicated to the concerned protection officer and concerned police for the purpose of assistance in its effective implementation

I preferred fot appeal in the MSJ court and my appeal was dismissed confirmation the lower court order.

Please help me

Hilal Ahmad Malik   15 April 2023 at 23:59

Ews criteria and elegibility

Sir/ Madam
I am a govt employee and married person having seprate family not living with my parents but living in same house as seprate household.
My income is below 8 lack
But my father's residential area (the only residential plot basically an agricultural land in which our house is constructed) is more than 200 sq yards.
Now my question is Am I elegible of EWS catagory as I don't posses any property.
I need it as I m preparing for a competitive exam.
Please clear my doubt.

Suman Kundu   15 April 2023 at 22:30

Inclusion of private terrace in sale deed

I am going to buy and register an apartment with Private Terrace which is attached /adjacent to the apartment, the entry is possible only through the apartment and has Exclusive rights of entry with the Owners only.

Request your kind advise on the best narration to include the same in Sale deed.

Best Regards,

Anonymous   15 April 2023 at 16:29

7th pay scale arrears claim

I was joined an Unaided Engineering College in Maharashtra on 16-6-1986 as Lecturer. I retired as a Associate Professor in May 2021. Govt. of Maharashtra as per GR dtd 11 Sept 2019, implemented 7 th pay scales to the Engg. College teachers. But till date, 7th pay scales are not implemented by my college.
I want to claim salary difference as per 7th pay scales from 1-1-2016 to 31-5-2021 (retirement date).
Can I claim it in High Court or any other lower court?
Please give me a right advice

Member (Account Deleted)   15 April 2023 at 15:57

About compensation job in bsnl

My father has expired due to accidental death in 2016. And it has been 7years now ,Still my mother didn't get compensation job in bsnl .And my mother has no pension. I don't know why this bsnl not understanding their employees family problems. When will my mother get the job?

Anonymous   15 April 2023 at 14:55

False 498a

I have married in year 2008. After two months of marriage, due to immense pressure from my wife, I had been forced to saperated from my parents.

Unfortunately, on 2012 my wife saperated from me.

On 2013, I have filed RCR case, but she had requested to dismiss my RCR petition. I have withdrawn said RCR case before judgement.

On 2015, I have filed divorce suit. The said suit is in argument stage, wherein the District Judge agreed to pass divorce in my favour- since the wife has requested to reject RCR petition.

On 2016, she has filed 498 A against me & my family without any specific allegation.

As per her statement, after eight years of saperated from in-laws she is filing 498A case.
After four years of saperation with husband she has filing 498 A case.

Charge-sheet is filed, but charge is not framed till date.

Can I file acquittal petition in concerned court based on limitation period ?

Anonymous   15 April 2023 at 13:06

Spouse ground mutual transfer

I got job in a PSU and posted in july 2018 in Maharashtra .I got married on February 2019. My husband is currently posted in a teaching job, which is a non-transferable central government job at tripura. He has joined Government institute just to make sure we can come together as per government policy for spouse.

Earlier In 2019, I applied for transfer through deputation for telangana state (where my husband was previously working) but I did not get any positive response. I requested but since at that time my husband’s job was private, the application was never replied.

In january-2021, I applied for transfer again on deputation basis to UP East so as I could reach nearby to my father’s house in Uttar Pradesh. At that time my father was facing some health issues and my husband was in a private job so he was ready to switch job to nearby place. In feb'21, I got mutual transfer request. So, I initiated mutual transfer request. I am still waiting for the response and despite of sending many email, no communication was shared to me till date. In 2022, other employee with whom I was taking mutual transfer, got promoted and got one side transfer to same office I am working.

In october'21, I ask my father to come to Mumbai for his treatment (3rd stage gallbladder cancer). Unfortunately, my father passed away fighting with cancer. It is becoming very difficult for me to bear such mental trauma in absence of my family. I am also facing Gynaecological issues since 2021 due to stress and my health is not supporting.
In November 22, I again applied for mutual transfer on spouse ground to agartala for Northeast with a person working at shillong office(as tripura and meghalaya is handled by same higher authority) . I didn't get any response from Northeast office since. I got to know that his one way transfer request is approved and forwarded by Northeast office on March'23. There is no information for my mutual transfer request as it is pending at the HR section higher officer.
In this case, what can I do ?