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Anonymous   16 December 2023 at 18:08

A residential house is equally in the name of two persons

A residential house is equally owned by two persons,can plantiff has right to got the other person evacuated from the house

Anonymous   16 December 2023 at 14:45

Release deed

My uncle produced a forged Release Deed in favour of him from my father & his brother in 1949. There is no parent document mentioned in the release deed. They are trying to sell the property with that release deed. Case in Madras High court. Is it possible to get a release deed without mother document? Please reply Sir.

Suraj Kumar   15 December 2023 at 13:54

Legal notice received but not complied /replied

I have send one legal notice to XXX for refund of money. The notice was duly received and not complied / replied.

Based upon this I have file a money suit. The OP did not take summon and post office endorced as intimation served / unclaimed. OP remaining absent in Court.

1) Is non reply of legal notice prove that allegations is true ?
2) If ex-party order is passed by the court, will it be absolute ?
3) Can such ex-party order be stayed later on?

Anonymous   15 December 2023 at 00:37

Purchase property with certified copy of sale deed

The seller seems to have lost all documents. But he is arranging property tax, EC, OC, A Khata one by one. However with regards to sale deed he is saying that he will get a certified copy of sale deed from SRO by filing FIR and posting an Ad on local and national news papers.

My question is
Is it safe to purchase a property with certified copy of sale deed? What if someone after few years appears with the original sale deed and claims the property or says there is a loan which the seller took and submitted original documents. Will it become my liability or the seller's liability as per registration contract.

in the future, can this house be sold with certified copy of sale deed + EC, OC, A-khata documents?

dipak   15 December 2023 at 00:03

Different house tax to neighbours for a strange reason

Can a municipality charge a different house tax to residents in a same colony for the following reason:
Recently our municipality sent notices to residents about its proposed increase in house taxes and also asked them to submit objection within a time period to this increment, if they have any.

Municipality is expected to partially bring down the increment in house taxes in response to these objections.
But some residents have failed to lodge the objection to this increment- out of overlooking or ignorance. The municipality staff members say that proposed increment in taxes would be brought down only for those who raised objections. And those who have not raised the objection to this increment will have to pay the house tax as per the original increment proposed by the municipality.
Can it be so sir?
Can a municipality tax one house at a different rate and its neighbouring house at a different rate on the basis of who raised the objection to
tax increment, and who didn't.
Is it like buying vegetable: the one who bargains the price gets the discount, and the other one who doesn't bargain doesn't get the discount.
I don't agree with this claim of the staff members that only those who raised the objections to tax increment would get the benefit and the rest shall have to pay a higher tax.
What experts have to say in this matter!

Dipak R Gandhi

Anonymous   14 December 2023 at 15:12

Recovery of amount awarded by consumer forum

After awarding compensation and costs by District Consumer Forum , is there any other way to recover from respondent other than filing execution petition in Consumer Forum.

Anonymous   14 December 2023 at 12:22

Ashraya yojane property


I am planning to buy a Ashraya Yojane allocated property. Its 40 years old property and has 7 cent land. Gov allocated land is 1.5 cent which is vacant and adjacent to this 1.5 cent the house is built (40 years back) in another 1.5 cent land. This house has door number and they have paid the taxes as well. I received only "Niveshana Hakku Patra" from seller. I am confused as the land on record is vacant and the land in which there is house has door number. Now the total land is 7 cent and on paper is 1.5. How do I proceed with this deal? I tried checking documents online, however for the survey number on paper no docs found online. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you for the help in advance,

Mohsin Sultan   14 December 2023 at 10:51

Tenant dispute over bathroom leakage repair costs

Hey everyone,

I've got a situation and I could really use some advice. I live on the first floor, and the tenants below me complained about water leaking from my bathroom into theirs. We said we'd fix it, but they quoted a repair cost of 1 lakh, which seemed high. We were worried they might start the work and leave it halfway, so we didn't move forward.

Things got messy, and now they've taken legal action. They got a court engineer who says the repairs will cost 3 lakh 50 thousand, including fixing their room, my bathroom, outer walls, bedroom, doors—pretty much everything.

I'm not sure how to defend against this. What should I do?

1. Can I get someone else to check if the repairs they're asking for are legit?
2. Who's responsible for what when it comes to these repairs?
3. Is there a way to question the crazy high cost they're claiming?
4. Any tips on resolving this without going deeper into legal stuff?

I'm a bit lost here, so any help or advice would be awesome. Thanks a bunch!


Anonymous   14 December 2023 at 07:04

Is there any law that one missed call by mistake is a crime

My Son is a 4yr old kid . He was playing with phone and called on a random number. The girl called back and strated threatening me after 15 mins I received a call from an SI who said this is crime. I apologised for the mistake. But he is accusing me for no reason. Please help what should I do

ash83   13 December 2023 at 19:08

Order 11 rule 15

For notice under order 11 rule 15 we need to take court permission to send notice to party to suit please ? For inspection and take copies thereoff. Is there any specific template please?