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Queries Participated

Atul   14 March 2014 at 07:11

Need help ......trapped in 420

My name is Atul I am working in a private company in Noida.In 2012 July a girl joined our office. She was not good at work so our boss used to scold her every day. She learned a lot about office work from me as she was new to the office. She became a good friend of mine. Later she was terminated by our company for submitting false bills and Medical in De 2012 and her salary was stopped as she was terminated. She was very depressed and said that she has no money and she will suicide i promised her to help her and said that she can repay me after getting a job . As she became my best friend I helped her financially because she was not getting any support from her family. I used to give her 10000 monthly. Slowly, slowly we came closer and she said to marry me. I discussed with my parents and they called the girl’s father, but the girl's father refused to marry their daughter to me. But still we were in touch and she was continuously taking amount on a regular basis from me. She was continuously trying for a job, but not able to crack any of the interviews. I told her if our family members are not agreeing then we should get married by ourselves as we both are above age 25.But she somehow manages to manipulate me by saying will see in future and will wait for our families to be convinced . By now it is nearly 1 year and she was not able to find a job. And my money was spend twice for room rent so we both decided to share a flat, so in November 2013 we both shifted in a common flat. It was a 2 BHK flat. She lived in one room and me in the other. Then i brought many utensils for that home as that flat was non furnished. Nearly of 70 thousand and also invested nearly 57 thousand on flat rent and security. Mean while i continuously asked the girl to get married with me but she was continuously just passing the time by giving false commitment.
Then one day I asked her that are you cheating on me by just passing the time and not marrying so in anger she said just get of from this flat and she gave me 10 PDC by signing them and saying that you can withdraw them if will not marry by putting a single check on a monthly basis’ was forcefully thrown out of that flat and she also not allowed to take my utensils which i brought. I was shocked at that time and shifted to other flat. But she contacted me on my cell and we were still in touch because i really love her. This was Jan 2014 incident. Again she grabbed me in her conversations and asked for money,i again gave her. Then in Feb she stopped talking to me so I asked her what is the problem so she said that she don’t want to talk to me anymore and also said that I can deposit single single check on a monthly basis and I’ll get the money. I felt very bad that the girl I helped at most when she was in a need was reacting in such way but it was a fate. When I deposited the first check it, get got bounced ill called her up and said so she denies to repay and said that she has not taken any money from me and if i will deposit any cheque then she will do my police complaint by saying that i have raped her etc etc. I was surprised to see her behaviour she was abusing me and was giving threat not to call me again. I called her family members but they said they have not taken the money and said to contact the girl and ask her only. I never cheated her and i wanted to get married, i helped her when she was in need but she is so selfish that she dumped all my utensils my flat. After seeing all this i am dam sure that she is a big cheater.
She is not returning my money, my two checks are bounced still having 8 please suggest is there any way I can get back my money from that fraud girl. She is a big time cheater she is a 420 she used my emotions money and now she is behaving like innocent. Please suggest what I can do .

niky......   12 March 2014 at 22:11

Transfering gas connection when the case is in court

This is a rent evac case and i am the tenants son. The case is going between my widow mother and landlord.
The gas connection is in name of my late father, and i want to change it to my name.

Is there an issue in doing so or is it not allowed when a court case is going on for the rented room?

Amy vadesa   10 March 2014 at 16:35

Error in judgment

hello sir,
i have filed a criminal writ petition in high court and i got an order too. but in final judgment by mistake the hon'ble court has mentioned a petition pending which has actually withdrawn.
now i want to correct that error, i know that there is a provision in c.p.c. regarding to correct typing mistake in order by application but my petition was criminal so what can i do to correct the statement plz guide me.

Anil Nair   06 February 2014 at 17:32

Delhi police avoid to file fir against forgery

A complaint was filed by RWA president against my company CEO’s wife who is working in a central government hospital and an office memo was issued by the hospital on basis of the complaint.
Upon query it was understood that the complaint was signed by 5 office bearers of RWA and found that three of the member’s signatures were forged by the President. Hence a complaint was filed in Police Station with supporting documents of victims whose signatures were forged.
Police took the statements of three witnesses whose signatures were forged. Our complaint is still pending since 22nd Feb 2014 and they hesitate to file the FIR. Please inform what next, can we go to jurisdiction?

PARTHA P BORBORA   24 January 2014 at 11:01

Appeal in a human rights commission.

how to file an appeal against a Judgement passed by Assam State Human Rights Commission?

rohit   19 September 2013 at 18:53

Wp for police complaint

The Writ Petition in Question is either for the Case which the police is Not Registering OR is the WP For the Particular POLICE PERSONNELS for Their Alleged Misbehaviour.

PlS be a Little Specific....???

nirav shah   19 September 2013 at 18:10

Accident case ipc 279/337/338

for car accident case with two wheeler i have been charged with IPC 279/337/338. What if i attempt for compromise with victim after he has given statment in the court? Is compromise permitted after victim has given statment/evidance since this offence is compoundable?

Sundram N   12 November 2012 at 10:14

Counter case against 125 of maitenance.

Dear experts Freinds,

Kindly advice that wife and her side made preplan and on that base she firstly filed 498a after that 125 for maitenance making all the false allegation. husband has all the proof of evidence to make all the allegations are false.

Husband AB is pending and filed 125 case for extorting money. I want to take your expert advice that :-

1. what type of counter case can be filed so that her claim of maitenance can be stoped.

2. husband can prejury case against false alegation and false income of husband shown in the case 125

3. wife has not disclosed her service in PVT. firm worked previously also she did not disclose her income from business and tuition fees as she declared in her return of income tax. her two month salary is also credited in the saving bank account.

kindly advice what type of counter case can be filed.

Never Give Up   22 October 2012 at 12:30

What after wife's statement & cross in 498a

Hello Experts,

Wife has come to give her statement in case of 498A in presence of Public prosecutor and our lawyer has cross-examined her.

In entire statement no word of dowry came in to statement. Petty fights which happens in each house hold and an incident of slapping. No MLC submitted as of now. In that case how strong is the case ?

What would be next step ? Cross examination of other witnesses like Mother in law, father in law, police ?

Can wife add more evidence after her statement and cross examination ?

Please suggest.

SANKET UPADHYAY   17 October 2012 at 14:17

Bail system

Is it mandatory for judge to show the grounds for grant bail or reject the bail?


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