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Queries Participated

A.R.JOSHI   30 May 2011 at 18:52

Income tax

Please furnish the application format for filing application U/s 119(2)(b) of IT Act.If return 4 has not been filed, whether return 4 has to be submitted along with 44AB report to the Commissioner of Income Tax along with the application U/s 119 (2)(b) showing the refund amount which is less than 1 lac.

Anonymous   09 May 2010 at 09:02


The charge sheet to an employee has been given at the fag end of date of retirement (30 days before the retirement) for an alleged act of misconduct allegedly made 20 years ago. There is a Supreme Court judgment which says that an employee cannot be served upon a charge sheet just before the retirement. Can one please give me the citation. Even HC citation will help.


Sumit Shingala   16 May 2009 at 11:49

stmaping of document & signing on it

Normally, Any document which requires stamp duty, is first stamped by way of franking, and then signed/executed.

I have a query that i had an agreement which was formed by two parties. Due to mistake, one of the party signed the document before it could be franked for stamp duty. The document got franked thereafter, even through it was signed by one person. The other person signed that document after franking.

Whether such document remains valied or it needs to be corrected

My Second Query is Whether a Gerneral/Special Power of attorney concerning to carry out a business, has to be "COMPULSORILY" Notarised ? or such document without notarising is a valid and enforceable document.

Member (Account Deleted)   01 May 2009 at 15:42

information to income-tax authorities

Hon'ble members, Is there any provision in IT Act regarding submission of information on 'tax evasion to IT authorities'?

Member (Account Deleted)   30 April 2009 at 21:19

Income tax practioner

One person having qualification of B.Com(H) practicing (filing return) income tax since 1 year. Last week he gave an advertisement in news paper of his service. He is not an advocate, just a B.Com.
Some official from tax department called him and told that a tax practioner can not give news paper advertisement and such an act is punishable.
Seniors please tell me if any such provision is there.

VINAYAK MUNGI   19 April 2009 at 12:51


Time to file a slp in supreme court
w r t
1. notice for orders ready on H C notice board
2. after the reciept of order

Pradeep Kumar Sharma   19 April 2009 at 11:40


One of my client has made a profit of Rs.25 lac from selling shares of Pvt.Ltd. company. He gave the entire consideration to a promotor for purchase of a residential flat. My query is that whether Sec.54F deduction will be allowed ob booking a flat or the physical possession of the flat has to be taken withing stipulated time of one year. Besides that whether deduction under sec.54F is at all allowable for Booking a flat because it speaks of purchase of a residential house.

PRAKASHCHANDRA MARU   18 April 2009 at 23:11

softwareof the legal documents

sir i would like to know the addresses for the obtaining the softwares regarding the translation and for the law pls inform which can obtain from in India

sushil tagaliya   31 March 2009 at 09:22

Mutation of Decree

Respected Sir,
In 1982 a decree has been done by The Senior Sub Judge in the favour of my Mother regarding agriculture land in Haryana. an intimation of the same has been given to the Tashildar of our area in 1983 for Mutation but no mutation has been made yet. in this period three person (only one defendent and two other ) who was the party has been dead.
i wannt to know whether this decree has legal now and whether i can make it implement now.

R. Ragu   31 March 2009 at 07:15

Need clarification over the rental aggreement


My house owner(Lesser) sent a rental aggreement to me for verification before going for aggreement . On going thro' the document i came to know all the points favour to him only. please let me know any safety point can I(Lessee) include on this document on favour of me which is legal. Please verify the aggreement content and add additional points which favours and safety to me also. Your suggestions are very much valuable to me.Following the document.


This Agreement of Lease executed at Chennai this 1st day of April 2008 between [HouseOwner] , aged about 44 Years, [address] hereinafter called and referred to as the Lessor which term wherever the context so permits or require shall also mean and include himself, his respective heirs, executors, administrator, legal and personal representatives, successors, nominees, beneficiaries and assigns of the ONE PART AND
Mr. R. Ragu, [Address]. Hereinafter called and referred to as the Lessee which term wherever the context so permits or required shall also mean and include himself, his respective heirs, executors, administrator, legal and personal representatives, successors, nominees, beneficiaries and assigns of the OTHER PARTY WITNESSTH:

WHEREAS the Lessor is the absolute owner of Flat [Address], hereinafter called the above said premises and whereas the Lesser has agreed to lease and the lessee has agreed to take on lease the said premises on the following conditions.
1. The term of this lease shall commence with effect from 01.03.2009.
2. The period of lease shall be for eleven months as and from 01.03.2009 to 31.02.2010.
3. The Lessee shall pay a rent of Rs.6000/- (Rupees Six thousand only) per month and the said rent is payable on or before the 5th of every succeeding English Calendar month.
4. The Lessee has paid this day to the lesser a sum of Rs.40,000/- (Rupees Forty thousand only) as security deposit, the receipt of which the Lesser hereby permits and acknowledges. The said deposit will be returned by the Lessor without any interest on the date of handing over vacant possession of the said premises charges and the cost of any damage if any, caused to the said premises due to the negligence of the Lessee.
5. It is absolutely resolved between the two parties whether he or she should not make enter into any agreement or sub-lease on my contract to the above said properly on any circumstances hitherto.
6. The Lessee shall not make any additions, alterations, variations of structural nature in the said premises or any part thereof without first obtaining the written consent of the leaser.
7. The Electricity consumption charge shall be paid by the lessee regularly as per the Board Tariff.
8. The Lesser or his authorized representative will enter/inspect the said premises whenever necessary during reasonable hours in day time on due notice being given in order to examine the state and condition of to attend to and necessary repairs or to show the said premises for the prospective future tenants/ purchaser/lenders.
9. The lessee shall pay the building maintenance charges regularly as per the terms and conditions of the society.
10. The lessee hereby agrees to deliver the possession of the said premises in good order and proper condition after the expiration or sooner termination of the said terms subject to performance by the Lesser.
11. While vacating, the lessee shall remove his own fixtures and fittings. Air conditioners and other appliances if any ensuring that no damage is done to the structure of the building or part thereof.
12. The lessee commits default in paying the monthly rent on the due dates for three consecutive months. The lesser is entitled to terminate the agreement, enter upon the said premises and take possession of the same without any hindrance from the lessee.
13. The lessee hereby agrees not to state any hazardous material in the premises, which will cause damage to the property.
14. The lessee furthe

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