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Queries Participated

Adv.Shine Thomas   28 October 2021 at 01:45

Mullapperiyar dam issue and protection of human life

Mullapperiyar Dam issue is not a mere water dispute between two States, but it is a threat against the right to live of millions of people living in Kerala. Under which provision of law protect the right of the 3.5million people living in the downstream of the dam?
A report by United Nations University, the academic and rese ..

Read more at:

K.Vishwanathan   15 August 2016 at 19:49

Lease in perpetuity

Is lease of 999 YEARS is equivalent to freehold title

Chandrakanth   28 November 2013 at 20:34

Can i file a partition suit on my mother's property.

My mother has 2 units (opne plot and building) of property in her name. we are three brothers and i am the elder son and i want to file a partition suite and get my share as my mother and other two brothers are not willing to give my share right now but i want it as i am into financial trouble, which they are unable to understand - can i file a suit - will i get my share in this away?

Manoj   12 December 2011 at 07:35

Rural financing

Good Morning to all experts

What are the laws and Acts applicable to Gujarat relating to Rural Financing. For eg If a farmer/planter/horticulturist/dairy farmer etc. want to avail a loan in gujarat on mortgaging land, or for construction of new house on his land, for buying tractor, for agriculture produce.

What are the local acts and laws applicable in respect of investigation of title in rual areas in gujarat and also for enforcing security.
any website that i can refer or book for rural financing in gujarat.

Anonymous   12 December 2011 at 05:41

An unfair comment on face book

Dear Sirs,

I am a secretary of our society in mumbai since september 2011. Before that the society was managed by one person only as per his own will/wish causing a huge financial and non-financial loss to society. We now have a committee of 7 members.

In performing our duty i/we have to take decision in the interest of the society which may not like to 2-3 individual members. Now the children of those 2-3 unsatisfied members (all above age of 18) has made some shameful commemnt on me on the face book. Fortunately, my daughter was watching the same and has taken the print out of these comments by them. One e.g. of comment is that ' Mr.shah (myself) ki lagani hai kya?' ' Mr.Shah ki itni himmant kahan ke woh hame rok sake? etc.

Can i or managing committee of the society take any legal action against those for making some comment on face book causing a damage to my reputation. If yes, how? Wiil their parents be also responsible for the same. What will be consequences of any such legal action.

Your advise in the is highly appreciated.


sahil chander   12 December 2011 at 01:46

Un-registered agreement to sell (new- delhi)

Dear sir,hello I have been regular visitor of your club and want your advice on the above subject. I had entered into a agreement to sell (UNREGISTERED) for the sale of my share in undivided property in the year 2008 november and it was decided that the final payment shall be made with-in four months but the payments were not made to me.The agreement was again extended for another five months but the buyer again failed to make the payment.Legal notice was sent to make the balance payments but still no payments were made.The buyer again approached in march 2011 and promised to liquidate the balance payments.An amount of another 10% was paid to me and a reciept was made where under it was agreed that the balance payment shall be paid by 31 march 2011 otherwise the deal stands cancelled.No payments still made.Legal notices were sent.Now the buyer again pressuring to extend the date for payment,kindly advice what should i do.Thanks with regards.....SAHIL CHANDER

Rishab Joshi   12 December 2011 at 00:15

Tenant paying guest ipc 452

Hello Lawyers,

If a criminal trespass is commited on a tenant/owner residing on rent in a house then the case can be registered under ipc 452.
But for the same can a paying guest be called a person in possession of the house and whether he can claim criminal trespass regarding that.
Recent Andhra pradesh high court ruled in a judgement considering the grounds of the crpc 320 that if the trespassed was done against a person other than a person in possession of the flat it would not be a criminal possession.
Case is pertaining to Mumbai.
I read the Mahrashtra rent control act section 5 which does not include paying guest as a licenscee. I read another article on the net.
On a judgement of Supreme Court it has considered the position of paying guest like a lodger.
So...considering these points can it be deduced that a paying guest is not in possesion of th property and as such ipc 452 cannot be applicanle to criminal trespas against him.

Manjeet kumar sahu   10 December 2011 at 09:52

Family law

Whether an adopted child can claim his/her right over the property of Natural guardian as well as over the property of Adopted Parent?

Anonymous   10 December 2011 at 00:17

Propritorship firm is legal entity or not?

in my one case of recovery of amount, Plaintiff is the Proprietorship firm and the Plaint has been verified by the Proprietor of said Firm Mr. Suresh Motwani and i am counsel for the Plaintiff, the counsel for the Defendant has taken a n objection is ws that the Propritorship firm is not a legal entity, hence my suit is not maintainable.

What is the legla position of a propritor of a registered firm? can firm file a suit through propritor?

Anonymous   05 December 2011 at 15:34

How to get divorce


I gated married when i m 7yrs(child marriage) now i m 23 and love another girl and both of us want gating marriage, how can i got divorce, is there any special procedure to gating divorce from child marriage, (i don't have any kids and I never cohabited with my wife till now.)

someone told me that i don't get divorce i had to apply within two years after attaining majority. please help


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