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Louis Naidu   30 November 2021 at 11:28

Family issues

My name is Louis, my issue is about family matter, my wife took are 10years old daughter and has applied for divorce, I have not seen my daughter for 2years as my wife has blocked my number, recently I came to no she is started staying with one of my family member, and having affair with him I went to police station but they are helpless, I even went to barosa cell in cp office, they called my wife to come but she is not cooperative, due to this I had attempt to end my self many times, I m not able to handle my personal life, I m totally broken and exhausted, can u help me with my problem please🙏my wife and her boyfriend planned everything step by step, and now staying with her boyfriend,

RANGAM SREEDHAR   28 November 2021 at 17:34

498a nri case - wife died with cancer

My wife filed a 498A case against me and my family 10 days before her death due to cancer. I spent almost 40 Lakhs on her treatment. When she was in the last stage their family members guided wrongly that after her death my daughter will be on-road and the case was filed.
Now the problem is I am NRI and my parents live 500 km away from the court and not possible to attend every hearing. Witnesses not even attending court as they will not have any evidence proof to say as I spent 40 lakhs and got all reports and bills.

Trail completed and summons to witness is pending, police are not helping out.

Please advise me how to get out of this case and any way to avoid hearings were ready to attend when required.

Irfan Patel   28 November 2021 at 16:02

Noc from sister

I am currently residing at my father house who died and the my younger brother me and my sister has given noc and transfer the house in my other name currently me my brother and we all 3 are in the nominee list my brother is sharing 40% my self and my sister sharing 30%.

IF we have given and amount to my sister what is the procedure to take noc from him so he should not claim for the property which is in my mother name.

I be-leave we can do a notary and can take noc if yes then can I have 2 original notary so as a proff one should be kept with me and one should be kept with my brother and if we are doing a notary do I need to involve and person as grunter ?

Anonymous   27 November 2021 at 20:42

Divorce petition-uncontested dismissed with costs

Dear LCI Council/members,
My Divorce petition which was contested though in the order it was mentioned as Uncontested Dismissed with costs. I had appeared for all the dates of hearing however only judgement day or the order I have not present.
I'm posting here this is due to no proper guidance or support from my lawyer.
It happened in 2019 and after which I had appealed in high court.
Now my query is will someone guide me or can put some light on this why is Uncontested Dismissed with costs and may I take step to file any appeal now.

Please help me understand if this is not the right request.

Kiran Kiran   27 November 2021 at 03:56

Property distribution

Family consist of 5 members
Father, mother and 3 sons
My question is
Earning of property individually (sons self acquire earnings) before marriage belongs to family or will it belongs to the person who has earned.

Kiran Kiran   27 November 2021 at 03:23

Property distribution

Family consist of 5 members
Father, mother and 3 sons
My question is
Earning of property individually (sons earnings) before marriage belongs to family or will it belongs to the person who has earned.

Satish Madhu   26 November 2021 at 19:09

Help- request.

Hi, Requesting one to help me understand the below statement and I am petitioner.

Respondent Is Absent.service Of Notice To Respondent Is Held Sufficient,Respondent Is Set Exparte.For Plaintiff Evidence Call On

Anonymous   17 November 2021 at 18:16

Maintenance and child custody

My wife residing saperately with my child.
She file 125 CRPC, and interim maintenance is granted for both of them.
I want full custody / joint custody of my child which is pending in family court under HMA.
She file execution case although I pay 80 percent of maintenance amount awarded by court.

Can I pray before the court to reduce/stop maintenance for my child as I want to maintain my child by keeping with me ?

How can I stop paying maintenance for my child, if at least joint custody is not given ?

As per my opinion both the parents have equal right on their children and since I fulfill all needs of my child, court should pass order for at least joint custody.

Can I raise objection in execution case ???

Murugesan   08 November 2021 at 19:31

Sec 12(1)(c) of hindu marriage act

Can husband and husband's parent claim damages after divorce from ex-wife? Divorce was filed by wife under Sec 12(1)(c) of Hindu Marriage Act and it was contested and then the marriage was declared null and void. Can the husband's family claim damages from ex-wife and her family? Kindly give opinion sir...

sourabh   07 November 2021 at 16:14

Crpc 482 for 498 quashing

Dear sir
498a registered on me and my family members in march 2017 and August 2017 we approached jabalpur high court for quash
We got immediate stay orders within 1 week
But the case is still not quashed even after 4 years
I'm regularly approaching my lawyer
Now ad the courts have opened
Case 2 or 3 time got listed but didn't reached to desk
What should I do to get quashed at the earliest


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