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Keerthi Elango   24 September 2023 at 00:17

As my divorce case is still live from last 4yrs, for usvisa

As my marriage was not successful end up with divorce case which is not closed by court yet from last 4yrs I am being single with my kid. Now I am applying for US visa, what shall I mentioned in the visa form ? Shall I go with other and explain the case is live on court? if add this still I need to include the husband details?

Anonymous   16 September 2023 at 15:56

Wife may file 498a case

Dear sir,
4 years back I got married. Now we have two children(girls). After one year of my marriage, disputes arose in between us. Since our marriage my wife is under influence of her mother. Now I am suspecting that my wife may file a 498a case against me. can I take any steps even before she filed a report, to protect myself. Please help me.

Gaurav Sharma   14 September 2023 at 15:52

496 and 498a

I have filed divorce and in against of that my wife filed 496 and 498A against me though we are married against our family. Later i found some action of my wife with which our marriage is not going well. So i decided to file divorce. How to defend the charges, though my divorce case and my wife case both are in another states.

shyam lal   11 September 2023 at 07:22

share of undivided immovable property

The immovable property shares have to be divided on percentage basis among the co share holders which has been aggreed duly signed by witnees on stamp paper unregistered. MoU family settlement.

Situation is out of respect the younger brother offered the older brother to demarcate his share so that the younger brother share is automatically by default is marked out.

Query what should the younger brother do legally to make the older brother mark out his share. as partition is ruled out in this case as there is a family settlement in place.

vamsi   07 September 2023 at 06:18

Cancellation of mutual consent divorce decree

parties obtained the decree by mutual consent for divorce. after that wife father died and she has no source to live individual. she get compromised with her husband and now they get cancel the decree of mutual consent divorce. how will i move the petition before the court?

Baljit Singh   04 September 2023 at 00:47

Brother doesn’t let me sell factory that is 50/50

I father transferred a factory under both of our names in 2010 and my brother is having a full control of this unit since then. He had not pay me any part of rent or other benefits he had Beed collecting from last 13 years. I live in USA and now I need money, I talked to my father and he agreed that I should be able to sell it but my brother is telling me that he won’t vacate the factory. This factory is very small 1350 sqft and has only one entry gate and hence difficult to divide. Is there a way for me to sell this unit?

Anonymous   28 August 2023 at 11:41

Registered divorce paper after divorce from community

I am from Pune and I was divorced in my community 8 years ago (2015). I was given a community divorce paper with signature of my ex-wife as well as 2 witness from the community. The paper was in another language which was then translated, affidavit and was duly notarized by the notary. Now, I am facing a situation where I have to present my divorce paper to a government body and they are not accepting this paper and they want a court registered divorce paper only and no other declarations. I have no contact with my ex-wife and I am sure she will not co-operate to get a divorce paper and will create problems even if I send notice. Is there a way to get a divorce paper without contacting her, maybe on the basis of my community divorce paper?

Dinakaran S   22 August 2023 at 08:56

Dv act and section 128 crpc

Case background:

Already divorced in 2017. She filed a Domestic violence under sec/12(sec-18,19,21,22)including full false allegations along with asking maintenance to her and my minor daguther in 2018. Unfortunately, it was a ex-parte order i didn't appear for the case. The order was in May 2019 summarized that the false allegations were not proven and only remedy is to provide Maintenace to my minor daughter.

In 2021, i filed a Visitation rights which is pending in family court. In dec, 2022, she filed a petition under Sec 128 of CrPC connected to DV judgement in CJM court.


1. Is Section 12(sec-18, 19,21 & 22) of DV judgement can be enforced through sec/128 CrPC? Why she didn't file under sec/31 of DV act / 468 CrPC convertable? Due to time limit expiration of sec/31 she didn't file or might be anyother reason?

2. In DVC, Can she file section 128 of CrPC to connect DV case? Will it be maintable? can i challenge to dismiss the petition because of time delay or can't file DV case judgement in sec128/CrPC?
(DV case Judgement date was May 2019, after that her sec/128 filing date is Dec/2022. Registration date is July/2023)

3. Or how should i proceed with this case?

4. Shall i gohead to trasnfer my Visitation rights case and this Sec128/CrPC or challenge the same if i'm able to win with any strong suggestions?
(Note: already a police complaint done and CSR has been provided against petitioner's father. This may be a strong ground to get transfer direction i believe)

Thanks in advance

Anonymous   19 August 2023 at 01:00

Is it not a crime to reveal will without his permission

is it legal to obtain a copy of a will and reveal it to others before the will owner's death without his permission? .

my brother's will has been revealed to his sons by one of his friends.

Since then my brother has been facing a lot of problems from his son who is excluded in that will ?.

can we file a case against that friend who is also a lawyer for revealing his WILL to his sons without my brother's permission?

Anonymous   16 August 2023 at 21:58

Legal heir

I am writing this query on behalf of my sister, who's husband passed away recently. When we approached for Legal heir certificate, the Local body (Panchayat Office) told us that since the deceased mother is alive, as per Hindu succession act, along with the wife and children of the deceased the mother also will be a part of Legal heir. My question is if Mother passes away, will her other children (i.e. deceased brother/sister) will also turn to be Legal Heirs? Or after mother passes away, the wife and children of the deceased only continue to be Legal Heir.