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Prajesh Jehan   16 March 2020 at 16:30

Rti application doubt

Im planning to submit an RTI application to Anna Universtity,Chennai.
How many queries shall an applicant can ask in a single RTI application?.
I'm seeking information for 4 nested queries in single RTI application related to my issue.
What's the time duration for the information officer to reply for my queries?

Anonymous   25 February 2020 at 19:07

How to prove date and place of birth

Mr. A born at the place of G on 1975 and reside that place since birth. Mr A have EPIC Card but not have birth certificate and he is illiterate. As per advice of advocate he approach to the court and his all effort he fail to produce document and the doctor under whose his birth process came to end due to the death of the said doctor. Kindly advice me what Mr A do to prove date and place of birth.

Anonymous   08 February 2020 at 15:14

Supreme court rules and procedures

does supreme court has autonomy to make rules for pratice and procedure of court?

Member (Account Deleted)   25 January 2020 at 20:55

Difference between mp/mla expulsion and disqualification?

What is the difference between a MP/MLA being expelled and being disqualified, apart from the fact that expulsion is governed by respective house/assembly rules while disqualification is governed by Articles 102/103/191/192?

What is the practical difference between the two?

Anonymous   26 October 2019 at 14:36

Can ex jmfc pratice

Can ExJMFC practice in similar or lower grades in maharashtra? Whether rules stayed by what judgment ? Is this judgment and stay is continuous at this moment?

Anonymous   23 October 2019 at 12:21

Difference between sex n gender as per indian law

Dear Sir/madam!
I am a student of political science and one of the subjects is constitutional law.
Please guide what is the defination of Sex and Gender according to the constitution of India. Whats the difference between them.
I did search google but didn't find constitutional defination.
Srishti mahar

Harshal   22 October 2019 at 19:12

Anti Defection Law

In G. Vishwanathan v. Speaker, Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly (1996), the SC clarified that: If a member is expelled from his party, he is treated as unattached member in the house but he continues to be a member of the old party as per the Tenth Schedule. If he joins a new party after being expelled, he can be said to have voluntarily given up membership of his old party. My question is: If he doesn't join a new party and stays as an unattached member of the old party, can he vote or abstain from voting, contrary to his old party and still avoid disqualification?

Anonymous   21 October 2019 at 00:10

Legal Process for Electricity Installation

Sir/Mam, I have a undevided property & want to install the electricity new connection in that place, but my partner's are giving the objection for that. They also applied & installed the connection in that place, that time they have taken any confirmation from me, also I hadn't given any objection. So, now can I get the permission from court or any other way to solve it, Kindly guide me for the same.

Mohd Adnan   12 October 2019 at 18:52

Father name is different from my father's document

Hello Sir, my Question is reagrding that my father name in my all document is Iqbal but in my father's id his name is Mohd Iqbal Ansari . and in my brother's document father name is Mohd Iqbal. so i want to know is it will create any problem if Govt implement NRC in All over india ?

Khushboo sharma   02 October 2019 at 09:45


ayasthan is a state in the Indian Union. Raj Prakash is the Chief Minister of the state. Mrs. Vandana Verma is a member of the Jayasthan Legislative Assembly. Though Mrs. Vandana Verma is member of the ruling party, she is a strong critic of the ruling party. In April 2002 the state witnessed large scale communal riot. According to the news paper reports the riot was the result of a planned scheme implemented under the leadership of a religious fundamentalist group known as ‘Black Tigers’. Certain newspapers published the allegation that the Government had ignored the police intelligence reports about the illegal activities of ‘Black Tigers’, submitted in January 2002. The Opposition parties strongly criticized the inaction of the Government in preventing the riot and demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister. On 8-9-2002 Vandana Verma informed the media persons that she had collected clear evidence regarding the failure of the State Government in performing the constitutional duty of maintenance of law and order. On 9-9-2002 while participating in a discussion in the Legislative Assembly Mrs. Vandana Verma quoted a report submitted by the Inspector General of Police (Intelligence) to the Chief Secretary of the State on 16-1-2002. In the report it was stated that the fundamentalist group ‘Black Tigers’ had chalked out a plan for promoting enmity and hatred between different religious groups in the State. It was suggested that the activities of nearly 200 black listed persons should be closely watched. The name and address and other details were included in the report. The names of two ruling party M.L.A' s were included in the black list. Two ruling party M.L.A s Mr. Sham Manohar and Mr. Jit Kumar strongly denied the allegation against them and alleged that the report of the Inspector General (Intelligence) was not genuine. According to them report was a document fabricated by Mrs. Vandana Verma. However, the Chief Minister confirmerd the genuineness of the report. After the discussion Vandana Verma left the Legislative Assembly Complex and proceeded towards the Legislator's Hostel in a car. However, on the way the police stopped her car and she was arrested by the Deputy Commissioner of Police. On 9-9-2002 Vandana Verma was produced before the First Class Judicial Magistrate and an F.I.R. was filed stating that she was accused of offence under Section 5 of Official Secrets Act. During police investigation no evidence was received other than the fact that Mrs. Vandana Verma has received an intelligence report, which was a secret document. However on, 12-11-2002 police forwarded the final report and the charge was framed against her, for the commission of offence under Section 5 (2) of the Official Secret Act 1923. On 20-11-2002 Vandana Verma filed a petition before the High Court of Jayasthan for quashing the Final Report of Police and thus charges against her, excercising the powers of the High Court under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The petitioner contended that the criminal case against her was politically motivated. It was further contended that since she had the privileges under Art. 194 (2) of the Constitution, no action could be taken against her. One the same day a writ petition was filed by Vandana Verma challenging the constitutional validity of Section 5 of the Official Secrets Act 1923 on the ground that the provision is against the basic concepts of democracy including "Rule of Law", "Open Government", "Freedom of Information" and "Freedom of Press". It was specially contended that Section 5 violates Art 14, Art 19 (1) (a) and Art 21 of the Constitution. The single Judges referred the petition to the Chief Justice stating that the issues involved in the petitions may be decided by a larger bench. On 29-11-2002 Chief Justice constituted a Full Bench for the adjudication of the petitions filed by Mrs. Vandana Verma on 20-11-2002. what points can be
Plzz help me with this case

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