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Queries Participated

jayanttelang   13 September 2012 at 19:49

Consumer law

Dear sirs,in connection with my earlier query,i would like to ask you that,i booked a plot in MP Housing Board in 2006,till 2010,board did not allot me any plot,although i paid all the installments as per schedule given in the brochure of the 2010,board increased the cost of the plot,just double the original(as shown in the advertisement)cost.i lodged a complaint in the local consumer forum in Feb.2011,matter is still pending!!
Now Housing Board submitted a letter having some no.of old judgement like AIR 1989 SC 1076,AIR 1980 SC 738,AIR 1995 SC 1, CPJ 1997 iii 88 (NC),Jagdish Vs.Lanco Development Authority; Order dated 19/01/10 etc,the lawyer of the Housing board wants to prove that,i am not his consumer,because they did not allot any plot to me,and the local consumer forum does not have right to
accept the complaints like this,i want to ask you,is it true? am i not the consumer of MP Housing board?
Do you have some judgments showing that the local consumer forum have right to intervene in all these type of cases!!!
please reply me,and provide me the required judgments

continue   13 September 2012 at 19:48

Property acuired by someoneelse

i ve a property of 1.5 acre in the name of my father in both major and chalk settlement.we are paying the revenue for his land uptodately.but some body has acquired the property with a constructed building in this property since 20years what should we do in case .if i want to evict him from this after some year what type of document should i prepare for this

Rajesh   13 September 2012 at 19:00

Property of firm

All learned members,

I have a query relating to Property of firm. There is a firm "XYZ" having 3 partners 'X' 'Y' 'Z'. 'X' wants to introduce his own Land into Firm as his Capital. The business of firm is to develop the Land into residential flats. Now my question is what is the treatment the firm should follow in following situations;
1) When partner introduced land in firm how the transfer took place?
2) When the firm sold developed flats to intended buyers, who executes the sale deed?
3) If in future "X" wants to purchase a flat from firm then how the flat transfer in the name of "X"?
4) How this land transferred in the name of Firm at Local Registrar Authority?

Please clarify.

puneet   06 September 2012 at 10:13

Agreement to sale

Dear Sir
My queries are-
1. Whether agreement for sale entered into by a seller and purchaser on a 100/ rs stamp paper is valid in a court even if the same is not registered.
2. Can the actual sale deed may be written for a lower amount than the amount shown in agreement to sale. However it is not lower than circle rates

sachin   27 July 2012 at 12:28

Cancellation of registered lease deed

Dear Friends,

Can a Registered Lease Deed be terminated/cancelled by mutual consent of the Lessor and the Lessee.



Thangaraja   13 July 2012 at 21:40

Property of my grandfather who died before 1956


I have a doubt. My grand father died at 1947 who has 1 son(My father) and 1 daughter. My father died 1 year back. My Aunt (Father's sister) is living in a property which was bought by my grandfather for past 30 years but all the property and land tax is paid by my father in his name. My aunt also died 5 years back.
Is there a possibility where my aunt's son can claim a share in the property because she is living there for 30 years. Is there any law for that?

shobha   13 July 2012 at 20:28

Registration of mandal

how to register a mandal

B Pradhan Singha   13 July 2012 at 15:32

Rti act

Dear Sir,

My in-laws has given a forceful marriage of my wife with another someone in their religion during the substance of our marriage. I am hindu and she is muslim and we got married under special marriage act.

I have no evidence with me about her 2nd marriage. so i am unable to suit any case U/S 497, 493, 366, 365 IPC.

Is there any process to get copy of Nikha nama of her 2nd marriage under RTI act.?

if yes, let me know the procedure, that is where and how to apply, and how much time it will take.


g.venkatraman   05 July 2012 at 22:29

Failiyar of cause of action in notice

i am advocate ,i sent a legal notice for restitution of conjugal rights against wife after 2.6 year separation from husband without valid reason but after the wife was receiving notice then replayed formally without cause of action, only motive for prevent filing case in husband native court,within 8 days wife has been filed same restitution of conjugal rights against husband with Creation of the false cause of action including adultery grounds , sir if you any ruling for above said fact then inform to me through my email

ganeshram gupta   05 July 2012 at 21:20


i handed a cheque of rs 1 lac w/o payee name,who encashed in another name. i gave also a promissory w/o name , now i am facing suit .
how can prove there was also a cheque which was encashed filling anothr name . any ruling sir ?


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