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Queries Participated

RG ML   06 November 2020 at 11:34

Eviction suit

I am living in my house which was bought by my late husband. Now the property has come to my name. In the ground floor of my property my brother-in-law is there as a permissive occupant, allowed by my late husband who took pity on him to do so. Even after my husband's death, my brother-in-law is not moving out nor paying any rent. I want to sell my house now. Due to this problem, buyers are not coming foward or they are asking for very low rate. Can I put an eviction suit against him. After initiating the eviction case, if there are buyers coming can I sell while there is a pending suit? or do I have to withdraw the suit and then only can sell? Do I have to pay any court penalty? what are the pros and cons of this approach against waiting for buyers to come without initiating the suit?

Anonymous   06 November 2020 at 07:42

Arrears of rent and claiming of damages.

I leased out my premises. The tenant has vacated the premises, without paying the upto date rents. He was in due for the last 6 months rents. And also he damaged our premises, which requires immediate repairs. So I have to file recovery petition for arrears of rent and damages. I am from Andhra pradesh State.

Now my doubt is : which court is having jurisdiction either the Civil Court or the Rent Control, and also under which Act CPC or Rent Control Act.

Plz. suggest.

P K George   05 November 2020 at 22:05

Negotiable instruments act

Does a Partner of LLP can be liable for the dishonour of Cheque as same as the Designated Partner.

Ram   05 November 2020 at 09:40

Calling a witness u/s 311-crpc in cheque bounce case

Dear Respected Experts,
Case History in Brief:
Anitha given a CheQue to house owner Kannan for house rental advance. The cheque was Anitha’s mother bank account. House owner Kannan withdrew the amount. After two years Anitha vacated Kanan’s house. Kannan told Anitha that he given the Amount to his Brother Krishnan because both Kannan & Krishnan partitioned their property. Now the property belongs to Krishnan. Krishnan also ensured Anitha that he will give the amount in 3 month’s time. After 3 months Krishnan given a Cheque to Anitha. When Anitha deposited Krishnan’s cheque, it bounced back due to “insufficient fund”. Now the petitioner is Anitha.
Anitha filed a Complaint u/s Negotiable Instrument Act 138 for Cheque bounce Case.

My Question:
1. Can Complainant-Anitha call Kannan as witness u/s 311 CrPc in cheque bounce case?
2. Can Complainant-Anitha Call her mother as witness u/s 311 CrPc to prove that her mother given the Cheque
to her daughter Anitha for rental Advance?

Thanks in Advance

Anonymous   04 November 2020 at 16:40


There was a married man having 2 kids whose wife passed away.
Through mutual friends he contacted me to marry him
I denied to marry him but he asked me to a good friend with him.
When seeing his situation I agreed to marry him
He physically abused me saying that in future he will marry me.
Now when he used me several times he is denying to get married and mentally harassing me to leave him.
I m suffering from a mental trauma due to it that he used me

Anonymous   04 November 2020 at 14:48

Legal notice from ex-employer to pay amount dues

Hi ,
I absconded from work 2 years back in one company due to some personal issues. After 2 years i am getting emails from them to pay a due amount of 42000 for not service notice period .after i absconded from the company working for 2 months , they sent a ful and final amount in my bank account after 4-5 months of absconding .I thought they would have deducted all such ammount whch they are claiming now ..what should i do now ? should i pay them what they are asking or ignore the mails .what legal actions they can take against me ?

Anonymous   04 December 2018 at 00:13

Cancellation of sale deed

Dear sir,

My grandma has purchased an apartment in A block and got registered in her name but the construction of A block is yet to be completed so the seller provided her with an apartment in c block for a meanwhile by virtue of MOU between them.

But it has been so long and the construction of the apartment in A block is not over. So, she asked the seller to cancel her A block apartment by way of cancellation deed and to get registered the apartment in C block, seller also agreed to this transaction.

In this transaction to be on the safer side I would like to know whether it is necessary to draft an MOU between the seller and my grandma stating that �after cancellation of the former sale deed the seller has to register the apartment in C block within some days�

Kindly guide me in this regard

sanjeev shukla   01 December 2018 at 12:54

Termination of service

I was sales manager in reliance lifeinsurance company terminated me on 13-04-2016 without notice showing performance was poor in current year where as in past 8 years i was top performer. i have filled an application in labour commissioner the case became FOC now case is before tribunal what should i do please suggest. my mail is

Anonymous   24 October 2018 at 15:07

Stop cheque payment with sufficient funds.

Sir, i have issued a cheque of Rs. 10,00,000 for April 2019. towards the final payment of divorce sattelment . Already i have paid 40,00,000/- to her. but now she refused to give divorce. is there any way to stop payment of this Rs.10 lacs cheque. kindly let me know what legal rules says regarding stop payment of cheque. Thanks

Isaac   24 October 2018 at 00:47

Termination from bank

The non scheduled private bank terminated its employee as a result of disciplinary action.He made an appeal to the Managing director/ Governing body and it was also dismissed.What is the next course of action? Whether Writ Petition can be filed ?


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