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Queries Participated

Vijay   23 April 2017 at 01:39

Making land non agriculture

My land is in Kargani, Sangali DIST. I want to convert agriculture land to non agriculture for consideration purpose. What is the process and how long it will take to whole process?

Reena   19 May 2014 at 19:57

Sale of property to daugther

I have planned to buy my father's self acquired plot and construct a house. He is selling it to be at a nominal price. I am applying for a home loan and hence need the property to be registered in my name. Is there best/cheap way to transfer the plot to my name without paying the registration fee?

Advocate Sachdev Bishnoi   04 December 2013 at 20:39

Case citation

R/ Members
Please send me the case citation in case for allegations of 420/ 506 IPC. The allegation of the complainant is that the accused taken money from the complainant for sending the sons of the complainant abroad and taken Rs. 25 lacs for the same and not sent his sons abroad.
Citation required in defence for grant of anticipatory bail of accused.
is this case falls under section 420 as there is another provision in Emigration Act 1983 under section 10 for such offences of sending abroad.

Advocate Sachdev Bishnoi   03 December 2013 at 20:15

Case citation required

R/ Members
Please send me the case citation in case for allegations of 420/ 506 IPC. The allegation of the complainant is that the accused taken money from the complainant for sending the sons of the complainant abroad and taken Rs. 25 lacs for the same and not sent his sons abroad.

Rakshita   03 August 2013 at 20:10

Joint family property

My Grandfather has 7 children - 4 sons and 3 daughters. One son (who wasn't married and had no children expired two years back). Grandmother is also no more. I am the daughter of his youngest son. We live in joint family (separate kitchens).
My Grandfather stays with the elder brother of my father.Also the elder brother of my father declared himself bankrupt years back due to some business issues. He doesn't do anything now.(His wife is a doctor so he doesn't to work. Yeah.)My Grandfather is in his 90s. He understands everything but he has made no will and doesn't look like he wants to make one.
The elder brothers of my father have taken keys of my grandfathers locker. With their behavior from past few years, I know that they do make my grandfather sign some papers too. My grandfather does not actively participate and signs on whatever they give. I am not very proud to say that my father also doesn't fight with them. He doesn't speak anything against his brothers. It is sad.
So I have a feeling that my father's elder brothers have taken the property and my grandmothers lockers under their name and haven't left anything for my father.
I can give an example of the recent cheating that these people did. My Grandfather had made FDs for my brother and me when we were kids. My father's elder brothers made my grandfather cancel those FDs. My father said nothing.I am working professional so I stay in a different city.

Knowing all this things beforehand, is there any precaution/action I can take now ? I want to fight against all this cheap game that they have played against our family. For me it is not about the money involved but it is about the fight about my parents' rights. I don't want my mother to tolerate any injustice.
Looking forward for meaningful advice and suggestions.


Dnyan   03 August 2013 at 19:32

Mistake in measurment

kharedi dastavej ke anusar humari kheti ka shetra 4 acre 15 aar he .par talathi daftar ke record me jaise 7/12 me sirf 3 acre 48 aar ke hi record mil rahe he .hamare pass jamin k stamp paper he jisme saf likha he ki 4 acre 15 ki kharidari huyi he .pls help me to acrurate record details

Ajay Sharma   12 July 2013 at 09:28

Divorce in case of 498a

hi experts

I heard that 498A=Divorce and divorce is 100% in such cases but my wife is not giving me divorce as she already filed false 498a and getting good maintainence amount and My lawyer is saying that you can't file a divorce until this 498a case is pending. even if u file for divorce it will going to be dismis by the court.

What shall i do... indirectly my lawyer is saying that I have to wait 4-5 years till the case is going.

Please advise me is there is any other way to give her divorce

Manoj Nainwal   12 July 2013 at 09:16

Resignation policy

I have joined my firm and at the time of joining I signed an undertaking where in it was mentioned that if I have to resign I will have to give 2 months notice period and that must be during teaching period.

But after six months of joining a message came related to the change in resignation policy.

That new policy is totally unfavorable for employee.

I want to ask that can any firm or organization change resignation policies as per their suitability any time. Can I legally challenge them for this.

Please answer me.

Nilesh Warankar   12 July 2013 at 02:03

About my pending salary from ex-employer


This is Nilesh Warankar. I was working in Customer Centria Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd, Andheri, Mumbai in 2011. I resigned in March 2103 from company due to irregular in the salary dates. Since then I haven't get the settlement amount Rs. 52,000 and PF details.

Kindly suggest me what can I do to get may pending compensations / salary.


Laasya Priya   10 July 2013 at 16:57


Execution petition has been filed for the recovery of the amount due under the promissory note. Court dismissed the petition. What is the next step for the recovery of the amount? Is it possible for filing fresh EP in the same court or else an appeal in the Higher Courts.


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