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Queries Participated

Deepak Parmar   25 September 2021 at 19:57

Hr agreements

Looking for Labour Lawyers for Drafting HR Policy

Deepak Parmar   30 January 2021 at 20:53

Co-operative housing society law - leakage from upper flat

Dear Sir/Mam,
I need guidance on Leakage in our flat since 2 months, in bathroom, Kitchen & now reached to Hall. I have requested my upper flat neighbor 2 months back and has been consistency following up with him to repairing in his flat washroom. He has always says, that no need to worry, I will do it, but doing nothing.

His Flat is given on rent. Today I meet society secretary & has requested him that its creating too much stress and the member is just saying that he will do, but doing nothing just giving assurance.

The secretary said that we can not do anything as its internal matter within your flat & leakage may from upper member flat, so you both should solve.

I inform the secretary that I have been calling every third day, and just give assurance.

And now the Leakage has reached to my Hall Area, our secretary said last I can do is that I will call him and will request but other then I can not do anything.

I need guidance what should I do, as I am in too much stress as the member is just giving assurance but doing nothing & now seems society secretary too just giving assurance.

Kindly help on this

My society comes under Navi Mumbai Area

Thanks - Deepak Parmar

Deepak Parmar   31 August 2017 at 11:22

Nomination in co-operative housing society in maharashtra

I want to make my wife as Nominee of my flat in our Co-operative Housing society Society which is in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, I need to know the Procedure for the same, Society has given me a form 3 copies to fill the same & submit to society,
I want to know do after submission to society office is it enough for Nomination registration or I need to Society Registrar Office to or CIDCO (Regulatory Authority of Navi Mumbai).

Can help me with step by step by process

Deepak Parmar

Deepak Parmar   30 January 2017 at 15:25

Resignation as secretary of the society - maharashtra state

I newly appointed as secretary of the society, I have started working on some pending issues, like collection of Agreements of Sale & Rent Agreement with Police Verification, I have appointed on my personal capacity, to members brother to do the paperwork without any fees or charges,as he is senior citizen and is at Home daily, now the previous committee members are objecting it
The appointed senior citizen, works in Society Office, uses my personal laptop, as society does not have & we needed to make excel sheets & certain notices for non submission,
The above is one issue.

The Other is daily they are calling at me messaging me that security Guard is not in dress & he is arguing with others, & his Language is not proper he needs to be changed. Infact their wife clicks the Images of the Security Guards & whatsapp to Society Group.
Also this is the Same Security Guard since last 2 Months before I became secretary.

What I felt its totally hostile environment, and difficult to work.

So I have decided to resign, we have yet not changed any bank signatures, & not informed the Society Registrar, I have became secretary on 6/11/2016,

I am collecting now the agreements from members, Society is 1.5 Year Old, till date not papers were collected from members.

TDS, Income Tax has been not deducted, No Income Tax Return is filed

The Previous Committee says that No Need to file the Income Tax Return & TDS Deduction, as unnecessary work will increase.

No Lift Papers, Share Certificates issued with wrong spellings.

No As I am submitting the resignation, do i need to inform the Registrar.

And what to do if the committee does not accept the Resignation


Deepak Parmar   01 December 2016 at 19:22

Leave & licence agreement to police chowky


Do we need to Intimate the Police Chowky in our jurisdiction for Leave & Licence Agreement every 11 Months when we renew our agreement.

Or for Once we need to Intimate Police if even we mutually renew our leave & licence agreement

Our Society has said that after every term of the L&L Agreement we need to Intimate the Police & Submit a copy to Society Office in 7 Days. Failure to Do will attract a Penalty of 1000 for per week & they may report to Police Station for non submission of L & L to Society & POlice NOC

Can any guide me on this

I am staying in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra


Deepak Parmar   17 November 2016 at 19:00

Society parking allotment

In our Society Builder during Handover to New Committee, has said that as 1 Parking is unsold / not allocated to members he will do in next 3-4 Months, till that Time the Parking will be under is name/Number.

After 4 Months of Handover to Society, Builder sold /allotted to a Member with allotment letter back dated to 30 Sep 2016.

Now Society members are have question how to the builder can Sale or allot the Parking once Handover is done.

We had a meeting, with builder and all the members, Builder replied that while Hand over of the Society to Members he has said specifically that 1 Parking which is not alloted or unsold he will do in next3-4 Months, and he also said that when he has asked during Handover Process that If anyone wants Parking they can meet him, and that Time No One Said any thing or raised objection, and now you are asking questions him.

As I was not staying in the society during & have given my flat on rent, I could Not understand what was happening, I came to know when I shifted in May 2016.

I spoke to secretary of the Society, he says that Builder has said that unsold parking which he will sell or allot to any members in next 3-4 Month.

I asked him the question did this was known to everyone, he says yes, but no one spoke during that time and now shouting at me and saying how can this happen

In fact the Parking is sold or say allotted to Chairman's Brother, who is also a Member,

Now the Current Secretary has resigned on this issue in fact whole committee has resigned and New Committee has been formed

Now the question arise how to solve this problem, as we all know that Parking can not be sold.

All the Members who have been allotted Stilt Parking has same Letters with Parking Number, Date of Allotment, Name of Owner with Flat No.

Total Parking Allotted 12 Nos (Can Say Sold to members) 4 Parking are for Bikes Common to everyone for Bikes

The Allotment Letter issued to member with disputed stilt parking is just 2 days before the handover date.

Now in our society question arise how to solve the problem, Society in AGM Passed this Allotment to be illegal, and does not consider the allotment letter to be valid.

Does the Allotment Letter given to Members will stand valid in Court and same with case of disputed stilt parking letter.

Kindly guide me, even I have purchase stilt parking, but it is allotment to me during the possesion of Flat before the Handover's 1 Year Back.

Deepak Parmar

Deepak Parmar   07 November 2016 at 14:57

Urgent - passport affidavit

I need to submit a affidavit in Annexure I, for TATKAL Passport, and Same to be executed on appropriate non-judicial stamp paper of minimum value and attested by Executive Magistrate or Notary Public.

I have done Notary on Thane Today, but my Colleague says, as I dont have my Photo on the affidavit and thump impression, and also the Notary Officer has not mentioned as "BEFORE ME" it is invalid,

The Notary Officer has mentioned "NOTARISED" (Signature) NAME & ADDRESS

"NOTED & REGISTERED" SR. No. & date.

I need to submit tomorrow morning at 11.30 to passport office, kindly advice me should I do another Notary

Deepak Parmar

Deepak Parmar   26 February 2015 at 19:40

Attested of documents by gazette

one of School in Chembur has asked me to get attested (True Copy) the Xerox Copies of Birth Certificate, Address Proof (Ration Card) & aadhaar Card thru Gazette Officer for STD I Admission

I have done thru NOTARY Officer, I have gone to School for submission of admission form, but the concern Officer / teacher is not sure of Notary Officer being as Gazette Officer who has the power for attested (True Copy) Kindly let me know whether Notary Officer (Public Notary) has the power to get documents attested by them


Deepak Parmar   10 February 2015 at 15:54

Ordinary citizen as per people representation act 1950

I staying in Mumbai since my Birth, as have got ancestors property in Gujarat, since 1999, as I have all mu Documents in Mumbai Ration Card, Election Card, Pan Card & have done School & College from Mumbai. As I have applied for Loan (Kisan Credit Card), few Months Backs, The Banks in Gujarat asked me Ration Card & Election Card, when I gave them of Mumbai they didnt took & they request me to submit the Residential & ID Proof of Gujarat only, So I transferred my Ration Card & Election Card from Mumbai to Gujarat.
As I am still staying & working in Mumbai, I have learned from one of my friend that as I am working here I am Ordinary Citizen of Mumbai as per People's Representation Act 1950, even If I have cancelled my Voter ID from Mumbai & Shifted to Gujarat,

Can any One Guide me on this of which State I am Ordinary Citizen, I was also applying for Change of Address in my UID Card (Aadhar) from Mumbai to Gujarat, as Banks are asking me the AADHAR Card for Subsidiary against my Loan Interest as the Loan is against Agricultural Land.

Deepak Parmar

Deepak Parmar   11 November 2014 at 09:44

Agriculture land distribution

There is piece of Agricultural Land which was given by the GOI to Scheduled Castes in 1972, And the Land was suppose to be given in the names of all family members.
My Uncles father was not at Home during the distribution so during that time my uncles Uncle said to the officer that as my brother is not home you can give the land in my name & once brother comes from other village after few Months, we distribute among ourselves equally.
As that time the panchayat where strong, the The Uncles Uncle gave the assurance in the Village Temple in front of Other relatives that once his brother is back he will Transfer his name in it.

Now here the Both the brothers expired & their childrens are left. And there was not attempt to distribute that land to is Brother names. & after his death the children of the that person took the land.
But from the pressure from relatives & other village people, the childrens allowed that the to cultivate to their cousin who is suppose to be the 50% owner of the land.

since 30 Years this is happening but in 2012, the childrens in whose name the 7/12 are there removed his cousin,

Now my uncle is without land, and who is suppose to be 50% owner of the land.

The Land is in Gujarat.

Can what can be done.



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