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Queries Participated

Kamalika   13 June 2016 at 19:36

Representation in court

Respected Lawyers,

I am going through a contested Divorce case filed by my husband. I have also filed a Domestic Violence Case against him and his family and my father-in-law has filed a fraud case against me and my father.
I have been in this for the last three years and am very disappointed with the lawyer's services who have been representing me till date.I am also not in a financial position to pay their exorbitant charges anymore as I am not working.

Please let me know if a friend who does not have a law degree, represent me in these three cases in the court?

Thank You.

Gulshan Tanwar   04 August 2015 at 09:48

Delhi rent control act, 1958

Dear Friends,

A case u/s. 14 (1) (a) DRC was filed before Additional Rent Controller, Delhi and the Ld. ARC had ordered for the deposit of the rent u/s. 15 (1) for the arrears of rent and future rent. Despite that order the respondent didnot filed the said arrears of rent within time period of 30 days. The ARC struck off his defence. After evidence the ARC dismissed the petition stating that it had no jurisdiction to pass the decree as the rent is mentioned above the DRC limit of Rs.3500/-.

Now after 5 years, it came to knowledge that the respondent is not paying rent regularly and hence an execution petition has been filed before the Ld. ARC, and the Ld. ARC said that petition is not maintainable.

My question is that order passed u/s . 15 (1) DRC Act is part of Judgment or different from Judgment and why the execution petition is not maintainbale. Please mention any citation of High Courts or Supreme Court.

Thanks all friends for the same.

D Narasimhan   05 July 2015 at 20:03

diff between lawyer & advocate in India

1.What is the difference between lawyer & advocate..?
2.i hv compltd by LL.B and graduated.
Am in the process of Bar Council Regn.Pending BCI regn ,Can i use professional logo of lawyer and Can i mention as Advocate or Lawyer in my business card,letters & communication etc. If so Which Word advocate or lawyer is correct.?

K. P. Boda   03 July 2015 at 19:18

Condonation of notice under nia 138

Dear Experts, is any one aware of any order of the Supreme Court or High Court where in spite of absence of mandatory notice of demand of payment in cheque bounce case, the case has been allowed ? I need citation in one of my case and the matter is already on the board for next week. Regards from Mr.K.P.Boda.

Raj   08 May 2015 at 00:50

Can 340 crpc be filed if the employer has obtained decsion in his favor?

In one know to case, the employer has terminated his adhoc services who has worked for 12 years in Institute(Controlled by Ministry of health).There was an order passed by standing finance committee of Minsitry of health that no adhoc services shall be discontinued...The employee approached before the CAT, But the employer has suppressed the facts and get the order in its favor..after few years, the employee came to know about the decsion of the standing finance committee as result he could not agiate before the CAT about the decsion of the standing finance committee
Now, in such circusmtances, the employer has committed perjury, please inform whether the employee has the right to file the case of perjury against the employer who has got the order in its favor??

Member (Account Deleted)   01 November 2013 at 15:54

Registration of love

Dear Sir/Madam

Is there any law in india which can make registration of love or lovers. As so many young boys and girls are palying with the emotions of others i think it become imperative to have a law to make them registered so that it can protect the people who fell in love. In the name of love and promising for marriage they are deceiving others.
Making them registered may bring fear among those who want to use others emotions. Lot of young generation at crucial stages of there life are struggling with the menace of love failure and spoiling their career and life. sucides, acid attacks , rape all these are manifestations of love. controlling these emotions at the early stages of love where emotions are not reached to peak level by way of registration will help to reduce this menace in the society. it will also help those who seriously love and eliminate them who dont love seriously for the sake of marriage and also by way of registration it makes them think rationally before they further involve in love and make a better decision of their partner.
parents who are afraid of thier daughter and sons fell in love making early marriages and thus these young generation are not able to pursue thier dreams in the life and any major acheivements .

so i thought if there is any law in this regard will hekp alot for the society . Any ideas from you are welcome.

Gulshan Tanwar   01 November 2013 at 08:58

Best wishes




R.Manivasagan   07 November 2012 at 07:54

Correction of affidavit

dear seniors,
there is a typographical mistake was happened in the body of affidavit filed in a civil suit that we have wrongly mentioned the suit number as OS.72/2011 instead of OS.76/2011. at that time of argument we have filed an application to correct the above mistake and the other side resisting the same as if the affidavits cannot be amended or corrected and there is no provision in the CPC. please clarify me that what are all the procedures to be followed to correct the affidavit? if any latest citations would be given it would be more helpful to me. please

pankaj   12 March 2012 at 17:38

Fake case under section 9.pls help me 4my sister

my sister has attempted the marriage with the person.after clicking the photos in temple and signing on notery my sister came back home same day she told that she got married.and also she came to know that she has been fooled by that person who lied about his education and other things.she refused to go with that person.that person has now filed a case against my sister under section 9,by saying she lived with him for 8 days,she is my submitting the marriage photos and the notery signed by my sister.they clicked the photos without any family member in it nor from his side.and also she returned home same day she did how can he file such case.we are fighting from 6 months in court.please help us.its very urgent

she is major. saptapadi was not per her knowing they just clicked the photographs with the presence of pandit and his friends also my sister's friend was there. they submitted those photos as the evidence of marriage to the marriage registration office where that persons parents signed in register with these both.after we ask that person to show his educational and jobs documents,but he kept us hanging for two weeks.there she came to know that he fooled her and she understood her mistake.also he kept calling her through his parents to leave home and kept threatning my parents and me were in oppose of this marriage we asked her to sign on stamp that she refused this marriage and submitted those papers photocopies in the marriage departments offices.after 2 months reply was that there no marriage certification is issued from respective departments.we have only this evidence in hand.after he filed the case.we replied with falsification.and are stuck to it. what should i do to prove this marriage null?my sister will be stamped as divorcee?

Adv. Hemangi Jade   12 March 2012 at 15:08

Gardians and wards act, 1890

I am Jr. Advocate.
My Client wants to dispose of his property in which his minor Son is Co-owner.
I learnt that for sale of minors property his father would have to declare himself as his guardian.
Hennce, I want to move an aplication under Sec. 10 of Gardians and Wards Act, 1890.
Please giude me about the procedure for the same as regards Jurisdiction, Court Fee Stamp, Contents in brief, approximate duration for disposals of the application etc.
Please guide me. Thanking you in anticipation.