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Queries Participated

yogesh   29 May 2016 at 10:33

regarding land

Dear sir,
We have planned to construct a new building in our land but that street people oppose that this is a temple land and you should not construct.we have asked their documents and they are showing only some Xerox papers and we asked for their originals and ec.they r telling this is a public place and it should not have any documents.but we are having pathirram,patta,ec.so we decided to construct with police protection.but they again oppose that you didn't have plan approval and you should not construct it.they also black mails that we will put in the court since there is no plan approval for you and it will take 10 to 20 years they are saying.kindly suggest me to construct a building and to solve this problem

cherry   06 December 2015 at 21:48

Annulment of marriage

My friend has received annulment notice from her husband raising false allegations stating that she is impotent and marriage has never been consummated. But fact is that he is well aware before marriage that she cannot bear a child and she has never attained puberty he alone agreed for all these willfully and married her and told that he will take care of any situation after marriage, so they lived their conjugal life happily for 2yrs but now becasue his parents are asking for kids and blaming him he is denying all these facts and says that the marriage has never been consummated and he is not aware of all this. Can he get marriage annulmet aftyer living with her for 2 yrs knowing all the facts. Please guide us regarding this query.

Ravi sharma   17 November 2015 at 13:44

want divorce but girl is not supporting

I want to divorce from my wife as its been 2 years now to marriage at arya samaj mandir. She never came to my home nor disclosed about marriage..now she doesn't want to live and want to be separate but on the other hand she is not supporting at all for divorce. She is not picking up my call and not replying to my message..what to do...I want that we both legally get divorced so that can live new life peacefully. Though our marriage was not registered at court or municiple

Arunav   17 November 2015 at 12:40


Dear Sir(s),

There is dispute between landlord and the tenant.
Landlord wants to initiate eviction proceedings.
The problem is there is Arbitration clause referred in the lease agreement.
The tenant is not paying the rent.
Can the landlord approach civil court bypassing the arbitration proceedings.

Arunav   17 November 2015 at 12:38


Dear Sir(s),

Background :
The execution proceeding has been initiated on the basis of consent award passed by the Arbitrator.
Query : The consent award has been passed in favour of the party which is different than party in execution.
Can execution proceedings stands.
If no than under what provisions.

chaitu.....   10 November 2015 at 00:40

Promissory note?

thank you . so much for your time for resolving my query.

gopal   02 September 2015 at 11:12

Request to give guidance

Respected sirs,

My father and his only one younger brother were made partition on 1989 with unregistred partition deed.

after some time later my father younger brother is interfering the our share of properties.

so my father filed a civil suit in district munsif court and ask permenant injunction against his younger brother.

The district munsiff court awarded the permenant injunction that the younger brother and men were restrained by means of permenant injunction in possession and enjoyment of my father share of properties

the younger brother filed appeal in Sub-court there his appeal dismissed.

Now he has filed in High Court for Second appeal . the second appeal is pending.

In this stage, is it necessary to file counter affidavit in favour of our side.

Our Advocate told when the Second appeal copmming for trial then we can oraly argue in the court no need to file the counter.

but i like to file counter affidavit in favour of us. because we have some supportive judgments and points are there.

so kindly guide me which one is good .

1) filing counter affidavit is good for us ?

2) is it possible to file counter affidavit when the case is pending or other wise we have to submit only on the time of trial?

Gaurav   20 August 2015 at 17:17

Husband wants to live separately due to abusive nature of wife.

I am a 32 year old software engineer being mentally tortured by my abusive and violent wife of same age. Her parents also support her only. I am the only child of my parents and my wife forces me to break all relations with my parents. She is neither ready for separation nor ready to amend her abusive behaviour with me and my parents. We also have a 5 year old daughter.
My query :- The current accommodation where we live is a rented one in my name. Due to my wife’s abusive nature, I want to leave that house and start living separately with my parents. Now my question is how to escape from the liability of the property damages which my wife might do in the current rented accommodation if I leave her and start living separately? As soon as I leave her, she might start damaging or selling internal equipments like pipe fittings etc. or she might run the AC, geyser etc. continuously so that I am liable to pay the high electricity bill (as the rented house is in my name even if I had left it). Is there any way to escape from such liability after leaving that house which is rented in my name?

somesh   30 October 2013 at 17:27

Re : possession under sarfaesi

Dear Sir,

The bank has given me a notice u/s 13(2)which says i have to pay the dues within 60days (60 days will be finished in this week)and i managed to pay 20% of the whole due after receiving the notice and given a request letter to cooperate with me and help me to come out clearly from this situation. my plea has fallen to deaf ears.

Now my query is i have given my property (office and residence)as collateral
1) can a bank evict me out of my residence?

2) can a bank decide which property shall be evicted first or there is a hard & fast rule to evict office premises first?

3) i have debtors of around 30% of the whole amount in the market which might realise in 3 to 4 months, can i request them to take possession of my office (as debtors + office premises would suffice and settle the whole dues)and leave me out of this?

4) lastly some of my friends sympathized me saying that bank cannot evict me out of my residence as its only the place you reside in, they can only take symbolic possession (is it true)?

Thanks in advance

Tarun Aggarwal   29 April 2013 at 16:47

Tds return wrongly filled through e filling

I have wrongly deposited my TDS through internet banking ,stating the assessment year 2012-13 which was to be 2013-14 and also stating the nature of payment as 94B INSTEAD of 94A. Kindly suggest me how to get my cyber receipt corrected,so that i can file my return. I am deductor not the assesee.


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