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Queries Participated

Arihant   22 August 2008 at 20:40

Rental Property

Dear Sir,

I have a industrial property in Pali - Rajasthan. I am the Sole prop. since 1987

I have rented the property to my brother from past 9 years and he is not vacating the property. The agreement is not drafted in the proper way as we do now.

can u tell the procedure of filing a suit against him

can i sue him from chennai but the property is in Pali - Rajasthan

Sir, i am really very new in this field, i dont have any idea regarding civil cases please help me in this issue - its very urgent


ankit gupta   22 August 2008 at 18:21

whta is the procedure of taking oath in courts

can any one tell me that what is the procedure of taking oath in the court,
is it that the same holy book is used for people from every religion or it depends upon that to which religion he belongs to????/

bhuushan bankar   22 August 2008 at 17:15

can the accused discharged

in the persent case the accused is on bail under sec 279 and 338 can he be discharged or can the complaint be quased since the complainant(not the aggrived person,he was not hurt)is died and the child who got mionr injury is not tracble as he shifted his residence

KamalNayanSaxena   20 August 2008 at 00:09


A property of leased hold rights for the term of 99 years, mortgaged without seeking permission of lessor.

What shall be the effect on mortgage?

Shekhar   19 August 2008 at 19:28

what is null and void? pls. expain!! in this case....

a girl got married on 11/dec/2005... just after the marriage boy brought her in to the restaurant near by where boy wanted to discuss his future plan... but the girl said she is going to go to her home, are you welling to come? boy refuses and the same thing was shared with the father-in law on 18th of dec. 2005, where father-in law stated that due to the circumstance the girl has disrupted her way, if your's tie up will not run then i will break up the knot.... and then forced the boy to go to the honey moon, then on 24th they went to honey moon where the girl stated that she is not a woman , marriage was just for the social purpose and just "name show off"...

as soon they return to the home this sorry affair was discussed by the boy to the family of the boy... on the same day girl went to her house there she stayed for the entire months expect 4 days that she came in to, then this case discussed with the father of the girl, he said stars are not favorable we will not talk now let wait for some time then she turned in the month of fab. 2006 there she again said many thing to boy that she is not a girl and many time while they are on the bad... then after spending few days on fab. she never turned back....

her father said the things are not working out let sit for the settlement then he sat it and settled the matter on 9th of june 2006(with a4 size paper written work)... before that he has said many thing that boy need to improve in the career and change in the job also, there he stated that the girl was never wanted to do marriage as she has said to the parents of the boy also. "all this things are there in the form of recordings"...

then on 9th and on 18th of june 2006 he has taken away the entire articles and items which was gifted on various occasions..... then he and she went to America for 4 to 5 months in 2006, then there was no consent for the mutual divorce then with in one year of marriage the boy has filed the null and void or alternatively divorce.... Pls. guide me and tell me your point of view and pls. share if any other input required from your side to fill the GAP...


Dr.Mumbiram   19 August 2008 at 04:32

After filing a writ petition personally

Artist Mumbiram is personally filing a writ petition at the Bombay High Court requesting for a Mandamus to officials at FROs and their superiors at the MHA (PETITION UNDER Part III Article 14 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA FOR ISSUANCE OF A WRIT IN THE NATURE OF Mandamus UNDER ARTICLE 226 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA).

These officials have failed to process Dr.Mumbiram’s application for a five-year-visa for his minor son, who qualifies as a PIO. Departmental remedies such as formal written complaints have also been exhausted. The petition seeks a Mandamus to these officials to immediately grant a visa for his minor son and also to grant the petitioner compensation for damges.

What action from the High Court can we expect and in what time framework ? Will we be informed about the next steps in the proceedings, such as a possible hearing ? Do they post such information on the case status page of the Bombay High Court ?

Would somebody enlighten us about possible scenarios ?

vinod bansal   18 August 2008 at 16:32

Sec 319 CrPC

An order Under section 319 CrPC is An interloctury order or not.Secondlly whether a revision against order under section 319 CrPc lies or not.Plz enlighten Thanks

ram   18 August 2008 at 15:37

Previous Sale Deed

It is valied in a sale document mentioned previously taken sale amount by the vendor now statutatory purpose such document registration at present ? whether it reight or wrong. Pl rectify
Tbank Q

bs   18 August 2008 at 11:30

Dissertion , Dowry Harrassment & Cheating

My marriage was arranged by my husband's family without my family or anyone else in June 2004. I have a boy baby of 3 yrs 6 months. He and his family continuously tortured me for bringing wealth from my family. My husband started advertising in matrimonial websites for his marriage within 5 months of our marriage. My in-laws didnot bother anything about it. His behavior was very different and only last year, I came to know that he was arrested in his native and kept in jail for around 9 days and all dailies published the news. The girl who lodged police complaint has given an exclusive interview in a popular tamil magazine.As I reside in Bangalore, I was unaware of all these. I was shocked to hear this as neither he nor his parents and the only sister hidden this fact from me for more than 3 years. Last year, he disserted me and my kid.I tried all means to get in touch with my husband. But his parents and sister demanded huge sum from me if I had to talk to my husband. I had no other go but to lodge a complaint in bangalore police statiion stating Dissertion, Dowry Harrassment and Cheating.

Now he is only appearing in the court here.His family members not appearing and claim for exemption from personal exemption on medical grounds and travelling distance. They are not ready to bear the responsibility of sheltering and protecting me and my kid.

Through their counesl, they compel me to withdraw the case if to find any solution to the problem. Please suggest me how to make my family life continue free of troubles.

Verma d. Ashish   18 August 2008 at 07:27

grave and sudden provocation

the fact of the casr are:


# Gurdip singh and Sohan singh were step brothers and the equal partition of their agricultural land was done by their father Murta singh 10 years ago in Delhi.

# Murta singh lived with Sohan singh since the partition leading to the dissatisfaction of Gurdip singh on being treated unequally.

# Gurdip singh was a night guard in a bank but their main occupation was agriculture and the irrigation was done from a common well which remained the bone of contention between the two step brothers.

# On the day of the incidence, Gurdip singh at about noon came and asked for the water for the irrigation of his field which was declined by Sohan singh which led to the heated arguments between the two brothers.”

# Murta singh was present there and he took the side of Sohan singh,Then sohan singh uttered “ you son of a concubine”,"GO AWAY" on hearing this Gurdeep singh left the field and returned along with Santok singh who was a colleague in his bank. Gurdip singh came with his licensed .303 rifle and fired one shot from a close range with his rifle hitting sohan singh on his right knee and a second shot on his biceps of left arm. Gurdip singh left the field and sohan singh was taken to the hospital. He died on the way due to excessive bleeding.

Trial and sessions judge convicted Gurdip singh under section 302 of the Indian penal code and Santok singh under section 302 read with 34 of the Indian penal code.

KIndly guide the best possible solution for the defence....and also some recent supreme court decisions.


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