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Queries Participated

Priyam Roongta nee Gupta   11 April 2019 at 22:21

Transfer of divorce suit from one state to another

I belong to Navi Mumbai, married to a Delhi Boy.Marriage took place in Delhi in Dec-2015.On Wedding Night itself it was established that the Boy was Impotent owing Drug Abuse.Under pretext of Job Transfer the Boy was moved to Hong Kong without me even the employer provided spouse visa . I stayed with in-laws till July-2018 during which the Boy visited India a few times during which my parents requested and agreed to explore all possible medical management but the boy and in-laws never permitted for social disgrace.I somehow managed to stay with in-laws but life became so miserable that I had been practically shipped off to my Parental Home and I am staying with my retired parents with limited income from their saving.Now in Jan-2019 the boy has filed a Divorce suit under HM Act at Delhi Court and I have received summons.Contesting a case Delhi will be a cruel nightmare for me apart from continuous fear factor. I seek guideline as that such case can be asked requested for transfer to Jurisdictional Court at Navi Mumbai. Is it possible and lawful? What to do ?

chirag patel   08 August 2018 at 16:34

Case dismissed by supreme court.

Honourable Supreme Court has dismissed ONGC SLP in the year 2015 and ordered to implement Gujarat High Court Order. In the Gujarat High Court Order I am also one of the beneficiary but ONGC refused to consider my appointment. Now I had filed SCA in Gujarat High Court. I wud like to know whether can I still appeal before the Supreme Court for implementation and execution of Guj High Court order.


Sarika   01 August 2018 at 14:40

Bail under IPC 409, 420,467,468,471

One of my friend is facing a fabricated criminal complain against him under IPC 409, 420,467,468,471. What are the chances of getting bail. What could be the min-max time he may have to stay inJudicail custody. What are the other options for bail?. Pl ease advise.

Kamaldeep Singh   31 July 2018 at 15:34

EO Wing Case

We borrowed 18 lacs from a close friend and returned that back to him after some time. Now he has filed a case against my father that he lent 40 lacs to us, but my father has returned only 18 lacs to him although he have proof of giving us only 12 lacs. Rest 6 lacs were given in cash by him. However, we returned all of his money. He has filed case in EO wing stating that my father took money from him to send him to Canada as my brother is in Canada. Also, he has friends in EO wing and they asked us to submit proof of returning the money which we aubmitted; even though, he has not submitted any proof of him giving us the credit other than his verbal statement and case is still in progress.
Currently, my father is in Canada to visit my brother and that person came to know about that. He sent police at our home today to know my father�s whereabouts since my father didn�t inform EO wing when he went to Canada. The police personnel said that my father is declared �faraar� and �abscond� so I need to sign a statement that he is in Canada. I verbally admitted it, but refused to give it in written.
Can someone guide me future of this case, since that person do not have any proof of giving us more than 12 lacs and we have proof of returning him 18 lacs which we already submitted. Now that person is harassing us by involving us in inquiries.
Please help 🙏🏻

Anonymous   30 July 2018 at 06:57

bail in sessions court

Dear sir,
I am 22 year old boy. My mother is working as a teacher. My father died when I was six years old. We live in dhule. One of my uncle had a job consultancy and he was arrested by police of Aurangabad for taking money from people by promising seats in NEET medical exam. My mother was also arrested as her name was mentioned in compalint once that one man gave 50000 to her.all other amount gone to uncle's account only. My mother was not aware of his intentions. Both of them were arrested on same day. My mother is in custody for last 30 days and the uncle is sent to Karnataka police for some other case. Two times bail recjected by magistrate saying investigation not complete and sent to jail. How can I take bail for my mother? Please help me out. She is innocent.

lakshman kumar   08 April 2018 at 06:57


What are all the documents required for getting bail

kmath   03 April 2018 at 05:55

How to get criminal or civial injuction order? what are the

Because of my Inlaws has the criminal background, how to get a Criminal or Civil injunction order from the court? So that they will not come to my house or come near me to attack or harrass us or my elderly familiy members

Rasheedkhan   01 April 2018 at 17:01


Dear Sir, We filed SLP at Supreme court of India, SLP dissmiised and order is : we find no reason to entertain this petition. Is it possible to submit review petiton at High court or?

Darshan Amrute   22 March 2018 at 14:13

Opening a pre-school

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am planning to start a new pre-school in a suburbs of Mumbai. What all licenses are needed?
I may start my own branded pre-school or take a franchisee, but mostly deciding on taking franchisee?
Pls advise!

Anonymous   22 March 2018 at 11:51

Transfer petition in sc

Hi Experts,

My wife filed 498a on my entire family and relatives and then forced us for a divorce (only 3 months into marriage). We agreed to her demands but then she went to her native place and after two months filed DVA and maintenance cases demanding 5 times the money that she had asked initially.

I filed for a Cr.TP in the SC and that took two years to be decided with wife not responding and just taking time and dragging the case. It became ex-parte but they some how managed to bypass 2 -3 benches and finally landed on a bench which had a lady judge from her state.

As expected the transfer was rejected and awarded in favour of the wife even though they never filed a response, the lady judge was so determined to block it, my word, I can't explain. She gave the reason as inconvenience to the wife which never got into the official orders. The official was a bull shit to read but who can question them? Some of them feel they are GODS.

Now, I filed RCR in my City (no Divorce filed before) and as usual no reply from her for months and it became ex-parte again on the day before an order is given, she gets a stay order from supreme court just like that. The same was not provided to us for the DV transfer case which was Criminal case and we were taken for a ride for close to two years for bull shit judgement.

Now, I will get a notice from SC for the transfer of this RCR case soon. When I can't get a criminal case like DV transferred to the place of allegations especially when there is a 498a already I have no hopes that the SC will reject her transfer petition for RCR case. Every advocates sympathise with us and tell that is how it is in this country. The SC is a Women welfare organization rather than a court of justice in these matters.

The SC has absolutely no regard for merits and establishing justice. It just looks at whether the petitioner is a man or a woman and if it's a women it is super advantage.

Now, I don't want to spend money and time on this losing course fighting to retain RCR in my City. I have very well understood how SC decides the transfer. Men have no chance for either criminal or civil cases getting transferred. We are literally at the mercy of the complaining women.

I want to know whether I can respond to the notice my self some how by send a post or email or their online services etc.

Are men being at the mercy of the women and the system the only way forward? I have given up and my fighting spirit is wading faster and her demand has gone increasing.

Some times I think whether men should take up arms and turn rogue to get justice and then suffer which is much more satisfactory at least. But unfortunately men have their families who are also bound in these false cases which blocks many men from turning into murderers.



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