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Queries Participated

Bindu   28 November 2008 at 13:28

Need draft of Will

Can any one provide me with draft of will and the procedure to get it registered.I am from Mumbai

Thanx in advance


allurisivajiraju   28 November 2008 at 08:36

Negotiable Instruments Act.

Respected Seniors,

Mr. 'A' Received a cheque drawn on Bank 'B' from Mr. 'C'. Then after obtaining cheque and Before filing the said cheque for presentation the said bank 'B' was regulated by Sec. 35 A of Reserve Bank of India which resulted the entire transactions of the Bank 'B' were stoped.

In the above circumstances Mr. A Presented his cheque in his account. It was returned with an endorsement " There is no person to collect the cheques of Bank 'B' at the clearing House".

Now what is the otion available to Mr. 'A'. Whether basing on the said endorsement can he file a case under section 138 and 142 of the N.I.Act against Mr. 'C'.There is a time for issue notice.
Thanking You Sir.

N.K.Assumi   10 November 2008 at 08:14

Void and Illegal

What is the distinction between void and illegal in contract? Can any one illustrate the difference between the two? Thanks in advance.

Legal Fighter   06 November 2008 at 08:45

Urgently Need Judgment..

Can anyone pls help me to get a copy of the below judgment of AP High Court. I could pay for the charges incurred. i need it urgently. pls help me.

District: KURNOOL Lower Court Number : 1/2007
Subject : U/s.482 Cr.p.c Other offences not covered(Misc.)
Last Time Listed On : 01-Aug-2007
Misc. Petitions filed : Disposed On : 02-Aug-2007

Connected Matters :

Rajaram C Iyer   05 November 2008 at 19:16

Registrars in High Court.

Dear Learned Members,

May I know the role of registrars in the High Courts. what is the difference between Registrars and a Judge? Please elucidate

Nishtha   15 September 2008 at 18:07

After leaving the job salary is still credited in my account

I left the company one year back.That was not a formal resignation but i took leave without pay for 3 months and then got married and setteled down and never returned.The problem is that after 3 months the salary had started coming to my salary account. Might be there is some confusion in their accounts deptt.

I want to ask that once they realise it will i be liable to return it back. Since i have not made any offence will i be accused or blamed. Can i use that money? Will i have to return it?

Please help me.

N.K.Assumi   12 September 2008 at 06:59

Registered documents:

If a registered documents dully registered before the Registration officer is it a conclusive proof?

podicheti.srinivas   11 September 2008 at 13:08

application for registration of patents format

Dear all,
I need a patent application format for filing in india for academic purpose where would i get it.any website or any formats with any learned brothers may put on the may be of great help.

mehul   07 September 2008 at 22:12

till what time period the case can be reopened/status- and how to obtain copy of the case file from the court

My father had file case in civil court for land grabing.He had purchased a plot in 1965.There after three parties claimed that they had purchased the same plot in splited manner for some other person and have got registered documents of 1982.He filed a case and one party out of court comprised with him in 1990.There after the case is pending in the court.My father coud not follow up the case due to ill health and the both ny father and his advocated are deceased. Can I reopen the case after 18 years or whether the case is still open.I have no clue to at all what has happned in the court.Is there a time limit as per law.Now there is a public notice that one person is intrested in purchasing one of the piece of the land from one of the parties.Can i reply taking objection. Or do I have to have all the papers.I have only few papers.Can the file be obtained form the court as I have the case Nos..What is the procedure to obtain copy of the case file form the court and how much time will it take.

G. ARAVINTHAN   05 September 2008 at 23:38

Credit Card- Loan

'A' - a credit card company offers loan to 'B' a software engineer. Before sanctioning of loan amount, A send a statement of balance statement for which B have to pay first month due.

No details of Sanctioning, employees of A saying that Loan was sanctioned and cheque sent through courier. But on further enquiry A said that cheque returned as no such person in the said address.

But next month B receives another balance statement to pay next month due. On telephonic inquiry, B was not satisfied as employees of A admit the payment of dues by B but whenever A calls of Loan sanctioning, employees saying "Loan under processing".

What is the remedy for B

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