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Queries Participated

Rajneesh Sharma   15 March 2011 at 13:01

Please help...

Hi All,

Please help...

My sister's death was January 24 this year. She were living With us the last 8 years with their 2 children. one is 8 years old and another one is 11 years old. Her husband died 9 years ago. Since then she was residing with us. Now his brother-in-law is threatening us to put a case against my parents, that we haven't care about our sister. My sister was a patient of AIDS & we got to know this just before 2 months of her death. Her husband was also suffered with AIDS but her in-laws never told us about this.

What can we do in advance to procure this.

Please help..

If someone have time to talk then please give me a call at 9810774628.

Rajneesh Sharma

Raja   23 September 2010 at 23:01

Study of two degree course

Admission/Study of two degree course is valid/acceptable, according to law in India ?
Please explain, quoting particular law/rule/regulation/circular/etc.

Kanhayyalal Dubey   23 September 2010 at 15:16

156(3) me order liya to muljim ban baithaa

mere uncle ke 2 ration card hai,amravati aur mumbai, usne mumbai ke ration card me apne bete ke naam ke jagah apne saale ke baete kaa naam likhwa kar apna beta bataya. 1 baar usne unkaa naam apne haath se kaat kar (superiposed)apne bete kaa naam likh kar unkaa paassport banwaa liya . iske alwaa, usne SRA project me usne MMRDA se free me ghar bhi liya, aur rationing ka ajo benefit hota hai wo bhi sab humne rationong offcer/office ko bataya, aur waha se FIR kaa direction bhi mila ,lekin polce ne FIR nahee likha. Fir MM magistrate ne 156(3) ke tahat order pass kar ke FIR darj huwa. Ab, ab jaantey hai kya huwa, wahee uncle ne, usee court me 156(3) ke tahat ye iljam lagaya ki ye sab jo bhi huwa hai wo humne hee kiya hai, mai to baher rahtaa thaa, aur MM magistrate ne order kiya hai hum per 201, 420, 465.467, 468, 471 IPOC ke antergat FIR ka order mil gaya, ye kaha kaa nyay hai, mere mukdame me, rationing office gawah hai, hamare ground solid hai, jis ration card me unho ne kaat kar naam chadhaya hai wo ,police ne baramad kiya hai, Npw , my learned frend tell me how to get justice, can it be quuashed, the same mmmajistrate who knew all, he himself???

Vikas Aneja   13 September 2010 at 21:27

service law

if any person who is class Ist employee died during service of Govt.and what kind of job will be given to his son who is equal qualification of his father.
please give citations

M/s. Y-not legal services   13 September 2010 at 16:11

quash on 3O4.A of i.p.c:

In a case, f.i.r filed under section 304.A of i.p.c.. Accused arrested and released on bail.. Charge sheet not yet filed.. On this stage Can we quash this f.i.r proceeding? Any citation available mean.. Please.. ..tom..

Anonymous   28 August 2010 at 22:58


dear sir
i want to know about stop payment cheque
matter are as under
i am trader of stock market
i give a cheque to the share broker
but broker sell my all shares without
my consent so i was stop payment instruction to the bank and bank have already stoped permenantly but party diposited cheque in the bank first time
cheque was return with remark "stop payment by drawer" but not send me notice
but party deposited again after four month
and return with same reason "stop payment by drawer" and send me a notice
my questation is notice is maintanble?
in my point of view
stop payment by drawer ?
account has been closed
in two reason not to deposit again notice issue in first time
am i right?
please advise me

mahendrakumar   26 December 2009 at 07:31

limitations and advantages of consumer courts

what are the advantages of filing a case at consumer courts over conventional courts like civil courts?

what are the limitations of consumer courts in getting remedies?

Vijay Kumar   07 July 2009 at 09:19

Removal by parliament

My question is--
Who of the following cannot be removed by the parliament?
(a) Attorney General
(b) Auditor General
(c) Election Commissioner
(d) Chief Justice of India

Resp. expert members if possible pls give explanation also.
[The question was asked in UPHJS(Pre)2009 Exam, my brother was a candidate and I want to know the correct answer of this question.]
Thanks in advance.

Dr. S________   05 July 2009 at 02:35

Defrauding/Cheating on Property Purchase

I am a British citizen of Indian origin. I went into an agreement to sell my family house in Delhi and received token money/biyana. I asked my relative “A” to act as my agent to find my house in Noida, which he dealt with the help of his friend and property dealer “B”. On asking for his commission, he said it would be a “cup of tea”.

In August 2008, I agreed to buy a property in Noida, through A and B, and verbally agreed the price “X” and biyana in the sum of “Y”. I left for the UK on the same day. The next day, A and B sent 2 men to get the cash Y from my brother who rang A who confirmed to give the sum Y and promised to send the written agreement the next day. My brother followed these instructions. The deal was to complete on 30 Oct 2008.

I kept asking A to give the written agreement to me but he always postponed on some pretence, until recently. Following this, due to the credit crunch, my buyer could not come up with remaining consideration to complete the deal. As a result, I am also unable to complete the deal on the property in Noida.

I was still trying to get a written agreement from A at this time. He said that this agreement is in “safe keeping” with his friend B and that if I insisted on getting this he would not help me in this matter any more.

Later, A said that I had to pay at least 4 times Y to get the written agreement. He also said that he had to pay several Lacs from his pocket to get the extension done in order to complete the deal. With much agro, he gave me a photocopy of the agreement in which the property was not bought in my name but in the name of B (property dealer). I was never told about this. Also, the purchase price on the agreement was almost 30 Lacs less than agreed with me (30 Lacs less than X). The token money, however, was 51,000 Rs more than agreed (51,000 Rs more than Y).

I feel that A and B have been co-conspirators in cheating and defrauding me. I live in the UK. What should I do?


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